Schuler/Innermost/Medallion - what are the differences?

herg39458July 21, 2014

Hopefully a KD might see this - I met with a Lowes cabinet person today about Schuler cabinets for my kitchen remodel. I will be meeting tomorrow with a HD person and will surely discuss Innermost then. It got me wondering, is there a difference in the box construction/doors/finishes/etc. between the two, aside from framed v. frameless, or between them and Medallion? I assume Medallion has more advertised options available, but are you getting basically the same stuff across these (or other Elkay) brands?


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Not a KD, can't speak to differences. But as someone with a living room full of Innermost cabinets (hopefully mostly in the kitchen by the end of the week) I will answer anything specific you might think of about them. I'd looked at KraftMaid at Lowe's. Then went to HD mostly because a friend had worked with the KD and had good things to say and I learned about frameless/Innermost.

I am super excited about all the room in these things. It's going to be great! The delivery guys said how heavy they were compared to other things they delivered. That's a good thing to hear, in my mind. And they are beautiful! (Kendall Natural Cherry)

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Well, I met with the HD person and she said something about sending in someone to measure the space, as I have read in other posts. The problem is half of our new kitchen is being added to the house so there is nothing to measure! I can't see us slowing down the train once the room is sheetrocked to have HD come and measure, so I doubt we will go with them unless something slows the process down, and that never happens with a remodel if I am not mistaken. (note: I may be mistaken...) I have also talked to a couple of local cabinet builders, though the first one we talked to was so far beyond what we, our architect, and our contractor expected that I am not terribly hopeful. I would still be interested to know what the differences among the different brands are, though. You never know...

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It's my understanding that HD doesn't HAVE to measure, they just like to. My take on it is that it is part of the 'building the relationship' part. Also, it covers you both if they measure (note, there were 3 or 4 wrong measurements when they measured that I caught.) If you've got blueprints, that should be even better than a measurement appt.

I wouldn't let that stop you from using HD if you want Innermost. However, Innermost is the same as Design Craft that's carried by independent designers.

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Sophie Wheeler

NEVER EVER order cabinets until the drywall is up and you can do an accurate field measure. I can't tell you the number of times that something wasn't built 100% to plans. An inch here or there can be an expensive lesson for you to learn.

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Okay, I stand corrected. I'm definitely not an expert.

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We have InnerMost from HD. We did our own measuring (and installation), but we had to sign in blood that any mis-measures were on us, not them. Actually, we measured obsessively several times, which was good because we did make a 1" error early on. That one inch was corrected in the planning phase by ordering a 15" cabinet on one side of the stove and a 14" cabinet on the other. Had that not been corrected, that whole wall of cabinets wouldn't have fit between two fixed walls. This is not a place to rush. If you have drawings of the space with measurements, you can certainly go ahead and draw up plans and ponder them. What kind of corner treatments do you want, any glass inserts, any special pull-outs? This is a great time to work all that out. The nice thing about the computer programs that HD, and I suppose others, run is that it's relatively easy to go back and tweak when you have absolutely firm measurements. Basic planning done early, final tweaks when you're sure on the numbers. You're right, it will take 6 weeks or so from there, but there's no avoiding the need for accurate measuring.

As far as one brand being better than another for finish and such, I don't really know. Our kitchen/DR cabinets (stain on maple) are almost 3 years old now and we really love them. We also got put a wall of InnerMost cabinetry in our MBR (stain on cherry) (goodby junky dressers!) a couple of years ago and I love them every morning when I get dressed. Vanities going in the bathrooms as we speak (one paint on maple, one bamboo on maple). We're fans.

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Susannes1, So glad you love your Innermost cabinets. Thank you for sharing. Any pictures?

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hollysprings - thanks for the warning, I am definitely pretty naive on this topic.

Still wondering if the box construction, etc. is the same across the lines or if they are more like independent companies under the same parent.

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Kitchen (Brandywine on maple). This is the wall where we originally measured 1" too long. That would have been a disaster!

Cabinets as china cabinets in DR (same as kitchen)

Cabinets in MBR (Brandywine w/ebony glaze on cherry)

Hall bath (paint on cherry, "white chocolate")

MB vanity (bamboo veneer on maple). This is just placed. The drawers haven't been adjusted, or pretty much anything else.

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Suzannes1, your cabinets are beautiful! I love the Brandywine stain! I love the light counters with the rich darker cabinets. I also love that they are frameless. Thank you for sharing.

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P.S. Suzannes1, I clicked on the picture to see more and saw your corner cabinet without a lazy Susan like I want! I printed the picture. Thank you!

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You mean the upper easy reach? I've been very happy with that decision. The lower corner does have a super susan, which I gotta say, is the best thing since sliced bread! (How odd, I don't personally remember the days when bread didn't come sliced ;).

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i have medallion silverline, i also really liked schuler and spent alot of time trying to compare the two. i totally missed innermost having 1" increments in size as it sounds like suzannes1 has an odd sized cabinet i am guessing it is not the standard 3" increment sizing. in a small kitchen, that would have been awesome but too late:(
so what i got on the medallion vs schuler is that schuler has the gold level or platinum level glides for all the cabinets but the silverline has lesser glides. the schuler display did open and shut better than my silverline cabs. other than that, i could find no differences. door styles, stains, etc are mimicked. medallion has 3 levels, schuler is not specified as different levels but cost increases with door styles. cost is a little less for silverline through my kd vs the equivalent door through lowes. (lancaster/sugar creek?)
hope this helps

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I have Schuler and I am very pleased. It is 2 1/2 years and they look brand new and function perfectly. I am particularly pleased with the insides. However, a new friend, who is an installer for a high end kitchen store, was over for dinner and he offered to show me the difference between my cabinets and the double the money cabinets he installs. I declined his kind offer.
BTW- you must let the cabinet measuring person do the measuring. You can check it 20 times, but let the cabinet company take responsibility. Measuring comes after dry wall.

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Innermost is 3" increments, but you can modify to (I think) 1/4" increments. I've got two 6"d cabinets for my island. They were going to be 5 1/4" (which would have made them 6" with doors) but we did some last minute changes on the island and 6" box worked better.

My cabinets are still in my living room, but I'm already regretting not making a couple a little taller and a little less deep. Each mod is a % increase. The first mod is the most, then subsequent ones to that cabinet aren't that much at all.

ETA: For some reason I'm now thinking of bamboo Innermost for my vanity that I've started planning... :D

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Suzannes1, Yes that is what I want what you have. I want an easy reach upper cabinet and a Super Susan corner lower cabinet. Thank you for letting me know the names. :) I love your kitchen.

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Beware Medallion does not honor their warranty! We purchased $18,000 of cabinets from them. Not one single cabinet out of the box is good. Open miters on every door & drawer front, cracks all over the place gaps inside the cabinets, and the stacked cabinets don't match up at all. The range hood is cracked and scratched so badly we didn't even take it out of the box all the way. They are only offering us $5,000 credit towards a new set of cabinets. #medallionfailsoncraftmanship

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SoJersyLife, I am sorry to hear about the frusterations you experienced with your Medallion Cabinets. I am a representative from the Elkay Customer Care Team and would like to know if I am able to assist any further. Do you have any contact information so I may contact you? My email address is: Thank you, Kathryn Schroeder

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SoJersyLife: That makes no sense-if the cabinets are damaged why aren't they being replaced under warranty? Can you post some pictures of the damage?

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