Putting granite on side shelf

chicagoan23July 9, 2013


My oven says I should have minimum 2" of clearance between the sidewall and oven. With my small kitchen, I will have 3" of countertop and cabinet wall filler between the oven and sidewall. The sidewall has a shelf as you will see in attached pic. I ran my stud finder and there were several studs under the drywall shelf. I'll attach another pic of the current layout. I will be switching the oven to the right and dishwasher on left. So from left to right it will be 15" drawer base cabinet, dishwasher, sink (continuous granite counter all the way to undermount sink), then the oven, and 3" of granite counter. There is 2" height from the counter to top of drywall shelf. The length of shelf is 32" length x 11" width. I forgot to ask my granite guy if I could put granite there, I hope I can. Or would you suggest I put tiles? I won't have a backsplash.

I will have Verde peacock granite counter 1 1/4" with Ogee edge and a little standard 4" granite backsplash. If I can put granite on this side shelf, it will be much needed space as the oven will have sink to the left and only 3" on the right. If I can put granite, should I get 3/4" or the same 1 1/4" (height from counter to shelf is 2"). I guess it would be good to keep height low so my pot handles can go out. Should I keep same Ogee edge on left and right sides and should I keep standard 4" backsplash on the back or leave it straight edge on the back and front? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to comment on the layout to. Thanks! For the shelf pic (That white cable will be replaced (along the baseboard) and that laminate counter will be replaced. The oven is close to my living room tv which I don't think will be fantastic but you can watch while you cook :)

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Here is current layout

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Here is new design. I'm going to choose the layout on the right with 42" cabinets. I still have those 2 air vents but I will switch them out to smaller 4" vents and will get smaller 1" crown molding at the top. I have 19" from counter to bottom cabinets now but will drop it 2" to fit everything, 17". The drawing doesn't show the 3" of counter and wall filler next to oven on the right, and doesn't show my side shelf.

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Maybe you could have that shelf area cut down so that it is the same height as the the kitchen cabinets and then you could have the granite be one peice from your stove to the end. They should be able cut one piece that is regular depth by the counters and deeper by the shelf area. Doing it in one piece would eliminate having an inside edge on the shelf (which might get nicked by pots). You wouldn't have to worry about pot handles fitting over the top of the shelf and you wouldn't have to worry about things falling off the shelf onto your stove. You could then run your 4 inch backsplash all the way across.
It should not be difficult or costly for the shelf area to be cut down

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Thanks I will ask my contractor if drywall shelf can be cut down 2" to counter height. I live in a condo building, hopefully its not a problem.

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This is not your question, but it seems that if you switch the position of the sink and the dishwasher, you will have a prep space/landing space between the sink and the range. The smaller space to the left of the sink would then be the landing space for the fridge - and vegs from the frig could go right into the sink. Is there a reason why you need the DW to the left of the sink, or could you switch them?

Love the taller cabs, BTW. Good choice in a small kitchen.

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Ginny20--well I wanted to make it as easy as possible (and keep the budget down) as I would have to move the pipes if I move the sink. The dishwasher is very easy to move, and the oven and range hood I think would be easy, maybe run a longer gas line. Trying to do a kitchen remodel on a budget. Found amazing cabinets at a great price, around $1160 for 42" maple (7 cabinets) www.t2cabinet.com

Local granite guy my contractor referred me is also giving a great price for Verde peacock with Ogee edge and includes undermount sink for $680, will be a little more to add granite to that side shelf.

For under cabinet task lighting (this is a garden unit so I need lots of light) I'm going to go with led rope light high intensity and double layer (I wonder if its too bright but I will get a dimmer, it will also have 60 watt transformer for the power): http://www.hitlights.com/ls3528-wwdl.html
Will also get aluminum channels with frosted lens cover (to avoid seeing lots of leds in reflection from granite) http://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/housings/gip-series-surface-mount-anodized-aluminum-klus-led-profile-housing/1421/3323/

My contractor is charging $3000 for the remodel which also includes installing new recessed lights and switch and to run tv cable wire in the baseboard-the cable jack is in a horrible location, in the dining room and living room tv is on the other wall next to kitchen so wire will need to be run after we take out the old cabinets, or he could run it in the ceiling. We have 2 cable providers in our building, RCN and Comcast. I have Rcn now but the Comcast cable is close to Rcn. So for future owners if they decide to get Comcast, I would like to make it easy for them to use my Rcn cable run so I think I will install white cable plastic molding along the baseboard so the future owner can tap into it easily. I know the pro way is to run behind wall but its a long distance to go all around to where tv is at.

I am considering using a new service I found, you pay for all the parts. They charge $104 annual fee and $25 per hour per handyman, so 2 men is $50 an hr. with a 2 hour minimum. I'm thinking I will need 2 men to remove cabinets, and 2 men to install cabinets. the other things I only need 1 handyman for. Can anyone give me an idea which option they think is better, I imagine I won't save that much going the hourly route. I actually found a charity that will take my old cabinets, counter and sink which is wonderful. Thanks everyone! Also the fridge has wheels, dishwasher has back wheels, but for the oven should I get some felt pads to move it so it doesn't scratch the floor, not sure how big oven legs are, its a 30" oven. Dishwasher is 24", fridge is 30". Also the wood floor behind the cabinets and appliances was never finished. So you kind of see some unfinished wood near the dishwasher and a little by the cabinet base, I have 2 small rugs to cover what I can. I know the proper way is to resand and refinish, is it worth it to do a quick stain to kind of hide it from a distance?

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I'm no layout guru like many here, and I know you are working with a budget, but I don't understand keeping the layout virtually the same. To me, that open cubby shelf is awkward, as is that wall. Can you get more cabs and wrap them around on the window wall for more storage and counters and relocate the fridge there as well. And take down the wall and have a peninsula or island. Having everything crammed in on one wall when adjacent wall are free does not make sense to me.....sorry! I hope some of the bona fide KD' s here will chime in... I think you can have a more spacious and functional kitchen.

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I don't think I can get rid of the right wall, its attached to ceiling and I'm the bottom basement unit in a 3 story condo building so that wall goes up to all the other units I think. Its a small condo here are some other pics

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Another view of dining

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Living room

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Fori is not pleased

Yes,that column looks important!:)

But if it's not too late, see what the cost would be for swapping sink and dishasher. Include cabinet cost changes too. It should be fairly trivial but I admit I don't know condos!

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The cabs and counters you're planning are going to be lovely in this space.

I agree that post may be structural - or else why would they put it there. Can you put a very thin pull-out - like for spices, bottles, cans or maybe utensils - under the 3" of counter that will be next to the wall? Or can you leave it open for baking pan storage? I hate to waste 3" of space in a small kitchen.

I still think that the function will be so improved if you switch the sink to get space next to the range. Can you get a quote on moving the plumbing? It might not be as much as you would think. If you move the sink, you can also allow for more than 3" at the end, so you won't be wasting that space.

Looking at the picture again, I wonder if they did it this way so the appliances are all separated by cabs. I can see why they would want to do that from a visual design POV. Unfortunately the function suffers.

If you can't move the sink, I wouldn't move the range. You really need more than 3-6" of space next to the range for cookbook or recipe, utensils, bowls, whatever you're using while you cook. The current layout gives you counter space next to the range.

I'm attaching the thread from my favorite small kitchen, brooklyngalley's. She had a bigger budget than you, and more room, too, but there are some great ideas for small spaces. My kitchen is small, too, so I really understand the importance of cramming a lot of function in a little space.

Here is a link that might be useful: brooklyngalley's reveal

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I would definitely find out if that little wall is structural or just a divider every condo has before I moved forward. It would open up the space and give you some more options if you could get rid of it. If not, I might be tempted to just close it in. Istill think you should/could swing the fridge around to the other wall and add cabs or even make it a true u shaped kitchen and add cabs to the 3rd wall. I think you should have a CKD look at the space...they will be able to determine what can and cannot be done...would be $ well spent. It's a very pretty space!

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As mentioned above, the landing space next to a stove is very important, I think that should be the first consideration when looking at layout.
Do you have some money to get an island (stationary or rolling)? It would add tremendously to your prep/counter space and the drawers/shelves would add to your storage space.
I had a baking table from Ikea that was a beast and I loved it.

I attached a link but Ikea also has some options in the "islands/carts" tab. There must be a way to post multiple links in here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free standing kitchens

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Thanks all! How would it look if I put the fridge under the window and create a L layout with cabinets to the right of fridge? I would sacrifice my dining area. Currently I have dining table with 6 chairs, I would be ok with a smaller set but I need room whenever my family visits. Or I keep the current layout and if needed get a small island with wheels. The more things I add to this small area the more crowded it feels.

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