Is it possible to dye or stain corian countertops?

weeznutsJuly 11, 2012

The house I just bought has corian countertops that are in great shape and include an integrated sink with dish drainer, all of which I love. What I don't love is the color of the corian: salt and pepper. I was wondering if I could dye or stain the corian black. I see a lot of information on the web about getting stains -out- of corian, which leads me to believe that corian stains pretty easily. Am I nuts? Any ideas on how I would do that?

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It isn't. The stains people are talking about getting out are fairly light residual stains.

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Circus Peanut

Corian is made of a resin plastic, isn't it? Not sure how dyable such a beast is.

They do market a paint specifically for recoloring Corian, check it out - I have no knowledge of this product so this is just FYI. In general I don't think painting countertops is ever really a big success (maybe someone here can prove me wrong?), but if you're trying to buy some time while you save up for something else it might be the ticket:

Refinishing Corian with New Colors

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Even if you managed to change the color, it would be very temporary. When you moved a coffee cup across the counter, it would scratch it white and show the undersurface through. That's what black Corian does anyway, when you scratch it. And it DOES scratch. It's a nice surface if you like the light colors, but the dark colors are less successful.

The salt and pepper color may not be much to your liking, but it will wear well and can go with a wide variety of cabinet colors and styles. Perhaps you may just need to change out a few things to make it work better until you can manage a kitchen redo.

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Interesting idea to paint a countertop. I can't imagine it holding up to years of use. Thanks for your replies. I can live with the salt n pepper (thank goodness it's not mauve or something), but will continue to research options.

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Circus Peanut

Yes, I'd be thankful it's salt-pepper, you can probably work with that. The counters in my house were bright salmon pink Formica when I bought it ... fabulous if this were a 1950's Californian Eichler, not so great in a New England Craftsman bungalow ...

Good luck! Let us know if you decide to test the paint, dye, etc.

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Ghostlyvision just posted a link for refinishing cabinets on this link: Can this kitchen be updated? posted by Serenghetti.

The same site also offers a kit for painting countertops. Definitely worth a look for you. Looks like it could be fun.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kit for refinishing countertops

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It is official.

You are nuts.


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Did anyone ever try this? We have corian in a house we moved into, and it will be 3-4 years before we can do the kitchen remodel. The color of the corian is like a beige. I'm curious if anyone tried this and if any of these methods might hold up for several years.

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I am a Certified Corian fabricator and installer, have seen Corian painted, and was not impressed.

In over twenty years, I've never had a Corian stain that I couldn't remove. Since the product is inert, I can't conceive of how someone could successfully dye it.

Get a good refinisher and hit it with some Countertop Magic. That's your best bet.

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