typhoon bordeaux granite

deickhoff0July 12, 2014

If you have typhoon Bordeaux granite what colors do you see? Do you see purple anywhere in it? I'm getting worried because I'm having mine fabricated now, and someone told me you can see purple/lavender in many slabs. Looking at a slab vertically can be so different than horizontally once installed. My slabs do have a wide gray area...which I'm now thinking might look lavender!

Maybe at this point it doesn't matter...kind of late now

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I will preface by saying what my TB looks like is no guarantee it's entirely like your TB. I don't see lavender in mine. Just beautiful berry and red wine. And gray, grayish blue, gold, rust, cream, black (almost blueberry) and even some great shots of green.

My slabs looked much more gray and subdued on their sides and really "popped" went set into place.

I think you might just have a case of the jitters just like I did right before mine went under the blade!

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It's called "Bordeaux" for the wine-colored parts ... so yes, you will probably have some purple overtones.

You can handle it ... color is relative to surrounding colors, so to push somethign from lavender-grey to more grey, just change the surrounding colors

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Perhaps the grays are being perceived as lavender and the jet is seen as purple? I would have trouble characterizing the color of my counter but there is certainly no obvious lavender or purple dominating over other colors.

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Be sure to share pix when it goes in. I think this is a granite that varies wildly. Can't wait to see yours, it sounds beautiful.

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Phone lady...you make it sound beautiful. It probably is the jitters

Install is Thursday with the electrician and plumber finishing the kitchen up on Friday. I'll post pics when it's all done

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In my opinion, TB is gorgeous. Can't wait to see yours!! Good Luck!!!!

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It's in and I love it! I will post pics after the sink, faucet, cooktop, oven are all installed. Hopefully, I can post this weekend.

It was not fabricated as it was suppose to be with position of templates and I am not 100% sure I got the right slabs, but, I'm happy with what I received. All is good.

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Well that's a relief. Most posts that start by saying the templates weren't followed and not sure those were even my slabs, typically don't have a happy ending. Can't wait to see your reveal.

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Can't wait to see. I'm an ABG person, but TB is a favorite of mine.

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Woo hoo - I, too, have TB and love, love, love it. Congrats!

Can't wait to see pics after install...

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