Slide in Range Dilemma with Countertop - Please Advise

BravoDesignJuly 10, 2013

Today I chose and paid for my countertop so they can begin cutting and I'm having the Ogee Edge.

I was about to purchase the GE slide in range when something just dawned on me. When the range slides in the sides of the range will overlap the countertops on the side, and the front of the stove will "hook" onto the front of the countertop. The front of the range goes over the front edge of countertop. However, this may look appropriate with a flat edged countertop only because I can't imagine this looking appropriate with an ogee edge or any molded edge for that matter.

In this picture you can see where the front corner of one side of the range goes over the front countertop edge. Can anyone here confirm this will be perfectly OKAY with an Ogee Edge? Wouldn't there be "gaps" between the range and the countertop edge if it were an Ogee Edge?

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That's where having a quality counter fabricator comes in. You have him do a 3/4" flat edge next to the range, for the lip to go over. Then it transitions to the ogee edge. In the hands of a lesser fabricator, that can be a disaster, as the two edges are completely different depths of the stone. It's also where the accuracy of the cabinet install comes into question. If something is the least bit out of level, it will be magnified there. Also, if the stone itself is different thicknesses from one edge to the other (very possible) It will also be obvious. Many exotic slabs coming to market these days can be not quite the quality that stones used to be.

You might choose a freestanding range like a GE Cafe or a pro model. You might choose a less decorative detail and let the stone's appearance be the star. You might choose a different fabricator who has experience with this that he can show you. Whatever you choose, if you want to make sure things have the possibility of working out here, you should check the level of the cabinets yourself with a 4' level. Front to back. Side to side. And you should use a dial caliper to check the thickness of the stone also. In several sections. If one of the variables is off, then the whole install will be in question.

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In that photo, it looks like the counter may be flush with the cabinets (no overhang). You might want to check if it's just the ogee edge that will be an issue, or will the overhang prevent your range from sliding all the way in.

My range is the same as this photo (jsweenc's kitchen), and currently sticks out a bit because I don't have the notch in my counter (just like the photo). If I leave it as is, I have a standard sized opening for my range, so I could replace with anything down the road. I'm still debating, but planning to live with it as is for a while to see if I forget about the issue.

With a proper notch in counters:

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Thanks for the replies.
I like the GE Café and it would be the fix but it does not have that built-in look as the slide in Profile.

I'm surprised nobody else here has come across the same dilemma? What was the fix or did you just leave it alone?

Anymore options?

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I ran into one of the problems mentioned by live_oak_wire. We had already ordered a KA slide in range, then realized that the counter top on the left of the cut out extended out slightly farther than the counter top on the right. A mistake by the granite fabricators, but the granite was already in and that was that. To use the slide in range we'd chosen meant that it would fit differently on one side than the other where the front of the range fits against the counter edge.

We have a pencil edge counter top and I don't think I would have selected a slide-in-range if I'd had a fancier edge. In any event, we decided to pass on the slide in range and went for a free-standing unit instead.

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Jelly is your range electric?

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No, it's gas. No regrets on going with the free-standing.

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Yeh I wish I can get free standing because i love the look of the ge cafe and lg but they don't go over the countertops on the sides, and because it's glass smooth top all crumbs and liquids i assume will always escape through the space between stovetop and countertop. The gas free standing is nkt smooth top so bot really an issue with these.

I'm still very confused and find it difficult to believe nobody else was in the same situation here.

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I had the same issue. I ordered the slide in dual fuel range and when it was installed, it seemed to project past the cabinets more than expected. Had the counters been flush with the cabs it might have been even but the fabricator put about 1.5" overhang. I thought it might be a mistake so asked a friend who had a similar range installed recently and hers was the same. I don't even notice it anymore but I have the 1/4 round counter edge.

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We just did a 1/4 round profile for our quartz counters, and have a slide in Elux range. So there's no gap. We didn't do the notches as per laurajane02's photo. I'd ask the fabricator what could be done.

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dont forget to verify the finished height to the top of the counter top vs the height flexibility of the silde in range. I have seen several situations where the range wont reduce below 36"... most counter tops now are 1 1/4" so the OA finished height is 35 3/4", thus the range sticks up 1/4" above the counter top.

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There are millions of freestanding ranges like the Café in use without people pouring quarts of hot soup in between their edges and the cabinets. It's really not an issue at all.

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I don't think anything is going to go down between the sides of my range and the counter top. It is a tight fit!! I think some free-standing ranges come with an option of a finishing kit that can address that issue, though, if your space is so large that you think it would be a problem. I believe Viking and Dacor both have that option. Not sure about their electric units as I only looked at gas. Might be worth looking into.

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Thanks for the replies, they helped immensely make my decision. I went out and purchased the LG slide in (better called free standing) range instead of the GE Café. I love the knobs and the interior blue.
Here is the link

Jelly, wow that's a real tight fit. How in the world did they get it in there and will it be difficult getting it out in case you wanted to clean or replace the range?

I was thinking of leaving 1/8" gap and putting silicone. Is 1/8" too big? I just don't want to run into issues of putting and removing the range.

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It's tight, but the range slid right in and when we had to move it to make an adjustment to the back, it slid right out again. It helped that the range itself was square and so was the opening. A little more space would have been ideal, but we got lucky. I have noticed that the specs for ranges and the actual dimensions can vary, so keep that in mind. Some manufactures will specify a 30 1/8 inch opening, some will say 30 1/6, and others will specify 30 inches only ... all for a 30-inch range. I would say that 1/16 of an inch leeway on either side of your range would be ample but not too big.

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I bought a GE slide in range and choose the flat edge on my granite purposely so that it would fit flat to the edge. Well it does, but the stove is higher than the granite so I have a gap along the sides! I tried lowering the legs, but the legs will only go down so far. I hate the thought of having this 1/4" smooth top not lying onto the granite. That is why I chose the flat edge. I called GE, they told me not to remove the legs because of warrantly issues. Whenever I have a spill over on the stove, I see the liquid going under the smooth top and it is driving me crazy!!

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I have had to fix your problem previously.

Pull your range and remove the feet. Grind the foot pads small enough for them to reinstalled inverted. You will now be able to lower the feet enough to get the bottom of the top flange to just clear your countertop. The appliance must bear on the feet, not on the flange.

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