Fell in love with a light I can't afford.

mrsmortarmixerJuly 16, 2012

I need to quit staying up so late. Somehow shopping for sinks turned into shopping for lights and I finally found something that I really like. However, I'm not willing to pay $600 for two little lights. And I'm not even sure if they even work in my kitchen. Honestly, I'm not even sure what style the kitchen falls under. So if they don't work at all, I'd like for someone to tell me.

Here is the light. I was thinking two over the island. But instead of this light exactly, I was hoping maybe someone had seen a light similar to this somewhere else for considerably less money.

If that light is too fancy, I'm also drawn to this light. Which is $100 but is an outdoor light. Most outdoor lights can be used inside, but I would have to call the company to make sure. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to it, but it caught my eye as something that might work.

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That first one is really ornate and with the impression I have of your kitchen, it seems too much to me. The second appeals to me as a better fit from the kitchen pictures that were posted earlier. I think it's simpler and more subtle, but that may not be what you are going for.

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I like the counterpoint of the first one... Others will find you a similar less pricey ones, I'm sure.

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Trying to find ideas:

This one is $184 at http://shop.lightingshowroom.com

This one is $115 at lampsplus
Meridian Umber Bronze Mini-Pendant

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You can use exterior lights outside. As a matter of fact, those exterior lights can be used in showers, bathrooms and steamy places where indoor lights cannot.

I like 'em both.

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Beekeeper's wife has some lights that you might like to look at. She is a great help to those who need it here if you have questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some of Bee's light choices/considerations

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That's the story of my life here on GW, too many beautiful things! :)

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I saw that pendant a few months ago and considered it for our powder room. It seems very dressy for a kitchen but would definitely work option dressy is what you're going for. There is not a knockoff out there. Some other options:

Overstock Pendant

Mercury Glass Pendant

Pendant I've always liked

Sarah Richardson has used these in a kitchen. They're lovely and larger than they appear to be:
Sarah RichardsonPendant

Good luck. I know how tough it is to find pendants!

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I really like that overstock one babs linked to. Of the ones posted so far I think that would fit the best from what remember of your kitchen.

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Beekeeper's wife has a more recent post than the one I linked above. Lots of pictures of lights you might be interested in here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bee's new kitchen/lights

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Sorry for three posts in a row.
But I just looked at Overstock for another purchase, decided to look at crystal pendants, and saw this one.
It is a little pricey and at risk of sellingout, but I think it might look good in your kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Overstock pendant light

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Babs, I love the Overstock pendant but the crystals wouldn't fit in my style kitchen. Have you or anyone else seen anything with that kind and shape of "cage" but with no crystals anywhere else? That size (15" diameter) or a little smaller would be perfect.

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I think this is why I have so many problems finding something. There are so many things that I like, but I don't think a lot go in the kitchen because it reads more rustic?? than anything. I guess maybe I'm trying to sneak in something a little fancy somewhere. A huge crystal chandelier obviously wouldn't go, but I was thinking something a little more subtle might not look quite so out of place. I like a lot of the lights everyone has posted, and all for different reasons. I have them bookmarked and will try to photoshop a few in later to give me an idea. Thanks everyone for your help and if you find anymore good ones, please feel free to post them! And here's the most recent in progress picture of the kitchen. There will be an island in there at some point, hopefully this week.

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i find lighting extremely challenging too! I think with the brickwork, i would go for something less delicate than the crystals. i like the third light that babs linked. or one of those hundi lanterns from pottery barn would look great.

you also can try asking in the home decorator's forum. the people there are really good at putting decorative elements together too.

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Functionfirst- here is a cage style that's 15.5"

Here is a link that might be useful: Avila Bronze

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Hmmm...I'm not feeling those initial lights you posted in your kitchen. I love the brick in your kitchen and think crystal and delicate fixtures work against it too much. But I don't think you need to go all industrial either. I see something like a pretty lantern or shaded light that's pretty but not super ornate. The brick is a great focal point. I think the lighting should enhance it and play off of it but not contrast with it. Does that make sense? I think the mercury glass one could be pretty interesting. What about something along these lines?


Lantern 2

Round Lantern

I know I can find other options. I'll look some more...

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Great job Babs, love all those lanterns! I think they would look perfect in the kitchen too!

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Thanks MissyV! I love lighting. My Pinterest lighting board is pretty big since I stewed over lighting for the house for so long! There've been a few threads on other boards with people asking for help finding lights and I've been able to identify them by brand and name quite quickly. It's kind of sick. I think I have a problem. Lol!

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I've really enjoyed looking at these lights. The mix of rustic, almost rusty looking, metal and delicate crystal in this one seems to me to be a good match for Mrs MM's kitchen, although the squarish style may not work.

I wonder what the shadows cast by this light would look like.

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I like the Mercury one and the Lantern, Lantern 2, and round lantern. I think all of these are dressier but keep better with the rest of the kitchen style.

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Overstock. Tons of lights.

I kinda think that those crystal ones or something like it would be a neat touch with the brick. It could work....

We all have opinions but you have to decide what works for you, of course.

I'm telling you though, if it's out there, someone on here will find it.

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Just a word of caution--overstock doesn't always have the best prices. if you find something you really like there, it's worth checking the number to see what other places are charging. I've found this to more true of lights than anything else. Lots of the lights they stock are cheaper at lampsplus or wayfair.

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I'm not sure I'm in love with the lanterns. I think the remind me of the 80's brass foyer lights too much.

I think I might just go with a simple clear or frosted globe pendant for now. Maybe like this one. Affordable and simple.

This was the first pendant I fell in love with, but it was even more expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rejuvenation pendant

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The more I look through everyone's ideas, the more I think maybe I don't want just a globe LOL. Maybe I'm just tired of looking at exposed wire. I think I'll buy a light that I found at Home Depot to satisfy the urge to buy a light. It doesn't go with anything in our house, but I like it. I might put it in the pantry or in the landing upstairs. It reminds me of the light my great grandma had in her living room.

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Bellsmom- I really like that one too. The crystals aren't so noticeable and the rustic metal ties in with the overall feel of the room I think. Do you know where I could find it?

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Mrs. MM
The pendant is one I linked to in a post above.
They caution that it is in low supply, and it is pricey. But I thought it interesting.

It is not very big--maybe 7'' in diameter?

Here is a link that might be useful: Overstock rustic crystal pendant.

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A quick search found this also at Amazon by several dealers for about $300. If you decide you'd like to see it, the advantage is that if you order from Amazon and don't like it, return is easy.
Search for "Cartier 1-light Mini-Pendant"

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It's looking like it's going to cost about $600 to light my island with something pretty...yikes. I'm not sure if 7" is big enough for the island. The island is 7x3'. I was thinking around 12" or somewhere in that neighborhood, but maybe I could go smaller??? Geesh, no wonder everyone has such a hard time finding lights. I do want to thank everyone for chiming in, and please, keep ideas coming. I get sidetracked easily.

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MM, for reference, the island in my recent finished kitchens thread is also 7'. My pendants are 6". But I needed three. Yes...between price and finding something you like, it's like a puzzle! Lanterns are all over the design world right now and are definitely classic but if you don't feel them then they obviously won't work. I like the pendant Bellsmom posted...they kind of remind me of a cross between my own pendants and Feiss's Lucia pendants.

One thing I took away from our build was to spend the money where it counts and where it will be seen. I knew I'd see these lights every single day, multiple times a day and wanted to love my kitchen. So you can spend $300-400 and settle for something you're just OK with or spend a bit more and get lights you really love and cut from somewhere else maybe.

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Mrsmortormixer, I understand you search! I have changed my mind several times, but I think I have finally settled.

where did you find that outside light? I really like it and am considering it for our entrance and hall. Thanks!

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The rustic crystal pendants (AKA Cartier 1-light Mini-Pendant) are listed as 8'' in diameter, not 7''.

And I promise, this is my last post on these!!'


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Kitchen_maman- The outdoor lights were Murray Feiss Chancellor. The cheapest I could find it was at Homeclicks open box, and then at Macy's for about $130. There were multiples stores that carried it though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chancellor

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Bed, Bath, and Beyond had a lot of nice lights online. I thought several might be nice in your kitchen, but to many to post! Take a look there, and you might be able to use their 20% off coupon, not certain as I don't have one here to check the exclusions.

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Mmm, thanks! Ironically enough, that is the brand I fell in love with for the dinning room candies and sconces! I am going to look at them now. I think my husband will like them.

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Close, cheaper! EBay is your friend

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay

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Saw this on amazon...

Here is a link that might be useful: Light on amazon

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Oh my goodness Pharoah! Thank you. I thought I looked at every single light on Ebay yesterday, but I obviously missed it. Now I don't know if I should see if they have another and buy it or if I should try to find something that works in the kitchen a bit better. Maybe I could use these in the pantry, I'm the only one that ever goes in there anyways.

Williamsem-I had no idea BB&B had lights. Guess I had never been to their website before. And I have a coupon at the house. And I like that light from Amazon too. Too many choices!

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I found this light. It's kind of fancy, but it's kind of got a rustic/ antique-y feel to it. And it's dirt cheap. 11 1/2" wide by 18" tall. I'm thinking about ordering them just to try out.

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You can always order it and send it back if you don't like it in real life... if you don't mind paying the shipping. It does seem like something with a bit of 'blingey-ness' could work in your kitchen nicely.

Kinda like the bronzey metal of this last one better than the chrome finishes.

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I don't have a suggestion for a particular pendant but I have noticed in looking at many of the possible pendants that they take a 60 watt bulb. I'm know you will have other lighting in your kitchen but be sure to consider if one 60 watt bulb in each pendant will provide enough light for your island.

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I went looking last night for something I have seen, but couldn't find it online. Sigh. I have to get over to my dad's house to meet him and the electrician, so I am out of time to look now, but what I was looking for was a natural tone or white (more of a rubbed/antique white where you still see the wood, not solid white) finish wood chandelier. I have seen some with and without a touch of crystal and that's what popped into my head when I saw your photo. I think the wood would look gorgeous with your brick and even a natural tone would give some warmth and contrast tot he light cabinets.

Wood fixtures are tending to be a bit pricey right now (especially ones made from wine barrels or reclaimed wood), but look at Craigslist or such for one someone changed their mind on -- or consider creating the look yourself. One other thing I would suggest is to wait a couple of months and the lighting places start clearing out older styles to make way for the newer ones. Put up something very plain or re-use something you have already and wait for "The Find. "

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badgergal- I've been trying to look for only those that will take 60-100W max. Although not all that I've posted about will take something that high.

lacatx- I mentioned to my husband last night that I might just make my own. We have thousands of board feet of wood, tons of branches, a welder, and all kinds of scrap metal. I thought about playing around with some ideas that I liked. Do you happen to know when the new lighting typically comes out? I have some cheap lights that I could put up temporarily in the mean time for sure.

Here are two others that I like. One is discontinued and does not have a single light pendant available, but I like the round shades. And the other is $450 and I'm not spending that on a light, but I like the shape.

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That first light is beautiful! It looks like jewelry, but also like the crown they would have put on Cinderella, when she married the prince and became a princess...so I would call that a 'fairy tale' light. Of course, as a crown, it's hanging upside down. LOL

May not work in the kitchen, but it would certainly be fun, to try :)

Also...I really like your vintage light! I hope you find just the right place for it.

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I am so thankful for this thread! I too was staying up way too late, fell in love with the first Overstock pendant that Babs posted. I immediately tried to buy it, so sad when it was out of stock. But Overstock sent a "back in stock" email this morning, can't wait for it to arrive. I haven't started considering lights yet, so hopefully my spontaneous buy works out and saves me hours of light shopping.

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After looking more closely at your kitchen picture...you have a pink, green and white kitchen. Brick is classic, as well as rustic...and I think rustic would have meant ceiling beams, wood cabinets, wood floors, etc. I guess what I'm saying is I'd expect a lot more wood! LOL

Your kitchen is so pretty...but it needs something to pull all the colors together. Pink (bricks) and green are opposite each other on the color wheel, so they are a great color combination and with all the white, I think you should use your pink tile and add a bit of gold.

This is the light I would put in the kitchen, if you really want to have a 'wow' factor. It's a bit feminine, but it's balanced out by the brick. It would also bring in some great colors for window treatments and other accessories...while tying in with the 'classic' look of the old brick. Just an idea :)

From Pink kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to light

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Lavender- the wood is coming, I promise. There will be natural walnut floors with darker stained walnut countertops on the entire kitchen. Shelves inside nooks will be walnut as well as open shelves on either side of the range. I'm still not in love with the green on the walls. I like it, but I'm not in love. I think there is a better color out there, and I think I might use the leftover kitchen paint for the living room. I like the green in the kitchen better than the green that is currently in there. We went to Lowes and Menards tonight and I looked at lights there. Of course, I didn't find anything that spoke to me. I'm confused. Not really sure what I should be looking for. I think I'm going to hold off until the countertops and floors are in. Get an overall idea of what it's going to look like I guess.

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I think it might be good to wait until you have more of your things together -- or at least until you can gather samples of the materials, a photo where you color in the not yet complete details and can try to see everything together. I had to print a small photo of a light fixture, cut it out and tape it onto a drawing of our elevation that I had colored to reflect our finish choices for DH to "see" it. You do what you have to, but if lighting is part of the jewelry, you have to know what the outfit is to get it right.

I looked at Potter Barn because I couldn't' remember if I had seen any wood fixtures in their catalog. I didn't find wood, but I did find some others that would work -- both chandy and pendant styles. They have some pendants in the $100 range that would work. The plain glass type with the Edison bulb has other maker options too -- we bought one for a dormer that was closer to $100 at a local lighting shop. HD and Lowe's each have one or two in the stores near us too.

There are a mind-numbing number of choices out there. Take your time, keep a record of what you think you like and where you saw it and come back to them. Some will likely fall by the wayside as things that don't hold your interest over time, and others may fade as the rest of the kitchen comes together, but then you will have what's left to focus on and any of those are likely to be good choices. If the price range is still not right, at least you have the image of what you want it to look like and can stay focused on finding something similar.

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I like the one you posted with the 3 globes. Maybe you can find something similar.

I agree with thinking about the amount of light. If your island will be a work area, you want a good amount of light.

Have you tried a local lighting store? I went to one expecting the prices to be too high and that I would then buy online but the prices were competitive. Plus the guy really helped me pick out the lights from different lines to coordinate. I think many businesses know that people can buy cheaper on line so they are keeping their mark up down.

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Someone on this forum posted a link a long time ago to Graveyard Mall, it was too late for me, but they have some great deals on lighting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Graveyard Mall

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MMM, IMHO I see no reason why you can't glam it up with your pendants. As we have heard all too often (and in my opinion usually right) from the designers, they would juxtapose the ruggedness of the brick.

Everything about your kitchen is top notch so I say go for it. I think you will disappoint yourself if you don't. I love the ebay one myself.

Word to the wise... avoid upward globes - they are major dust collectors. Sadly I installed an expensive, on sale, one over my 1 1/2 story foyer and need to ask my boys (ahem... young adult sometimes useless males) to dust them for me. Never again for me.

I wish I was as far along as you are. Your husband must be a real honey for your kitchen is gorgeous.

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