Please help me -- side swing or conventional oven?

Juno_barksJuly 13, 2014

I am hoping for advice on our oven - not so focused on appliance brand but rather whether the new side-swing bosch oven would work OK in this space. We expect to pair it with the new bosch speed oven (or switch to elux icon model). I like the side swing, I know it will clear the obstacles, but I wonder if I've failed to consider something important.

thanks much..

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a view from above.
Note that the appliance garage will be flush with the oven. We have a couple feet of counter to the R of oven and lots of countertop on the island.

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I love the idea of side swing oven door, but in your layout, with the oven placed on an inside corner it may prove to be cumbersome. If you hinge (swing) to the right you eliminate that counter space for landing and will be forced to use the island always. If you swing door to the left you will be boxing yourself in although that would give you more landing space options.
How high is the oven going to be off the floor? A side swing door is really nice for ovens that are higher on the wall.

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The oven door would swing to the left.
And yes, that inside corner position is a bit awkward, but do you think a left-swing would box me in more than the conventional opening?
Also I've been considering putting the oven higher, and the speed oven below. I'm wondering if that might work better.


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Fori is not pleased

I think I'd skip the side swing there, especially if left handed. And if right-hinged, I'd want the oven higher than counter level so it can swing fully. I would anyway, actually.

Just realized i don't know how far these things DO swing. If the door swings open well past say 120 degrees and is hinged on the left, it will probably be just fine how you have it. Switching the position of the two ovens would be better when you're doing big stuff.

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Those are all excellent points - I don't know the angle of the swing! I do worry about it swinging into space used by people, but if up above counter height it wouldn't be a problem at all. More to ponder. Any other considerations?

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