i think my pulls are too big

golfer57July 3, 2013

hey guys...I should have read all the threads on pull sizes before deciding...i think my pulls are way too big on my drawers..they are 16in in length below...i should have realized this before they drilled the holes!!! do you guys think i should have the cabinet maker re patch the holes and use smaller pulls..this will be an added cost and he said there may be a possibility i may see the patch..thanks in advance...i hope it doesnt look as bad as i think

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Just think how many dishtowels you can hang on there!

Just kidding.

It's not a bad style, at least from that photo. I don't think I would go
to the cost and bother (unless maybe you can return them) to
change them out, unless you don't like the look. The cabinet
maker shouldn't have any trouble fixing the holes, but it may
not be quite as perfect as it is now. He/she will have to use filler,
sand the filler, re-spray the paint and clear coat (if any).

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the funny thing is i have it where my sink is..so i will keep it there for a dish towel ..here is another pic of another section....i thought it would be easier to pull out but it didn't really matter so i wish i went with a 9 in or 8 ..also my hubby hates the all drawer look..he says it looks to office like...especially with the island..the cabinet maker told him it would look better once he adds the bottom legs/moulding...what do you guys think

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I'm generally not a fan of big pulls, but I think they look nice on your cabinets. I agree that legs or moulding will make the island looks less officey. It's amazing what those little touches will do to dress up the cabinets.

My suggestion is to live with your pulls for six months before doing anything. You've already got the holes and in six months you will probably love them.

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I think it looks beautiful on your cabinets, I would not chance the patching of the holes since it would not be perfectly invisible. I think you will get used to the look, now it's all you can see.

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I would not patch your fronts - and I agree with Cindy - hold the course for 6 months before modifying.
If anything, you could choose a different style with the same hole pattern without the Euro bar extensions.
Check out Badgergals pulls - She used long pulls but they look great and don't catch pockets..

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They look fine. Please try to get used to them as mentioned above by Cindy.
Tell your DH to look on GW. All drawers are the way to go for best function and space.
I also agree with mitch. When we do a reno we have a tendency to over scrutinize each new element coming in. GW is a good sounding board. If it did not look OK, we would tell you straight out.
My only concern is hanging a damp dishrag against the wood for long periods of time. Would it effect the finish after a while?

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I think your kitchen looks beautiful. I agree with a2gemini, if you're intent on changing them, try to find one with the same hole pattern.

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I think they're fantastic. They add drama. Don't you think? I vote for keeping them.

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I think they look fine...and definitely would live with them for a bit before making the decision to change. It is hard when we look at each individual element without looking at the whole finished product. Your kitchen looks lovely!

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They look great and I love your kitchen!

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I think the big pulls look great in your kitchen. I like the symmetry of the same pull on each drawer, it's what I have. If you want to address you husband's 'office look' concern, you might think about changing only the top drawers to two smaller pulls or even knobs. If you used two smaller pulls it's possible that they would cover any patch, too.
PS I love your granite. Which floor did you pick?

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Holly- Kay

I think they look great also. They are long but slim because of the slim factor they don't overwhelm the drawers. I love what I am seeing of your kitchen and can't wait for the big reveal.

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Another vote for "Great." And hopefully once your DH discovers how handy the drawers are, he'll love them too!

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Don't try to patch! If I couldn't live with those, I'd just put on pairs of knobs. I was all-knobs in my old kitchen and it was fine.

That said, I think what you've got is lovely. In a few months, you'll think so, too, I suspect.

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My experience is I don't like any hardware at first because I get used to looking at it without hardware. I like what you've done. It doesn't look like an office but a bowl of fruit might help your DH.

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Sometimes when something new is really different than what we're used to, our brains kind of freak out and don't know what to do with it. Get everything done and live with it for a while. I'm pretty sure you're going to love them. I think they look great.

If you don't love them after a suitable period of time, instead of patching the holes I'd use them for two smaller pulls or knobs. Patching is not going to be cheap or easy, and probably won't look perfect.

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As the others have suggested, I would wait a bit and not start patching. Just my opinion, but I think they are too wide. However, as a2 mentioned, the extensions have increased their width. I think a different pull using the same holes but without the extensions would look fine.

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I think they look sleek on your drawers.

Just live with it for a while, and if you really can't live with them, then consider different pulls with the same holes. I would not try to patch old holes and create new ones.

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I like them. They give the cabinets a slightly contemporary/ more transitional look.

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I think they look great! Very much in scale with your drawers. For comparison, I have 13" pulls on 26" drawers, and 17" pulls on 36" drawers...

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modern life interiors


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thanks everyone! i may try it with knobs or just leave it for now.....you guys are the best.

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Your pulls look great! Smaller would be too small and skinny. This is perfect.

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If the pulls were extending beyond the center inset part of the shaker panel, I would say they're too big, but they're not. They fit within the space where the pull is supposed to go. The rest is just personal preference. They look like a big pull, but anything bigger than 4" or 8" is big (at least to me). Not awkward or oversized, just big. I do really think you should give it some time before you even consider changing. I suspect that with a little time they'll grow on you and you'll be happy to not have drilled and patched your gorgeous cabinetry.

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I like the look of these drawer pulls and don't think they are too big at all. In fact I think they are the perfect size for the size and style of these drawers. If I were you I would leave them. Maybe it will take time for you to get used to them and ultimately love the look. I know that I do and they are similar in size to the ones that I am having put in my new kitchen.

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I agree with linelle. Wait until all of the other elements are finished in your kitchen and then reassess at that time, but either way I would stick with the same holes and not patch and repaint.

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I rather like them, a lot!

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I am a fan over oversized pulls so I like your long pulls. I tried to make my pulls be about half of the drawer width. I ended up with 19-1/4 inch pulls on my 36 inch drawers, 13-1/4 on my 24 inch drawers and 10 inch pulls on my 18 inch drawers.

As A2 said my pulls do not have the ends extending out like yours. I don't think you could easily change yours out for ones like mine or for shorter pulls because the holes would not match up. I think it would be hard difficult to patch the holes without it being somewhat noticeable.

I think you will end up loving those long pulls. Its nice to be able to grab the pull anywhere along its length. Also it looks like there is nice projection so there will be plenty of room for your DH's fingers. As others have said give yourself some time to get used to it. From what I can see your kitchen is looking fabulous.

Just so you know what A2 was talking about here is a picture of my pulls.

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They have a nice modern feel. If these particular pulls were smaller, I don't think they would look as good. Definitely not too large!

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Their the perfect size for your drawers. I'm putting large pulls on our drawers also.

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I love these, as is! If you absolutely must make a change, I agree that you could do two knobs on the top drawer only; it might also address DH's concern that it looks too "office-y." However, I echo other posters who said keep them a while and finish out the space before deciding. When I first put pulls on my current cabs, they looked HUGE because I had gotten used to them with no hardware. Now I wish I had gone bigger..... ;)

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Your pulls are the perfect size for your cabinets. Love them.

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I like them! I think they make a statement that blends traditonal and modern styling! I like the placement as well.

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