Utrusta (electric push latch) on non-Ikea cabs?

Marc JohnsonJuly 19, 2014

I'm wondering if anyone has tried getting the $130 electric push-latch from Ikea to work on non-ikea cabs?

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Yes, love mine. The cabinet installers had a really hard time figuring out how to do it, but they work great. Probably worthwhile to look at instructions, look up Blum instructions, youtube videos, etc..

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Marc Johnson

Thx- I knew someone here must have tried !

I'm looking at my recycle can drawer - it looks like the rail is more towards the top and not bottom like on all of the Blum and Ikea vids :( may have to live without because I didn't think of this ahead of time?

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Here are a couple pictures of mine, notice that it was mounted high on the back wall of the cabinet by putting a piece of wood in there because my rail is also towards the top. I think the critical part is making sure there is electric in the cabinet and that someone figures out how to do the adjustments so it works well.

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Does it just push the 'drawer' from the back?

I think my dog would open it, but I may add an outlet and try it. Monday is the last day to make that call, I'd say.

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You bump it, which makes the little arm push it out. I think it would be easy for dogs to master, especially if well and sensitively installed. See video evidence and fair warning: the song could get stuck in your head! My dogs are little, and mine is not as well installed, so that isn't a factor for me.

Here is a link that might be useful: servo-drive video

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Marc Johnson

kksmama- that's EXACTLY what my cabinet looks like.

That damn song is now burned into my head ... oh what an earworm!!!! What is it about Austrians and Germans that they come up with these little dittys (I have a trade show in Duseldorf every 4 years and they create a similar sounding ditty every time for it ... takes almost a year to get it out of my head!).

This gives me enough confidence to try it ... my compactor (yes, we're actuallly keeping it!) is next to it and has a foot pedal, so this will give us truly hands-free trash access!

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My dog would so love this--into the trash. Into the dog food drawer. Yippee. Who needs a thumb?

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