I think I finally found white granite!

firstmmoJuly 15, 2009

After many weeks of confused and tiring decision-making, I think I just may have found my perfect countertop. I have been avidly following all the posts about finding just that "perfect" piece and was getting more and more discouraged. My DH does not want marble but I have true love of it. The more I looked at granite, the more I felt it fell short. But I visited a number of slab yards (9 in total) and some more than an hour away and today I finally found "IT".

Here in California it's called White Princess but who knows what other names it's called....yippee!!

Hope all you who are still in "countertop angst" find your true love soon!

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Gorgeous, love it!

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Great find. I was at that exact same place near 101 and fell in love with 2 double thick cararra marble slabs before the owner took it home himself or to a friend.

Don't let them let this go on you!

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I am so happy for you and the house is going to look great when you're finished with it.

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Erikanh: While I can't have your gorgeous stainless and marble kitchen, I can have a "almost" version that I will have to settle for! You set the standard my dear.

Grace: I love the thick marble. My contractor just installed a counter where the fabricator put an extra thick edge on the slab to emulate the look. I went to see it and it was sooo pretty--I was in total marble envy. Try Venice Tile in SJ?

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firsthouse, you are so sweet to say that. Lucky I never found a beautiful white granite like that or I would have had a seriously tough time choosing between that and marble. And speaking of setting a standard, I have a feeling that lots of GWers will be beating the bushes trying to find a granite like yours.

I peeked at the price ... $44/sq ft. Does that include fabrication and installation?

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I've been to Venice and many other places. We gave up and went a different direction with Caesarstone Nougat. White granite, after all, is mostly quartz. the veining on yours looks so nice.

-DH of gracesantacruz

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This has been so instructive. I'm in So. Oregon and I'm going to see the only two slabs of Bianco Romano in the state (3 cm). Yesterday I was at a store and a gal next to me said, "We had to go to the Bay Area to find our granite. If your trip to Portland doesn't work, go to SF." Now I know what she was talking about. This granite is stunning---how great for you. And I'll keep it in mind if the BR isn't as nice as it photographs. I love this website. Thanks for the help so far.

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That granite is so very pretty. I didn't know granite could be so calm and soothing. I love it.

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I love this granite and this is exactly what we need. I was ready to buy Caesarstone Nougat inspired by gracesantacruz's pictures, but now I have to see your granite before the final decision. There is not much choices for light countertops. We are in Bay Area CA, where is the place you found these gorgeous slabs?

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Are those slabs resined? Have you stain tested a sample of them yet? Does it etch if you leave acidic food on it? If you haven't tested yet, please do before you commit!

As an owner of white granite, when I was shopping and testing, there was a wide range of stain resistance. Always test to be sure you know what you're committing to.

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yup. lots of us are definitely going to start looking around for that! i'd love it for my kid's bathrooms! it's really great looking. put money down and make sure it's yours!

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That is gorgeous. Would be *perfect* for our bathroom remodel, too. Hmm.

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>I peeked at the price ... $44/sq ft. Does that include fabrication and installation?

I'd like to know this, too. Beautiful stone.

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Could you share the slab yard in SF? Or was it Sacramento? I love this granite...may need to travel to the Bay Area. Please share!

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I have seen a lot of 3cm slabs at IRG in Brisbane. I got my 3cm marble there!

I think firsthouse got her's at Da Vinci Marble in San Carlos.

Good luck~

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Yes this is from DaVinci Marble in San Carlos, California. I also saw tons of Bianco Romano, White Persa at IRG Dublin/Brisbane, California. Venice Tile in San Jose has $16/sq ft Kashmir White. They also have Bianco Romano, White River, Madre Perla (slightly greenish).

table style="width:auto;">

From [Granite](http://picasaweb.google.com/firstmmo/Granite?feat=embedwebsite) White River at Venice Tile From [Granite](http://picasaweb.google.com/firstmmo/Granite?feat=embedwebsite) White Persa at IRG Brisbane From [Granite](http://picasaweb.google.com/firstmmo/Granite?feat=embedwebsite) Madre Perla, Venice Tile, San Jose From [Granite](http://picasaweb.google.com/firstmmo/Granite?feat=embedwebsite) Kashmir White, Venice Tile
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Wow, that place has a great selection of white granites!

To me, yours is by far the prettiest of all those slabs.

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I love it. Can I have it? :) We're looking for something similar, and I'm so disappointed at the lack of selection when it comes to white and creamy granites. The closest we got at one place was Madura Gold.... Congratulations on the find!

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We almost went with that Kashmir White. We took a sample home along with a few other similar and compared with white marble and the Nougat. Small, dark mineral specs in the granite can play off cabinet colors - these can be featured or be distracting. Also, we found in different lighting, they can look cast a brownish or almond tone. The real marble was totally different. Hard to explain, but let me try....

The 3 materials samples types had what I call different "transport" factors: they seemed to take us to different places with their visual appearance inside the home - something we can't get from photos or the showroom/slab yard. The white granites made us feel like we were in the mountains (like a fancy Tahoe lodge) with the mineral specs peaking at us - it said "rock" all over it. The marble with its translucence and veining made us feel we were in an old world, elegant Victorian era home or museum, and the Caesarstone Nougat swept us away to a South Pacific white sand resort - starfish, coral, shells all came to mind.

Strongly suggest everyone take a samples home and compare. Get as large a sample as you can get, and see if they have any remnants from previous installs/cuttings. Look at it under home lighting/surroundings, etc and see where it might take you. It's so much fun, I want to do it again!

-DH of gracesantacruz

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Grace: good descriptions. I'd have to agree. I found the red garnets distracting. When I saw them in redroze's kitchen I thought they were fab, but when I saw them next to my kitchen without the black island and dark flooring, it felt too speckled. I am a true marble lover, but can't go there......would much rather deal with the white quartz than the marble.

erikah: thanks for your vote of confidence! Your opinion carries a lot of weight!

gobruno: keep looking! Don't give up and ask if there is new stuff coming in, even at slabyards you have already visited.

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I agree re: seeing it in person in your space. I didn't take any white granites home but looked at a lot of them in showrooms and they were patently wrong for the feeling I wanted. Hard to explain why-- they just weren't relaxing. Too much like public spaces to me, I guess- like churches or monuments-- too weighty and important. In my little modern kitchen it seemed like the wrong choice. It's so funny how design works!

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I love all those white granites! That White Princess looks like the Super White Quartzite that I saw here in CT although it was a little more grayish. The $16 per sq.ft. for Kashmir White is just for the stone correct? The stone warehouses here said that the slabs are approx. 15% of the total fabrication/install. Is it the same in CA?

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I like how gracesantacruz described the granites. I have chosen the same ceasarstone..Nougat ( at the last minute and after much angst.) Even today, a day before templating, I was secretly worrying if I had made the right choice. I thought I would share what my DH said when we saw the C. Nougat though. He knew that I liked marble over the more earthy granites I had seen, and he said the Nougat was EXACTLY like the marble! Now, I doubt there is a soul on GW who would agree for a second, including me, but what is so funny is that it did have a similar feel. The cream was sort of pure like the calacutta...I know, a long shot, but it reminded me of how some stones just give off a certain vibe!

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BTW none of the prices include fabrication or installation.

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Your white granite looks exactly like the White America quartzite I purchased from the importer in New Jersey. I suspect your slab is quartzite also, not granite. I've had it in for almost 2 years and love it.

Being Italian and using a LOT of lemons and tomatoes, I could not use marble because of the etching. It's on a large center island and has to look pretty all the time. My perimeter counters are soapstone, so the contrast is gorgeous.

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Nuccia- where in NJ did you get your quartzite?

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Yay! A lot of Bay Area people here. Firsthouse, I saw your slab at DaVinci. Just beautiful! I, too, have been to so many slab places in the Bay Area (same ones as you, I'm sure, plus all the San Leandro places) and was very frustrated that I couldn't find anything.

Your advice was very good...
"keep looking! Don't give up and ask if there is new stuff coming in, even at slabyards you have already visited."

And I would add...if they have new stuff coming in, ask if there's a wait list.

I found what I wanted (at DaVinci, actually), but all the slabs were sold and the next shipment was in a month. I was on my way to IRG (Brisbane) last week to buy my 2nd choice granite (very distant 2nd choice) and I got a call from a slab place (All Natural Stone) in San Jose that said they had a new shipment in and I was off the wait list for my 1st choice (Typhoon Bordeaux). They put my name on 2 slabs. Immediate U turn on 101 to go see it! I NEVER thought the wait list thing would work out. What a relief (demo's in a couple of weeks)!

So congratulations, firsthouse mp, and hang in there everyone else! Your countertop is out there!

(Woodside, CA)

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I keep returning to this post to see the additional comments. I went to the Tile and Marble place here to see the slab of BR I chose in Portland...the fabricator's mom met me there and said---this can't be the right one! It's a monster---much bigger, wrong look. And, sure enough--they'd sent down the wrong slab. I felt like I'd just lost the Final Jeopardy round.

So tomorrow, I'm supposed to go see the right one. The terrific woman will join me again to make sure it's right (always copy down serial numbers! That's what convinced us I wasn't hallucinating). On the way out of the slab warehouse last week I saw some stunning satin-finish "White Spring" with lots of colors, but gorgeous and dramatic. I'd been looking for "quiet and subtle." If worse comes to worse, I'm heading to SF or I'll consider the other white granites the yard has. I just want to fall in love. As my sister makes fun of me for this, I'll continue to insist I want to "marry it."

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Okay, I am back from the same Tile and Marble place, again. They called to tell me the correct slab was in. I went there and it was exactly the WRONG one from Portland---it was the one slab I knew I didn't want. I wrote down serial numbers, took photos. I am crestfallen, angry, frustrated, questioning myself.
The very nice fellow at the slab place told me, "We'll give your fabricator a smokin' deal on the right one, once it comes. There's no reason for this second screw-up."
This Bianco Romano looks really gray to me--not as white as the piece I've been carrying around to help me choose my other materials. I am doubting myself now.
There was White Spring (satin finish) there, which is whiter but has lots of movement. I looked at Kashmir White, too....I am now thinking there's something wrong with me.

Firsthome, do you know if Da Vinci will e-mail photos? I am thinking I need to travel again---this has been one giant exercise in frustration. And I am back in the classroom in two weeks, so I feel the time crunch too. Grrrrrr. I need a counselor.

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