Chroma Quartz Countertops--like or dislike??

lunaluJuly 25, 2011

He there,

After doing some research for our upcoming small kitchen makeover (new counters and paint existing cabinets), we were set on using Caesarstone (either Nougat or Eggshell). We then happened to see Chroma Quartz and liked their more subtle look even better (either Crystal White or Seashell) for our counters.

I haven't been able to find any reviews online on Chroma Quartz counters. Does anyone out there have them? Have they held up? Are you happy with them? Would love any input on Caesarstone v. Chroma Quartz so that we can make our decision between the two.

Thank you!

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Chroma is a quartz staple in my area. My fabricator claims it's the same quality as any other quartz, and my readings here indicate that to be true. To my untrained quartz eye, she's right. For a long time, I was planning Chroma for my mbath vanity until I realized that I'm more of a natural stone gal.

I've seen many a Chroma slab in the last 18 months, and they look to be great quality. I think it comes down to who has the color you like the best. I wouldn't hesitate using the product if I went the man made route.

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My counter is the Chroma Quartz by Pental. I live in Michigan and a granite company here had a showroom of just about every quartz line there is. I was making the rounds looking for a certain shade of gray. Mine is called Sterling.

I have had no problems with it and slabs matched the sample perfectly. There is no pooling and the pattern is very even. The seams are almost invisible. It seems to be very high quality and cleans up easily.

Having a good fabricator seems to be the key to any of these products (including granite,etc) looking good when the job is finished.

I wouldn't hesitate to order from Chroma again.


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Thanks for the input!

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Saw some Chroma samples today that had an almost leathered finish. I've never seen this before on quartz but it looked great and there was a white similar to Nougat I think.

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I agree, it's all about the color! The manufacturing & warranties seem to be similar for all the "quartz" products.
My perimeter counters are Chroma's "porfido". It doesn't look anything like the on-line sample, but it's a rich, reddish, brown & verrry subtle...just what I was looking for. It is polished, but not as shiny as the granite on my island. Because of the dark color & lots of windows, every drop of water shows at the sink, but that was expected & I actually kinda like obsessing over it!
It's been a year since it was installed & 9 months in use in a busy kitchen. I've not babied it either. I'm messy & clumsy (deadly combo) & it's still perfect.

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Hello Tomuch2chus and everyone, I'm looking into chroma coastal gray and cesearstone raven. Both similar to the look I'm trying to achieve. Do those water marks you refer to around the sink , are they soaking into the counter and making a mark or is it just droplets of water that bead up? I have a sample here at home that I'm testing things on. I cook a LOT and I'm scared it will mark or stain like my old concrete counters did? Any info I would appreciate. Thanks so much!

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Boombee3--I think the water marks that Tomuch2chus referred to were due more to the fact that her/his stone is dark. Dark stones, combined with lots of light in the right direction, can show every droplet, fingerprint, smudge, and crumb. Many folks purposely choose a lighter stone for that very reason; whereas others don't mind any extra maintenance. Hopefully she/he will chime back in with how much they love their Chroma!

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