Request for advice on mitered edge for 2cm carrara counter top

Sarah_in_SFJuly 26, 2014

Hi all,

I'm new here. :) I've purchased a 2cm slab of carrara to replace the existing granite in my kitchen and my fabricator is recommending a 1.5" mitered edge. I am realizing now that I prefer the look of a thinner edge, but the fabricator says that in order to cover up the 5/8 sub-top the 1.5" mitered edge will give the best result. Does anyone have any thoughts on this as far as other options? If the edge were, say, 1.25", it seems to me that you would only see the sub-top if you stooped down and looked for it, but maybe I'm off-base about that. Thanks for your help!

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With the 5/8 plywood and the 2 cm slab thickness, that alone needs 1.41 inches of edge detail to cover it. Factor in glue, etc, and the junction where the plywood meets the cabinets, you're looking at over 1.5 inches needed to cover the edge.

Unless I am figuring it wrong, which could be entirely possible. :-)

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If you prefer the look of the thinner edge, go for it. Eliminate the sub top; it is unnecessary. You'll save the cost of the plywood and the cost of the labor to miter and have the look you wanted anyway.

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I ran a small 3/8"x3/4" base shoe molding under the overhang to hide the edge of the plywood rough top.
I chose to keep the rough top, as I wanted to maintain the extra height it provided for my counter tops.

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Thanks so much for the responses. I like the idea of the shoe molding to hide the plywood--I'll definitely look into this since I don't want to lose the counter height by skipping the plywood all together.

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Hi Sarah in SF. I have a daughter named Sarah who lives in SF. My favorite name and my favorite city. :)

In the Bay Area most slabs seem to be 2 cm with 5/8" plywood base. That's what I have in my kitchen. I have Caesarstone with a built-up eased edge.

I just had my guest bath remodeled. I went with carrara on my vanity. The vanity has a built-in flush top, so I didn't need the plywood. So I didn't need a built-up edge to obscure the plywood.

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Hi linelle :). I had heard that 2cm was the norm here (though I saw some 3cm carrara in a restaurant today and thought--I should've tried harder to find it! Love the idea of a flush top in order to hide the plywood, but I'm tall and hate the idea of losing that height.

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