What am I missing?

mailfox7July 9, 2013

It has been 4 years since my remodel. For the life of me, I can't get used to cooking with an electric oven!

I love the new kitchen. But,I can't get things in the oven to turn out the same as when I had gas. I know it's supposed to be better for baking. It is just not the case for me.

We've found out there is a reason professional chefs use gas!

Don't get me started on the convection. It wrecks my baking. Dries it out. Do I need to add water to my oven with baking.

And how do you not burn food when the top heating element comes on to regulate the temp? Can I never use the top 2 racks?

My husband is loading the oven with firebricks in order to cook his beloved pizza that used to turn out perfectly and now is a huge challenge.

The temperature is correct. I preheat. I've read my manual over and over. It must not be the oven! It's me! Or is it?

Electric is sooo much cleaner, but. . . my food!

What am I missing? I just had to rant ;-(

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Oh, thank you for this! There are so many electric-oven proponents on this forum and Appliances Forum that I thought I was the only one who feels the way you do! I always had all-gas, except for my last home which had an all-electric range. I am now back to an all-gas range and like it much better. I lived with that all-electric range for 5 years, and never got the results of an all-gas range. You learn to live with it, and you learn various tricks (I never used the convection feature on that range), but it's not as good as all-gas. And I have seen magazine articles of pro chefs's home kitchens, and it seems they opt for all-gas ranges in their homes.

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I've never had a gas stove or oven.
I'm thinking it's all what you're really used to, because I've never had any trouble with my food, either.

I hate to use the term "learning curve" because people are obviously cooks or they wouldn't give a darn about their kitchen and wouldn't be here.

I am just saying to you that I'm sorry you're having such trouble. Is it possible to put a gas stove in and sell this evil electric one? It sounds like it would be a worthwhile expense for you, since you're having frustration every time you cook!

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I was worried about getting AG range being familiar with electric. I like it so much better I would never want to go back. Everything in the oven comes out more moist. Both roasting and baked goods.

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What brand electric oven do you have? I know that people had problems with KA ovens because the upper heating element always came on - like it seems to with yours. On some brands, there are many different cooking modes with different combinations of the heating elements - check your manual to see if you can bake without the upper element coming on.

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Thank you akchicago I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, as you aren't either. There are so many electric oven proponents here. Some have never had the opportunity to cook with gas.

Unfortunately, I can't put in gas without major revision to , my kitchen. I wanted counter space, and love it. I was persuaded by all the proponents of electric ovens here and thought it could work for me.

I thought maybe I was missing something that maybe someone here could help with my inability.
It's not the make or model, it's cooking with electricity that is so different. I am determined to figure it out and I will somehow, but not by giving up.

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I've never had anything but electric, but I've always turned my baked good 180 degrees at least once. None of my ovens have ever had the same temperature front and back...the back half always cooks faster!

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I have only ever had electric as an adult. Never had any issues with it.

What exactly are the problems you are having?

You do mention the top of food burning. My racks are adjustable so try to always put food in the middle of the oven. Only set the rack high if I'm broiling.

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Yes, Debrak, I try to always use the middle of the oven rack position, however if I cannot use multiple racks, what's the purpose? At those times I bake multiple racks of cookies, for instance, I must only bake one rack at a time. The manual says to use convection mode, but my cookies, although not burned, are dried crackers, even with the reduced baking temp. And reduced baking time.

The other thing, is for the life of me, I can never get my cookies moist and chewy anymore. They always turn out dry. I've tried undercooking, but then they are just raw.

Even bread comes out drier, less moist.

I appreciate all the comments, but am maybe speaking with the wrong audience. Perhaps the cooking forum.

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I rarely use more than 1 rack at a time and don't have convection so can't offer anything with those.

I'm stumped as I have never had an issue with things drying out. DD likes baking and her cakes are always moist.

I would check with the cooking forum. Everyone there is so helpful. Hope you find some answers. Keep us posted.

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