Backsplash color advice?

lwernerJuly 16, 2013

The end is near on my project, finally! It's time to think about backsplashes.

I'm leaning strongly toward a glass backsplash. They fabricate a 1/4" thick piece of glass to fit the wall between the counters and the cabinets / hood, paint it any color I want, and glue it to the wall. That appeals to me because it's really simple -- there's enough going on in the kitchen already so I don't want to do anything complicated. It will also be super easy to clean.

The guy from the glass shop was at the house today to do some preliminary drawings of the kitchen and bathrooms, though he can't template until the hood and the tub platform top are installed in a week or two. One thing he said is that I shouldn't try to do the backsplash in the same color as the walls, because they won't quite match due to the different materials. Instead he suggested doing a color different enough that it looks like I meant for it to be different.

That makes sense, but I'm color blind and was hoping to avoid thinking about colors again. Picking out the wall colors was hard enough, so I'm hoping some of you will be willing to offer suggestions.

The colors that are there already are:

- The cabinets are natural cherry, and the countertops are light blue / gray Azul Do Mar quartzite. The same as cloud_swift's kitchen (about 1/4 of the way down that thread), though in a slightly different style. (Yes, cloud_swift, I shamelessly stole your kitchen. :-)

- The walls are a Kelly Moore color called "Sinners City": a slightly peachy pastel yellow. Unfortunately I can't link to pages in Kelly Moore's online color chooser app. (Bad web developer! No biscuit!) But you can look up those colors on that site. To me it looks more yellow and less peachy in person than on my Mac monitor. It complements the Azul Do Mar very nicely according to the non-color-blind friend who helped me pick it out.

- The attached great room and dining room walls are a Kelly Moore color called "Feather Stone": a light gray/brown. That one looks fairly accurate on my Mac.

- The great room ceiling is Feather Stone as well, but at 50% of formula so it's a tiny bit lighter.

- The hood is going to be a ModernAire PS20 chimney-style, powder-coated in dark blue RAL 5003 / Sapphire. (If it ever gets delivered. Grrrr.) This link is pretty close.

Any suggestions for the backsplash? I'd been thinking of sticking with the pastel yellow/peach Sinners City color, since I find it really soothing. But it sounds like that may be a bad idea match-wise. I'd also thought about using the hood color, but not if I can't get a 100% match.

Now the field is wide open. Your color may be a winner! :-)

I'll try to post some photos tomorrow. I need to take some new ones now that the walls are painted.


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I had remarkably little luck looking up either color by name on the Kelly Moore website (bad developer!) or finding a pic with a Google image search (which almost always works). My Perfect Color turned up a Columbia Paint color called Feather Stone and a peachy yellow called Sin City.

All of which kind of makes it difficult to give advice. But if the feather stone works with the granite and wall color (ask your friend), I would look at doing that, or a slightly lighter/darker version of it, for the backsplash.

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I took some photos today and just managed to get them uploaded.

Here's one of the kitchen, showing the counters, the "sinners city" wall color, and the location where the sapphire blue hood will go:

And here's one of the very left end of the kitchen and a big part of the neighboring dining nook that has the "feather stone" color on its walls: \

The colors in those look fairly accurate on the calibrated monitor I'm using at the moment. To my inaccurate eyes, anyway.

Just for kicks, here's a photo of the backyard showing what's going on with the Bobcat outside the funky corner windows in the second picture: From House Progress - 2013-07-16

That album link has a few more photos.

I'd still love to hear any advice you all have on the backsplash color. I think my default choice will be to do what cawaps suggested: the same "feather stone" color as the walls in the nearby dining nook.



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Bump. I need to learn to stop posting things late at night. They seem to get a lot fewer responses that way.

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I think I'd consider a slate[ look- a- like] or actual slate and pull in the counter color in the choice.. remember- the cherry cabs are going to deepen and probably redden a bit-there is a lot of the nice deep rich look flowing between cabs and backsplash would appeal to me.....and the space is quite large and open to handle this kind of look. Any fear of being too dark or whatever wouldn't worry me because of the big windows, light, and open plan you have..It looks good-add texture and depth. Matching the wall color seems too tame.

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herbflavor: I think you're right about going with something more bold that pulls in the countertop colors. I don't think the texture of real slate would work there, but some of the colors might. The Azul do Mar quartzite has a lot of blue, gray, and even brown colors in it ( is fairly representative of mine), so I should have lots of choices.

I stopped by Kelly Moore with a piece of extra stone today and grabbed sample color chips of a bunch of blues that look like they might work. Now to ask all my non-color-blind friends. Once I have a few good candidates I'll get sample quarts and paint some on the back of pieces of glass so I can lean them against the wall at the house and see how they look in real life.

A couple of the colors that seemed like they might work are ones that I've already used in other parts of the house. (I like blue.) That might help tie the whole house together color-wise.

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