Glass cabs on either side of hood?

lisa_aJuly 24, 2014

I'm debating making the 17" wide cabs on either side of my 42" wide hood glass-fronted. One cab abuts a window, the other a door. I would store glassware in them (oils and vinegars are going in a pull-out) and a few decorative plates. I did a (very pitiful) mock-up in Paint and like it. However, I can't help but wonder if it's difficult to keep glass cabs next to cook tops c1ean. I'm doing an induction cook-top, in case that matters.

Does anyone here have glass cabs next to their hood? Any advice? Pics would be greatly appreciated!


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Sophie Wheeler

Do you have a vent that would suck the toupee off of Lorne Green? If not, then don't do it. If you do, then start planning your MUA installation.

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"Do you have a vent that would suck the toupee off of Lorne Green?"

omg, that just made my morning!!!!

Sorry I have nothing to offer, OP.

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my vent hood does not suck toupees (and MUA is not required for a 600 cfm hood in my jurisdiction), but has adequately kept grime off the adjoining glass-front cabinets. I do have a 24" overhang but my cabinets are immediately adjacent to the hood. I do not have glass sides, btw, just glass fronts. However, I do not do a lot of deep frying and I tend to use my front and center burners the most.

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Ditto, have a 600 cam VAH, 36 wide over a 30" Wolf dual fuel, no grease on the glass ever. I've been known to sear steaks in a cast iron pan on top...

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Oh, my, hollysprings, that's quite a visual! LOL

My KD (a CMKBD) and a good friend who is a CMKBD in the bay area have cautioned me about the issue. However, my friend told me that in her experience, it's not as big a dea1 as some make it out to be and she encouraged me to be a rebel. ;-)

Thanks for responding, gooster and jakuvall. I'd love to see your glass cabs. Have either of you done a reveal thread? Is your k1tchen in the FKB?

The hood is a 24" deep VAH, 600 CFM, IIRC. I don't do any deep frying. I do saute but that's about it for high heat cooking and I use the front burners for that. I use the back burners for cooking big p0ts of pasta or soups on a low simmer.

Still mulling the idea over. Thanks, again to those who have responded.

btw, the cab sides adjacent to the cook top will be wood, not glass. Only the sides next to the door and window will be glass. Sorry for the confusion.

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I do sear steaks and sausages on a grill accessory on the left side of my rangetop. I have the narrower 36" hood over a 36" range, with only about 1.5 inches of pad on either side. The glass will get dirty from fingerprints more often than exhaust. Here's a photo, and reveal is linked. For reference, my cabinets are 33 and change, thus roughly double yours.

Here is a link that might be useful: old reveal

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Lisa Lisa!! Hi there! How have you been? Looks like you're in heavy-duty kitchen planning. Finally a new kitchen for you!

I don't have cabs flanking my rangetop, but I do have windows. I know the situation is slightly different. My windows get more dirty from KA mixer splattering stuff around than I do from using the rangetop.

Can you post your mock-up?

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Oh, wow, gooster, that is really lovely! Thank you for posting a pic and including the link to your reveal thread.

Hi Breezy! I'm happy you popped into this thread! I love your kitchen, always have, always will.

Yes, I'm into heavy planning mode. Can you believe it? After all this time, I'm finally going to get my kitchen remodeled! It's true what they say: good things come to those who wait.

My mock-up is a pitiful attempt on Paint. It's really, really, *really* quite pitiful. Hubby and I bought a cad program - the same one rhome has, can't recall the name - but I just haven't taken the time to learn it.

So here goes. No laughing. Oh, what the heck, laugh yourself silly because it really is a ridiculous mock-up. ;-)

This is with the 42" wide, 18" tall hood. Imagine glass where the light tan is.

I've been playing around with cab configurations today as well as measuring things and figuring out what would go where and how large the cab where they'll go will need to be. I may decide to downsize from the 42" hood to a 36" hood, in which case I'd do solid doors, not glass. I think that's what I'd do. But ask me again tomorrow. I can change my mind all I want at this point but soon I'll have to make a decision and stick with it.

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Lisa, gt out the graph paper and a pen, and give us a floor plan! All this talk about cabinet sizes and where things will go is just a giant tease without a schematic to go with it.

I enjoy your mockups, but it's not enough!

Pretty please?

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I'm working on it, annkh, really I am! I'll get hubby's help this evening or tomorrow to get the plan on my computer so that I can add organization info. Then I'll post. I promise! I'll include my design choices, too. I'm very excited about those.

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I would think that cleaning glass may actually be easier than painted or even wood cabinets.

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I've had a similar thought, nosoccermom. Grease isn't particular about what it lands on so it would land on wood as easily as on glass. You'd see the mess sooner on glass but then the glass would get cleaned much more often than wood would. Perhaps a nuisance but also a plus?

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I agree with those that say the same amount of grease will land on painted wood as well as glass, and also agree that glass is probably easier to keep clean, or at least see the grease...

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If you choose to do glass fronted cabinets, think about how your are going to fill them. I have them on either side of the vent hood. I will not be posting a photo because I haven't gotten them "right" yet.

A neighbor has her collection of folk art gee gaws in hers.

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Good point, bbstx, but I've already done that. In my OP, I wrote that I plan to store my outdoor glassware in the cab to the left of the hood and mugs, serving bowls, etc, in the cab to the right of the hood. It will be visible but it won't be just pretty display like gooster's smashing set-up.

I am so not a gee gaw person. ;-)

I've measured my glassware and determined that I'm better off with wider cabs, which means a 36" wide hood. Not sure if I'll still do glass cabs now or not. Still mulling it over.

What I'd *really* like to do is eliminate uppers on either side of the hood completely. I'm working on my kitchen organization plan to see if I can make that work. Then I wouldn't have to reduce the window that looks out on my pond and back garden. That's a plus!

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laura mcleod

We have all glass cab uppers, including those on either side of the hood, and have had no trouble with grease. Glass cleans the same as wood front cabinets so I think if you're tempted at all - get them and be happy! Don't worry about merchandising them - put in them what you want and need and they will look beautiful and authentic (which is way better than overly staged IMO)

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Thanks, laurainlincoln, for the encouragement! I'll have to go hunt for your reveal thread. (I am remembering correctly that you did one, right?)

Earlier I thought I'd need to make the cabs on either side of the hood wider to accommodate the items I wanted to store there, which meant a smaller hood. But I've found other cabinet space for those items now (in better locations) so I don't need to do that.

But... I don't have anything to store in those uppers! Seriously, I don't have anything, other than decorative items, that hasn't been assigned somewhere. So I mentioned to my hubby that maybe I wouldn't bother with upper cabs on that wall. That would mean we wouldn't have to install a smaller window or move the back door over 2". And I love that look! He just gave me a look like I was crazy. (okay, I am but does he have to give me the look? ;-) ).

Poor guy, he's feeling overwhelmed by my kitchen plans.

I'm not changing our kitchen's footprint but I'm going to end up with not just more storage but more usable storage.

Going to go over my plans again, then post them to make sure I haven't missed something, organization-wise. And if what I think is true, I'm going to talk to my KD about going topless ;-) on the cook top wall.

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Lisa, where do you have spices? I put a spice rack inside the door of an upper next to my range - very handy.

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My spices are in a wall rack inside my pantry at eye level. Makes it eas*y to find them plus it uses up space on a wall that would otherwise be blank. I'm a mise en place cook so I don't need these things handy to the cook top and I like having all my f00d items in one location in my kitchen. The only things I'll have close to the cook top are the oils so that if I need to add another splash of oil as I saute something, it's within easy reach.

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