Seeking examples of large format tile backsplash

lori_inthenw_gwJuly 15, 2013

I've only seen one example in person and not many in photos. Has anyone here done this or considered it? (Or collected images)?

I was just thinking of 12 x 24 format, porcelain in a more or less solid, maybe with a slight texture. Not sure whether to orient horizontally or vertically. The house is relatively contemporary at least with regards to materials, so I think I need something really simple, plus the floor plan is pretty open and I don't want anything too busy. I'm having trouble finding examples, though-- I know this group can come up with some!

The cabinets will likely be Douglas fir in a slab design with either tab pulls or something minimal like the Princetonian. Floors will be concrete with integral color (a soft brown added to warm it up). Windows are black inside and out. Countertops likely to be quartz in a darker color similar to the floor.

The house is still just being framed, so not exactly a time critical decision. I guess I am thinking about finishes just because it is more fun than answering the other questions that come up at this stage!

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Check out gone south's kitchen in the links below. I believe her backsplash tile was a similar size.
Here is one of her pictures. There are more on her post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Large format backsplash

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There was a recent post about Bobby Flay's home kitchen. There is a pic where you can see he used large tile in his backsplash. I am linking the thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Bobby Flay's Kitchen

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Thanks, Badgergal and Mrs NN-- I had seen both of those, but didn't recall what they used. Based on these, I am thinking I prefer the horizontal layout, but I wasn't sure if the single horizontal seam would look good or not. I will probably be running it up the wall behind a chimney style hood (TBD). I have seen some really huge porcelain tiles at Pental, but not sure what those would be like to work with.

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