Can't post more than one photo! Here's another pic

sanjuangirlJuly 12, 2013

Here's a shot without the flash

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Is that Waterworks? Wow!! More pictures as soon as it's grouted please!

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Oldbat2be- it's Artistic Tile. It was just grouted in these photos but the grout was still wet so we couldn't wipe away all of the haze from the tiles yet.

Heidi- thanks! It's exciting to see all of the elements coming together.

Can someone quickly tell me how to post more than 1 picture at a time from your ipad?

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Really pretty and unique!

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You can read the sticky at the top of the forum for picture posting tips. If you are going to make multiple posts, do so under your original thread so those interested can find it. Very nice tile.

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With the GW picture feature, you can only post one pic per post--but that doesn't stop you from replying to your own post with a second picture. Then everything is at least in the same thread. You may have to change the subject line to reply to your own post (GW sometimes blocks you if it thinks it is a double post).

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That is so pretty! Would you mind sharing the color of your cabinets?

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Cawaps- thanks, I'll try it and see if I can manage this in my next posts, it's a bit over my head I'm afraid. I should get my teenaged son to do it for me!

Sparkle- the color is Inside Passage by Dunn Edwards. It's showing more yellow in my photos than irl, it's a very neutral beige. The white cool tones of my new bs has really brought out the warm tones in the cabinet paint, I hope when my island slab is installed it tones it down some


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that is so beautiful! like a permanent bouquet!

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Holly- Kay

Wow Sanjuan, that is stunning!!!

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Just noticed (I am stalking your flowers) that we did our outlets the same! When I was going thru things with the electrician, he had a cow over it. Never heard of that, it isn't done that way, blah blah blah. My GC just stood there and didn't say anything--don't know if he was on one side or the other. After the bs was done and the plates on he said--"Great idea. I am going to suggest that in my future jobs."
Saw it here on GW and so glad it caught my attention!

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Thanks, I am excited about how it looks since I was so nervous it would be too much that I almost had them install it as an accent behind the bar area which meant it would have to be made into a long pattern. I really wanted my island slab in Before I decided about putting it behind my cooktop. 'twas not to be with the crazy timing of my workers; so I took a deep breath and said ,"go for it"!

I'm now basically wiped out with all the decisions. I am really on my own with all of these decisions since my DH has abdicated any responsibility ( except for the all important money aspect). He gave me a good budget if it only covered the kitchen but somehow it needs to cover a face lift of most of the house, including ALL of the flooring.

I hired a KD for 5 hours as a sounding board for my vision of my kitchen. she gave me a few sketches with no dimensions. Beyond that, she's been available by text....

Hoping we'll be finished with the kitchen next week. My DH has been awesome and uncomplaining throughout. I guess I am one lucky girl.

It's been sort of a dream to finally try out all of these ideas floating around in my head for the past 12 years in a kitchen I never liked. Hope it turns out . A fun adventure that I am so enjoying sharing and learning from all the GWers here. Thanks!
Heres Another shot. The mullions above will have antiqued mirrors....
No wonder I have been afraid to post photos.
There's a lot of "clowns in my kitchen" And i hate clowns!
But I love beautiful things that appeal to my eye.

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Oooh, oooh, oooh, that is absolutely beautiful!! Can't wait to see the full reveal. I love the mullions, and that molding is amazing. I totally love your cabinetry as well.

I have personally never subscribed to that one clown thing. If there are several beautiful things done well together, then that is a wonderful thing. Cirque de soleil makes so many people happy after all. :-)

Tell your teenage son he is definitely needed for your reveal thread. Looking forward to lots of pics!

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Heidi-I saw that here and realized I always have several things plugged in and items that will cover the outlets so I decided not to do the plug track which would leave ugly cords hanging over my bs. I also added a few outlets with USB charging capabilities to lose the big transformers. My electrician had never seen it before either. I think I'll be happy with them.

Taggie-thanks for the vote of confidence. I love your Cirque reference, I am a big fan.

Here are some kitchens full of clowns that I love. I'm also a huge fan of Habersham and Clive Christian kitchens. Here's some eye candy kitchens that I can't help but love.
opps! can only get one photo in again.....

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Okay this one is a bit over the top even for me!

Although, there is something spectacular about the glass.....

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Wow ... if Marie Antoinette had designed a kitchen, the one above would have been it.

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In this last kitchen, we only eat cake!

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