HELP!! Spots on stainless steel sink

gldngrl61July 2, 2012

Now that I have my stainless steel sink, I need help with suggestions on how to keep spots from forming on it. I clean it with barkeepers friend, but is there something that can be put on it to make the water run off instead of beadup?

What does everyone else do for that?

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A realtor told me to spray the sink with Pledge to get it to shine for viewings. However, I didn't and have no idea what lasting effect that would have on it. I just use BKF and dry afterward with a towel. Shines fine for me.

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I wonder if car wax would work- those water marks drive me nuts too. I've never tried it but I'm going to now!!

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It is the nature of stainless steel to get water spots, especially if your water is even slightly hard. When people list the pros and cons of stainless steel sinks, water spots is typically the number one con. People who choose stainless steel instead of other materials like Silgranit or fireclay feel that the pros of stainless outweigh the issue of water spots. In the scheme of life, water spots are really not that serious. You will make yourself crazy trying not to get water spots on stainless, so you should relax and not focus on it. By the way, stainless steel gets scratches too. The first time I got a scratch on my stainless sink I was so upset. Then I posted on this forum about it, and was reassured that the scratches eventually blend into a patina that you don't notice. That was true.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Actually stainless steel does not mean it doesn't means it stains less than other kinds of steel. So don't expect it to be perfect.

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We usually clean the sink (with a little BKF or Cameo) every night, or at least every couple of nights (usually after washing stuff that we don't put in the DW--our wood cutting boards, knives....). We usually have to wipe out the sink after cleaning up from dinner anyway, so adding a sprinkle of cleanser isn't a big deal at all. I find doing this helps keep the sink from being too spotty or "groady" looking on any given day (fewer days worth of build-up).

You can use a SS polish or something like that to coat the sink (so the water runs off the surface a little more "cleanly"), but realize that most of it will be removed when you clean stuff in the sink.

If I'm the person wiping down or cleaning the sink (vs DH), I will often spritz it with my alcohol-water spray after I've cleaned it with the BKF/sponge, and then dry the surface with a micro-fiber cloth, and it looks pretty good.

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I use a tiny bit of olive oil on a paper towel. I'll clean out the sink, get it fairly dry with a towel. And then I keep an oil impregnated paper towel in a small glass jar under my sink - it has just enough oil on it to coat the paper towel, but it's not dripping, and I just wipe that over the inside of the sink. The bit of oil tends to help the water bead up a bit and seems to make it easier to clean the sink. I've been doing this for years. I figure that it's about as natural as you can get and virtually everyone always has oil in their kitchen.

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Try a completely wrung out miracle cloth or similar item and just wipe it down. It should not be dry but not damp enough to leave a trail. The "spots" are just dried on water beads.

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The SS sink is a workhorse in our kitchen. I frequently use it to soak my boys' whites in oxyclean before tossing them in the washer. The oxy leaves the stainless sparkling afterwards. I haven't tried just wiping down the sink with oxy to see if it gives the same shine.

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There was an old Brenda Starr comic strip where she was masquerading as an applicant for housekeeper to get into a big house to solve a mystery. In the interview, the owner asked her "How do you keep SS from getting spotted?" Brenda, who had studied for the interview, answered promptly, "Wipe it dry after every use."

I don't actually do this consistently, but I never forgot it, and it is true.

I miss Brenda Starr.

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I remember Brenda Starr! Used to love reading the Daily News Sunday comics when we visited my grandmother or grandfather. :-)

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Sophie Wheeler

Water spots are not your sink's fault. Pure water with no mineral inclusions will not spot sinks. It's the mineral inclusions that are left behind by the evaporating water that cause water spots.

Yes, the cure is to dry the sink after use.

Or to treat the water with a filtration system.

Or don't get a shiny sink. Matte or brushed is your friend.

Or, to develop enough of a patina of small scratches in the stainless that the water spots aren't noticeable. Patina is also your friend.

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I think I went to school with her...

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Yeah, hollysprings is right. That mirror finish looks good in the store, but it just screams "Clean me all the time! Careful! I'm going to show every scratch!" My SS has a sort of brushed finish, and 10 months in, it already has some patina. BKF does work well to clean it up, since I don't wipe it out every time. It looks fine.

LOL, weedmeister. Did she bring that guy with the eye patch to your class reunions?

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On my Franke SS sink, I use BKF every other day or when it is extra spotty. I soak it and the grid in Oxyclean one time a week--more for grid cleaning than sink. To shine, a couple times a week I spray with alcohol/water/lavendar oil spray. Wipe with microfiber cloth. My sink is 7 years old, get HEAVY use and shines like a showroom demo.

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