Exotic Granite Countertop - What do you think??

BravoDesignJuly 8, 2013

I'm close to pulling the trigger on this granite countertop and was hoping I can get some opinions on what folks here think of it.

I have no clue how to attach a second pic to show the cabinets

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A pic of the cabinets

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Looks nice. Granite pictures are really hard for me to read, they always look different IRL to me. Have you searched google images or houzz for pictures of kitchens with the same granite? That helped me. It also helped to carry a cabinet sample and place it against the slab, then take a slab sample and place it against cabinets.

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I like the granite and love the cabinets, but I think it will be very dark together? Do you have lots of light in your kitchen?

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Too close in color. And too dark. Needs contract and some lightness.

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If you like a dark look, and some people do, than this would be ok. I would pair it with a light cream backsplash though.

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kksmama, yes I was about to say "looks better in person", glad you notice pictures never do granite justice. I couldn't find anything under the same name.

35ftcabo, there are tons of light in the penthouse. I too am afraid it may look too dark together - a bit confused here.

live_wire_oak, the same thought crosses my mind. I've been looking for about 3 weeks now. At showrooms I'm always taken to the lighter granites but even when searching I'm always drawn to darker countertops.
I feel the vast majority of people are doing as well - going for lighter color countertops on darker cabinets. I don't want that average look but looking more of the *wow* factor and something different.

ellendi, I was thinking the light cream travertine for backsplash.

But it does match and the granite itself is beautiful??

They don't have sample of smaller piece, so I think I'll take one of the doors there and hold it up to it

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Sophie Wheeler

Too pink with those red cabinets. A little pink is OK, but if you are thinking travertine (also pinky beige) then it will be WAY too much pink. I think that even with a grey toned backsplash it will still be too pink.

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The granite is beautiful the cabs are beautiful. Definitely hold up a door to the slab. Check for undertones. What doesn't usually work is orange- or yellow -toned granite with red-toned wood.

If it goes together, and it looks to me like it will, I like it. But I like a dark over dark look. My friend has really dark cherry cabs with verde butterfly granite and black appliances, and it is just so striking and elegant. She does have a lot of lighting. I chose medium stained cherry with a sage green granite - medium over medium. To me, your granite isn't really dark - not like Uba Tuba or AB or Verde Peacock or soapstone- it's more in the medium range because of the beige in it. It isn't really the fashion now, but I prefer a richly toned kitchen. I agree, though, that the BS will need to be something in the beige range, and fairly simple. You wouldn't want to fight with the granite.

Did you do the Sweeby Test? I sound like a broken record (dating myself) but I really swear by that for helping non-designers like me make design decisions. If this granite brings you closer to the feeling of your Sweeby ideal kitchen, then it could be the one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweeby Test

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Hollysprings, the picture may have given the impression there are pink tones in it but in person there is zero pink existing. I stay away from pink, red, orange and bright yellow (not gold).

Ginny20, I totally agree I love the dark rich look and I have the proper lighting for it too. Thanks for the link to that site and I have done something very similar! What I'm always drawn to is the rich dark look. Since it's a gallery styled kitchen I would not go for a real dark countertop though because then it will look clusterphobic (spelling?). But I do have a lot of light, my ceiling is just short of 10 ft and have 11" custom stacked crown moulding.
And you're right, it's not that dark either compared to black galaxy and the likes of uba tuba green (that's my foyer's floor lol)

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I love the look! It's definitely a "rich" look, but it shouldn't be too dark - as with any remodel, lighting is key!

If you can take a pic straight on with the door against the granite, that will ensure there aren't any undertone issues. I'd pull out one of the lighter colors for the backsplash.

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I love the rich dark look, too, monochromatic type color schemes as well. If the tones work well together, that wouldn't bother me, but the photos won't show colors accurately. They seem to look good together. I will just note that the cabinets look quite red, the counter cool gray brown and gold. I have a lousy monitor. Have you been able to hold a door or two up to the slab?

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I'm linking a thread with poohpup's kitchen, with similar granite (leathered Magma Supreme) and cabs. Those aren't the colors I'd choose, but her kitchen is so stunning that I remembered it more than a year later!

Here is a link that might be useful: poohpup's kitchen

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This post was edited by BravoDesign on Mon, Jul 8, 13 at 14:21

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Here's poohpup's with the backsplash installed:

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I'm no expert as I am strugling with my kitchen as well but the cabinets look to be on the red side side whereas the granite is more of gold/brown/gray - not seeing any red undertones. It doesn't quite mesh but that's just me.

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Chiefy76, I agree thanks =)
I took photos with the door against it but the problem is it still doesnâÂÂt show the accurate true colours.
The doors do not look as red as it does in the photo and the granite looks a bit darker in person.

Snookums, youâÂÂre right the colours are not shown correctly. When I went to put the door up against it I asked 3 staff members and they said it looked lovely together except in the photos they look different lol

Thanks mama and snookums, thatâÂÂs a kitchen to die for. I love every aspect of it. Traditional, molded the hell out of it, and amazing contrast with the island and countertops. I look at the photos quite often as the cabinets are very similar to mine as well as the theme.

frugalnotstingy, there's a lot of black in it too. I told the gentleman that if we decide to go with it I'm going to get more of the black and less of the goldish yellow. The centre portion has more of that goldish orangish tones and that's what we're leaving out.

Here's a shot. The door is not as red in real life and the granite is a bit darker. Yes? No?

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I think it looks lovely together. But then I went with a fairly dark cherry cabinet with Black Pearl granite and Brazilian Timborana floors (similar to Brazilian cherry), so I'm not scared of dark !! I'm not sure what portions you are calling the goldish yellow and goldish orangish. I do like the black/gray/lighter sections but what makes them work to me are the parts of the granite that are the shades of the door. If you take all the colored sections out and are left with only the black & shaded sections, I don't think I would like it as much. I covered up various sections of the picture with my hand to test how I liked different elements of the granite with the door.

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Thanks angela your input is appreciated =)
You have any pics of your kitchen?

I'm getting the exotic baby at an amazing deal. Literally about 70% less than box store prices

Btw, how about the floor? Should match the floor as well you think?

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It seems to look great together. You do have the door placed near the amber color but say you are eliminating a lot of that. I really like that part and think it is what relates the stone to the cabinetry.

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How did you run across such a good deal ?

I like the floor with it as well, it picks up all the different shades in your floor.

I have pics ! This is a not quite finished pic, mostly because it's missing the Fire & Ice backsplash that will be installed in the fall ...

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Snookums (cute name), you think I should get more of that color rather than less of it? You don't think it clashes a bit? I think that's the only part of it that concerns me

Angela that's a remarkable kitchen. I love the color of the cabinets and the black countertop. Is that the black with the gray specs or the all black? If my space wasn't confined I would have gone black galaxy. Black just screams "POWER". What type and color backsplash you looking forward to?

I searched for a very long time. There are quite a few small granite shops that are looking to pick up on business and mark their prices low considerably. I matched similar exotics at home depot and lowes between $80 and over $90 per square foot. They charge a "minimum" of $3 per "linear inch" for the triple bullnose (aka waterfall - its the premium edging) edge. Then you have to include taxes which over here it's 13%. I'm paying roughly $45 per square foot all inclusive: installation, waterfall edge, and taxes.

If anyone is in the Toronto area in the market for a countertop they have this one I absolutely fell inlove with. It's like dark tan/brown/grayish with deep blue specs (not tiny specs either). I've never seen anything like it. Unfortunately it was too dark for my space :(

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I think you should go for it.. i think it looks great together! My cabinets are a similar color and you have now made me want to look for a bolder granite!! Thank you :)

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Sophie Wheeler

I think you are too excited about a bargain so you aren't looking at the big picture. Price shopping is about the LAST thing you should be doing when doing stone counters. You first want to look at past jobs that they did, the equipment with which they do the jobs, their insurance certificates, their business licenses and ask about a gazillion questions. Once you've done that, then the price between the people who've passed that screening process comes into play.

The really cheap stone guys usually only have a bridge saw, no CNC. Not that you can't do a decent job with a bridge saw, but it's more dependent on who's operating it that day. The lower priced guys also tend to do stupid things like cutting your sink hole in place on site. Then edging it in place. They also usually don't carry insurance so that if they dropped the slab when carrying it in and it ruined your floors, you're going to be left with dealing with that disaster with your own homeowner's insurance.

A lot of times, the cheapest cost ends up being the greatest expense.

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If you like Poopup's kitchen, you will probably like this granite. But you sound like you have doubts..?? I think that granite would look best with lighter painted cabinets -- it would really pop. Your cabinets are beautiful, but they would look a little subdued with that granite. Plus it seems to have a lot of black in it, which would look great with all black cabinets, but might look a little hazy (? can't think of the right word) with your cabinets, which seem to have a reddish undertone. Anglea's kitchen looks great with her all black countertops, which is a classic design. But your granite would sort of mix it up. Personally, I'd go with something lighter or go with absolute black honed, a classic look I love.

Don't be swayed by the price. Granite is going to be in your kitchen for a long time, unless you're not going to be in your house for very long, in which case, you shouldn't go for anything exotic. If you are not in love with it, then skip it. You'll find another bargain that you do love.

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Holly- Kay

Wow, I love the granite, I love the cabs, and together I think they will be stunning!

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I agree, step away from the sale price as incentive to buy a particular stone unless you are sure you simply love it all together.

"you think I should get more of that color rather than less of it? You don't think it clashes a bit? I think that's the only part of it that concerns me"

Since we can't really see the colors accurately, no one can comment accurately on that. The amber seems to pick up on the highlights in the wood. But if you think it clashes, then it does!! Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks anyway. We all have different relationships with color.

It seems like you are unsure of your color abilities. The photos being inaccurate can't help resolve that. Can you drag a few people over, other than the yard staff?

I also agree there is a sort of hazy aspect to to the black areas (but you say it's darker). Your cabs are deep and rich. Not sure about that if you are eliminating the amber, which to me, speaks to the cabinet. The first photo looks more dark brown than gray black though.

It's good to get other opinions but bottom line is that you have to look at it and think wow, I loooove this! What is holding you back from that?

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Jennifer, thanks and thereâÂÂs no harm in looking so go for it =)

Hollysprings, thanks for your input! =) ItâÂÂs not what you think. I go to high end showrooms and search internet websites as well ��" I get the name and price of the slab IâÂÂm looking for and start my search again with the private sector rather than the box stores or the very big high end shops. I was originally looking for the exotic carnival countertop when the gentleman said he doesnâÂÂt have that specific one but has a few other exotic types I may like if I liked the Carnivel. I have luck finding most of what IâÂÂm looking for in the smaller private sector. IâÂÂve used similar countertop service providers in the past with no issues (IâÂÂd like to think IâÂÂm able to tell armatures from professionals), IâÂÂve also walked away on quite a few when IâÂÂm not confident in their services. Although I am excited about the price, it is not at all the driving force. IâÂÂve gone as far as coming close to ordering from the states very expensive slabs but decided against it since pictures are not always accurate. Bottom line is most of the time items are expensive due to the very high mark-up costs and a little shopping around helps. My Uba Tuba 16x16 granite tiles in my foyer cost over $20 per square foot special delivered at home depot and I paid just over $4 per square foot (installed myself) and no- not china.

Baltomom, yes I was afraid it wouldnâÂÂt be the best match despite how much I loved the granite itelf.

Holly-kay, thank you! =)

Snookums, yes itâÂÂs black in that area. And yes I really love the granite and just wanted re-confirmation that it will go with my cabinets.

Not included sink space, is 20 linear ft of countertop space considered more than average countertop space?

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I think I've read here that most of the sf price is for the fabrication, so make sure you see their work. Even so, hopefully they will not be pulling any fast ones because the price is lowered. These guys typically do not give things away!! They've got it figured out how they will make up the difference.

Could be, though, like you say, they are desperate for the business. Just never know. There are quite a few horror stories around here.

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Holly- Kay

Granite is a funny thing. It amazes me how different it looks when it is actually horizontal on the counters. When I chose my Typhoon Bordeaux I really liked it but I can't say that I loved it like some of the slabs I have seen posted here. But now that the fabricator took care of the mismatch I have to say that the granite is far lovelier than it was as a slab. I truly think it is absolutely perfect for my space.

If you took all your components to the stone yard and you like how it all looks together I think you will love the final outcome. Another observation that I can make is that some of the areas that I now love the most were areas that I may have templated out. The black spots on my stone were not my favorite when I was just looking at slabs but on my counter, oh my gosh, just a pleasure to look at!

Good luck with your project!

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Your choice in slab and counters is spot on. There is plenty of natural light in the room, so it will take some of the darkness out which may or may not be the result of the camera. The addition of the canned lighting and chandelier add to the ambience. This kitchen reminds me of France or Italy in its aura although it is not explicitly French Country nor is it Tuscan. It is stunning.

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I love your cabinet and countertop choices. I think there is enough color variation in the granite (tan to copper to black) to contrast beautifully with the cabinet color. It's going to be gorgeous.

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I don't want to hijack your thread with pictures of my kitchen. : )
The backsplash is Jeffrey Court Quartz Fire & Ice Brick (from chapter 9 Pietra Opus II)

Did you pull the trigger on that granite ? I can't wait to see it finished !!

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