Design Around This #22: Hanging at the Beach House

cawapsJuly 13, 2013

Okay folks, you've had about a week to mull over what a beach house kitchen should look like and to start to pull together a design. So let's start posting and giving and getting feedback!

If you can post pics (or figure out how to do so), you can do a design. And everyone is encouraged. The more people participate--both with designs and comments--the more fun it is.

For those of you who missed it, here's the thread we used to introduce the topic:
Background for Beach Houses
There are pics of beach house kitchens and some discussions of what elements say "beach house" to different people.

And here is a thread that will familiarize you with what the Design Around This threads are all about, along with some tips and tricks for putting together a mood board. It's not as complicated as you think!
About the Design Around This threads

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I fell in love with the fish scale tiles about a year ago when they popped up on Pinterest. I also like the pendants. The Western Holly range with the porthole windows felt nice and nautical. I found the rug and liked it for the additional color. I'm feeling like the wall color needs to be something different though.

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Bob and Jean Shapiro are avid sailors. They are comfortably well off, but the Rhode Island beach house was a bit of a stretch for them. They got a great location but the house was a bit of a fixer upper. With a limited remodeling budget, they hit Ikea for cabinets, choosing Liding doors. They went with laminate counter in Wilsonart Luna Glow. For cabinet hardware, they repurposed sailing cleats (Perko chrome-plated zinc teardrop and yacht cleats). The range is a Frigidaire free-standing gas range, and a modest undercabinet hood by Broan provides ventilation. For ease of care and for dumping wet foulies, they chose Daltile Concrete Connections porcelain tile in Eastside Brown.

Wall paint is Behr King's Cove. They picked the Jardine dining table from West Elm and white Windsor dining chairs from

For lighting they chose Vaxcel Nautical pendants for over the island, and a Vaxcel Nautical 3-light chandelier for over the dining table.To top it all off, they hung a poster of racing sailboats from in the dining area.

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Mrs. Mortarmixer, I love those tiles. DH is a manic fisherman, and that's a perfect idea for our own tiny backsplash some day. And the stove's a real find. Regarding your rethinking on the color, where is this house and what type of architecture? Those might suggest more ideas.

Cawaps, that seems just about perfect for an active couple who see their vacation home as a launch pad for their favorite activity. The sailing theme is hit distinctively but lightly, which I really like. A grayish and blue color scheme could come off chilly sometimes in Rhode Island, but you went toward the warm side in both, especially the counter and floor. That Daltile is surprisingly handsome, and nicely sophisticated. No cutesy stuff here. What'd Bob and Jean choose to clad that island? It looks different.

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Rosie, the image I used for cladding the island was actually Cape Ann hardwood flooring (not sure of the color). I don't suppose they would literally use flooring (would that work?) but it gave me the look I wanted.

MrsMortarmixer, I love the fishscale tile (but I wish GW would render the pics larger--it's hard to see the details). I think maybe the paint is a bit dark/dramatic for the overall feel of the space. Maybe something lighter?

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I suppose I don't know what type of house it is. What types of homes would be likely along a beach? I'm thinking something big on a hill top in Hawaii with those huge windows that take up the entire wall. Nor did I think of any creative story. I do think lighter paint would work much better. Maybe a pale golden yellow or beige-y white. The tiles were tiny from the picture, but you can see them in more detail at the link below. The picture I used for the mock up was from a google image search for fish scale tile. The image directs to the main page. The link should get you close to the actual tile shape though.

cawaps-I really like that color scheme, and think it would work not only in a beach house, but a nice little cottage anywhere. Feels homey and inviting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scallop tiles

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Not my blog, but here is the picture that showed up on my Pinterest that I fell in love with. I WILL have this shower in my house one day. Even if I have to sell a kidney and part of my liver on the black market.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fish scale tile shower

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Mrsmm - great design but at first glance I wondered why you had put the washer dryer under the cooktop... :)

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MrsMortarmixer, I posted some exterior pics of beach houses exteriors to the Background thread. It was interesting looking at different places around the country (Hawaii, Florida, Cape Hatteras, Nantucket, Santa Cruz). I tried to show some variety in each location, but in some of the locations there was a lot of similarity between homes (Nantucket beach houses are overwhelmingly gray). Older (and more modest) Hawaiian homes tend to follow what I think of as a plantation style: broad eves, wraparound lanai, tin roof. But the newer, luxury homes could be anything. Santa Cruz was all over the map in terms of design.

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Hi. I'm new to the boards and hope it's okay if I play along. A few siblings have decided to pool their money and buy a family get away beach house. The kitchen was in dire need of a remodel, but budget was a concern. The family decided to rip out all of the upper cabinetry as that would impede the view along the sink and stove run. They placed open shelving along the other cabinet run, The walls are painted BM desolate with the lower cabinetry saved and repainted in BM nimbus gray. The new flooring is a driftwood tile which plays nicely (hopefully?) with the unoiled soapstone counters and sink. White "ice" appliances were chosen to keep with the open and laid back feel of the space. The sisters plan to accent with touches of green and plum. There is no kitchen island, instead a large farm table purchased from restoration hardware (on deep discount) will anchor the center if the kitchen. Despite the eldest brothers worries, the younger siblings think they "can make it work"

So what do you think? Are they making it work or is it a flop?

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Schnauzer (may I call you Schnauzer?), welcome to the board and to the Design Around This threads! New players are always welcome. I'm very interested to see that it looks like you did your design on an iPad. I think folks see these and assume they were done with Photoshop or some other specialized graphics software. If you'd like to share your approach, you can post to the "About the Design Around This" thread; a bunch of people have shared different methods, tips and tricks.

I like your color combinations, and the siblings' budget remodel plan sound well thought out. In the pic, the gray of the soapstone reads cool and the flooring reads warm, but I think that this is a combination that would work better in real life than in photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: About the Design Around This threads

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Perhaps you'd prefer IHGS instead? :)

Those fuddy elder brothers can worry all they like as long as the sisters had the sense to get their SILs on board first. To me, no uppers just seem very right for a vacation beach house where possible. Open and airy. Everything simplified to the basics. Plates, bowls, glasses on shelves. Same for the big table right there, where everybody can wander in, grab a snack and sit down, feed a row of hosed-off children, whatever. We're on the same page here for sure.

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Marcia bought a Miami beach condo in a building that look eerily like the one where Dexter lives. She wanted a fun, retro vibe and started with a suite of Big Chill appliances in turquoise. She found a fabulous Cuban floor tile from Villa Lagoon tile that pulled in a raspberry color. She went with a simple 4x4 square tile in burgundy for the backsplash (Natural Hues from Daltile). For cabinets she chose a simple white slab-door style with laminate counters in Formica Multifleck. She found Aurora Mills mid-century knobs in chrome with red details for her uppers and vintage 1950s pulls with red lines on ebay. BM Frosty Pink for the walls, a white tulip table (Docksta from Ikea) and Eiffel dining chairs in ocean blue . A louvered sideboard from, A Monte Carlo Discus fan in the dining area provides light and breeze. To top it all off, an enormous painting by Mary Sims (Untitled Lake Leatherwood) from

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Cawaps, I hadn't thought of the soapstone/driftwood floor as competing warm/cool, but I definitely could see where it might be... However, I think IRL it may play nicely... Perhaps I'll test it out at my lake home (still mulling over the possibilities there).

Love the retro Miami vibe. That floor is stunning. Do you mind explaining why you chose the burgundy tile?

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I originally started with the idea to use turquoise with a coral red--something oranger than what I ended up with. But then I found that floor tile, and the red in that leans more towared pink/purple. I thought that the burgundy would go with the floor tile but that I'd avoid getting something that would read pink--which, pastel on pastel, would have have read either cutesy or Miami Vice, neither of which appealed. Also, the floor was busy so I wanted the backsplash to be very uniform. I chose the 4x4 because I think that it was fairly common in midcentury kitchens, so it fit with the overall retro vibe. That was my thinking anyway...If you don't like it, feel free to say so (and why)--these threads are all about learning what works and what doesn't.

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No, I think I anticipated the "Golden girl/ mami vice" feel, but instead found your room retro but fresh (if that makes any sense). Your explanation as I hoped helped me understand why. Im so new at this and so much to learn. Thanks!

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I know I'm supposed to use a board to mash up cabs, counter, etc... but I lived at the beach in CT for 10 years, 8 of those in a cottage built as "affordable housing" in the 1970s. The cottage had some lovely features, like sheet-rocked corners, and a deck overlooking the garden with a view to the beach, and some less lovely features, like carpet throughout, dark brown stick cabinetry, and a tiny refrigerator space.

I made the fridge spot larger by removing the face frame for the sink cabinet, cutting out almost two inches between door openings, and gluing the frame back together, then removing the cabinet end delineating the DW space, cutting two inches off the end of the cabinet, and re-installing the end and frame. This allowed me to scoot the DW over along with the upper cabinet, trim the counter, frame a fridge opening, and bring forward the 12" deep upper cabs over the fridge, adding a little filler to either side.

The fridge is a 36" wide stainless, counter depth, French door KitchenAid, the dishwasher is a plain old regular white Kenmore I paneled myself with thin plywood. The BS/counter are the existing low maintenance 4" white laminate. The floors are red oak. The range is a white 30" slide-in KitchenAid with cast iron grates - I replaced the door with astainless one. The door to the deck (that held my grill and hammock) was made by Masonite. I sanded and painted the slab veneered MDF cabinets with Ralph Lauren paints, creating a faux shaker look using the darker paint as the main body paint on the lowers, and the lighter paint as the main body paint for the uppers. The kitchen was open to the dining/living room, that had a dramatic entry wall painted blue.

So the colors were sea and sand, and everything was low maintenance, which was optimal for me because there was actual sand everywhere most of the year.

Ralph Lauren Pain in Linen (cabinets)

Pearl (cabinets)

Arizona Sunrise (walls)

Mediterranean Blue (living room wall)

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Wonderful, EAM44. No need for a "board" if you have a genuine beach design to present. I really like what you did with those cabinets, and that you kept the old-style communication with the other room (so often torn out), although what I love most for a beach kitchen are the window and the door leading directly outside--my own imaginary priority on my beach kitchen board.

Cawaps, that tile is fantastic. It never even occurred to me for my Florida kitchen board, and I've been wishing I had a real place to use Mexican or Moroccan pattern tile for a long time. I like the way your colors are vacation lighthearted yet definitely midcentury.

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Cawaps, or any competent person, Olioboard stored my board in my documents library as a JPEG file, but I'm having trouble inserting it here. I was going to use img src=ā€¯insert location of file and name of file" (took the little darts off each side of that so it'd show up here), but there's no one thing to copy over and I'm doing it wrong. Olioboard named it OP-Beach kitchen, but I'm apparently messing up the rest of the address. ?

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When I think beach I think of sand and water, so those are the colors I naturally default to. After this, I'll try to break out of that comfort zone and try something different.

This kitchen was designed around the Vetrazzo glass tile counters, which remind me of beach glass, and the color of the Thomasville cabinets (color is marine), which I love.

Probably the hardest thing for me in this design was the backsplash, most likely due to the fact that colors - especially light colors - don't show up well on my monitor. So if the backsplash doesn't work on yours, my apologies. To me, it looks like it leans a bit blue, which ties into the counter and cabinets, and is what I wanted. I didn't want a stark white. The tiles are white frosted glass subways from Susan Jablon.

The range is a Viking with a Vent-a-Hood. I chose the hood because of the brass band around the bottom, as this ties into the pulls. The pulls are an antique brass with a rope detail ("Rope Suite" by Cliffside Industries), which you may not be able to see. I really like this metal color with the cabinet color. I used an antique brass finish on the faucet, too.

The floors are a wood-look porcelain (caramello from which is easy care.

The stool and pendant on the left would be over an island or peninsula.

The inspiration for the dining area was the rug (Blue Seas Stars rug from, which I love. The bench is from Frontgate, and I chose it for the texture and deeper color (as the stools.) I chose light washed woods for the table (, chair (Zinc Door) and cabinet (Crate and Barrel) as it reminds me of driftwood. The rope chandelier (West Elm) ties in with the cabinet pulls.

I also struggled with the paint color. I knew I wanted something light, and finally settled on BM Barely Beige. Let me know if you have other suggestions.

Of course, the wood around the windows would not be that color, but it was the only window I could find where the image allowed me to put a picture behind it. The curtains are from Layla Grace, Pine Cone Hill Treehouse Linen window panels.

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Rosie, if your Olioboard it saved to your hard drive, you need to upload it to a web photo hosting site (like Photobucket) in order to link to it. Then you can use the linking method you're used to put the link in your post. Or, if you are only posting the one photo, you can use GW's photo upload feature--then it gets saved somewhere at GW and GW is the host.

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Mrs. MM, I just love those tiles! Green is my favorite color, design-wise, so I could see myself in that kitchen. I agree that I'd go lighter on the wall color so that the tiles are set-off more. I'm not sure what your counter is, I might go a bit darker for more contrast with the cabinets - although again, that is my personal taste. Maybe a wood counter.

Cawaps, I really like your first kitchen - that's my "sea and sand!" I'm not a big fan of the style of your second, but i LOVE those appliances and LOVE the floor tiles! It all works, and I would have gone with the dark backsplash, too, for contrast and to link to the floors.

IHGS, anything with soapstone works for me! And I think the white ice appliances fit well with that kitchen.

EAM44 - a hammock? Not sure I'd care what the kitchen looked like if I had a place with a hammock near the beach! :) Again, there's that "sea and sand" inspiration, which you can't go wrong with. Love your creativity with the cabinets!

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Nice, PurplePansies. I like the sandy beige with the blues, nice on sunny day, but, with the brass, warm on cloudy days, not that you ever see those at the beach...

I especially like that rug, though, with the scale just as you show it--big and bold.

That's bad news, Cawaps. I've had a bunch of fun playing with Christine's budget on Olioboard, but the purpose of choosing it was so I didn't have to go find a photoshop-type program and learn to use it. Oh, well. :)

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Purple- love the crate and barrel cabinet as well as the countertop with the marine painted cabinets. The mixture of bench and chair seating creates a very inviting informal beach feel. The wall color seems a tad bit off, but it is probably just my monitor. I definitely will be spending a little more time "shopping" and "sourcing" for my next DAT kitchen.

Rosie- don't fret! Photo shop is super easy. Just sign up and then upload the image. Then just click on the HTML code box and paste that in your message. You can do it! I know I'd love to see your design.

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Rosie, you can upload your file through GW if you don't want to futz with photobucket. Under "Post a Follow-Up" the first line says "Image file to upload (optional)". If you click on the Choose File button, you can navigate to your file on your hard drive. Easy-peasy. Just be aware that if you edit your post before you submit it, GW will lose the pic and you will have to reattach it.

FWIW, though, photo hosting sites like PhotoBucket aren't software like Photoshop. They are just sites where you set up an account (user name/password), and then you can use it to store photos (and you can order things like prints and photo books using your photos--that's how they make money). Once a photo is stored there, you can link to it from this site. No photo manipulation is involved.

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EAM44, the colors work beautifully together and I love the two-tone cabinets.

Pansies, yes, the sand and sea colors definitely resonate for a beach house. I adore Vetrazzo, and the beach glass tie-in is perfect. The seagrass stool and pendant light have the right sea vibe. I love the rug. I had looked for a sea shell rug, thinking to do a design that was intentionally theme/kitschy (didn't pan out), but I don't think your rug comes off as kitschy at all. Great view!

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Okay, did it. Thanks, guys. I was confusing Photo Bucket with Photoshop. So here.

At 37 Christine is left with sole custody of a 15-year-old stepdaughter she barely knows when DH2 suddenly dies after less than a year together. Shiiyanne's planning to run away to live with her dysfunctional mother, Heather, in Florida, which is out of the question, and Christine's about to start chewing her immaculate nails when the thought occurs to take a house in the mother's neighborhood. "Well, why not? It'll only be until the girl goes off to college."

That's how she comes to own a 60-year-old, dark hole of a knotty pine kitchen in a rundown little "cottage" whose only asset is a sandy path that heads off through mangroves to the estuary this starving-artist's colony backs to.

First priority was to introduce the kitchen to Florida by replacing the one small window with a nice sunny one on the south wall and replacing the cabinets on the east wall with sliding indoors to a new patio. She kept the table in the middle, but the kitchen's cramped feel meant the upper cabinets had to go.

Old is the neighborhood's hallmark, though, so she had the pine paneling stripped and lime washed and the stove re-enamelled and plated. The wood floor was to be unburied and receive the same serene, understated treatment, but Shiiyanne threatened to hate her and get a nose ring if she didn't go with Heather's choice. For this abrupt segue out of her signature beige palette, Christine once again figured "Well, why not?" but as much white and cool, calm sophistication as Christine could negotiate to offset the unaccustomed heat lead to:

Stainless steel 30" deep base cabinets for two walls (purplish handles are actually SS too).
Shiiyanne and Heather's choice of hood
Frosted glass tile backsplash, set diagonally
White-white solid surface counter with satin finish
White window and door trim.
Ceiling BM Dreamy Cloud (grayish-purple off-white) in satin finish
Beach glass chandelier from a local craft fair
Table of wood salvaged from a local pier
Portable patio chairs chosen to migrate along with their fellows outside
Bookcase recessed in a wall for Christine's favorite cookbooks (coincidentally looks just like Julia Child's).
Comfy old chair for browsing cookbooks.
A framed New Yorker cartoon which seems to reflect her new life. (The hot dog vendor's closed for vacation, vacation taken stretched out on his cart under his umbrella.)

img src=

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Wow, I've gotten a little rusty using Olioboard! I tried to use a background this time, with limited success. Please try to ignore the acid green on the right upper wall. I ran out of patience trying to change it to white. Imagine the walls white please.

I've just quickly glanced at the previous kitchens, it looks like I'm not too original going with pastels! Perhaps I'll try another later this week.

I started with the art, a photograph/mixed media panel, that I've imagined blown up and covering an entire wall. I saw some of this artist's work a few years ago, and when I thought beach house my mind immediately took me back to his paintings. It took at least an hour of searching to find him as I couldn't remember his name, argh.

Anyway, imagine this kitchen for a young family with teenagers, on PEI, on the beach of course.

Art: Joshua Jensen Nagle, Drifting
Table: 1st dibs, birth mcm table
Chairs: Wishbone in pastels
Cabs: Plain & Fancy Snow White (almost went with slabs)
Fridge: Smeg
Counters: wood
Shelf: driftwood
Porcelain plates: Johanna Flores Porcelain
Light: Kartel FL/Y
Tile: Designer Glass Mosaics, "Path to the Beach"

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Wow, Rosie, Christine is a saint. Not only moving to Florida for her step-daughter, but to put up with Heather's...interesting...taste. I won't say I hate the floor--I can very much see the potential of the purple with the driftwood--but I think I may be channeling Christine when I say I would prefer it were toned down 3 or 4 notches to something just a bit more muted. (But kudos to you Rosie, for going out on a design limb). The shabby chic look totally works for the rest of it.

Sochi the mural is awesome, and the pastel refrigerator and chairs play off it beautifully. I had to Google the glass panels to get a clear picture of what they are--very cool. Do you intend for them to be a translucent panel behind a peninsula or are they mounted to a wall? (Sorry, I'm not entirely clear on the layout).

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Well, I blame that tile on my alter ego, and she blames it on Heather, but we're all responsible for our own actions. I'm imagining that the different light in a coastal climate in that latitude would make it work. I was actually inspired by fully saturated orange and purple flowers falling over a white fence in Malibu that stunned me with their beauty. Ten years ago and I've never forgotten. When I planted the same thing in my inland garden near Pasadena, however, the colors were just too...jangly, and they would no doubt require a gardener way up in England to shade her eyes while she shovel-pruned. We did forego the orange, tho.

(BTW, I actually know a "Christine" who moved across country to Arizona for that exact reason. Definitely less saint than desperate for an answer that'd work.)

Sochi, your inspiration mural is really distinctive on that wall. We're all overlapping a bunch on materials and colors, pastels, glass, beach glass, driftwood, bleached wood, a number of frosted glass tiles!, but who wants to go to the beach and pretend they're actually home in Indiana? I look forward to seeing how your next board takes this on.

In real life I've gotten rid of the orange-and-brown 1970s Herculon furniture previous owners brought from Minnesota, but I haven't painted the medium dark wood in our coastal Florida mobile home because if I went for my favorite white, or pale green or blue, or pale beige, how would I know I was home and not still out visiting neighbors? But the, beach glass, blues, greens, beiges--over time it'll be the whole coastal tamale.

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This design started with a sea green glass backsplash tile and weathered wood cabinets and went from there. Viking range in a similar sea green and countertops of Concettous White Quartz. Lots of beachy accessories and a weathered wood farmhouse table on a green rug. Vein cut limestone floor tiles, green glass pendants, and a faux coral chandelier. Bubbled sea green glass cabinet knobs and rectangular cabinet pulls.

This post was edited by pricklypearcactus on Thu, Jul 18, 13 at 15:24

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Oooh, Pricklypear, that's pretty. When I saw the backsplash I immediately thought "mother-of-pearl (but how'd she get it green?)" Great look for a beach house. A lot of us seem to be gravitating toward weathered wood, and I think it works great here as well, especially paired with the limestone floor.

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Love, love, love it Pricklypear! Love the soft greens and weathered wood. And quartz.

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mrsmortarmixer - I'm loving the fish scale tile! The porthole range is just perfect. I'm imagining maybe a round porthole window over the kitchen sink too. I agree a different wall color might help the tile stand out more. I might have picked a less formal chair shape, though I love the color. The pendants and floor are are perfect.

cawaps - (Rhode Island) - Very soothing and yet whimsical. Love the striped rug and the sailing cleat hardware. I'd actually love to see more stripes, maybe as a window curtain or even backsplash. Stripes just scream "sailing" to me (in a good way).
- (Miami) - Love the bright colors and bold choices! I haven't been to Miami, but from what I've seen in media, this seems to fit perfectly. I particularly love the bright Big Chill appliances and floor tile.

iheartgiantschnauzer - Welcome! Glad to have you join in. I really love the color combination of the greyed blue, white, and weathered wood. The tiles are perfect and I love that sink! I feel like a beach house is the perfect place for white appliances. Beautiful!

EAM44 - Thanks for sharing your cute real beach house kitchen. It's really cute and very impressive that you've modified it yourself to make it function.

purplepansies - To me, this is the epitome of beach kitchen. I love the soft blues and beachy sand colors. I really love the cabinet colors and the countertops and backsplash go perfectly.

rosie - Love the lime-washed pine walls and the range.

sochi - That art is pretty fantastic. Love the Smeg fridge color that ties in with the art. The 1st dibs table and the chairs are so modern and yet perfect for a beach house. I always love how you can achieve a unique modern/MCM twist.

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Jeff is an avid fisherman. Jeannine, not so much. But she still enjoys hanging out at their beach house and spends time on the beach with their four kids. She had a great time remodeling the kitchen, where she riffed on Jeff's passion.

She chose Shaker cabinets in dove white with a custom hood and walnut butcher block counters. She found fabulous fish knobs from Big Sky Hardware for the lowers, and paired them with simple pewter knobs for the uppers from Rustica Hardware. For a nautical look with the backsplash, she alternated rows of navy and white tiles (Daltile Natural Hues in Blueberry and Pearl White). The floor is Daltile Veranda Solids in Rust. Jeannine isn't entirely sold on the color. She thought about a sandy color, but thought it wouldn't be grounded enough, or navy, but isn't that too much navy? Oh well, the brown is okay...but she's sure something else would have been better if she could have figures out what.

In the dining area, she went with banquette seating. With four kids, she chose a vinyl fabric (Turner navy blue) for the seat cushions. For the pillows, she used and indoor/outdoor fish fabric (ODL Fish Navy Indoor/Outdoor Fabric by P. Kaufman Fabrics), and Forsyth Pacific Look indoor/outdoor fabric from Richloom. An Avalon dining table from Crate and Barrel and glossy white chairs from completed the dining setup. She put in v-groove wainscoting in the dining area, and painted the walls cloud white. She hung a Quoizel Lighting Maritime mini-pendant over the table. Two "Fish Naked" tin signs from added a touch of humor.

Does anyone else find it freakishly difficult to mock up a custom wood range hood? If you use someone else's hood, the colors don't match and it's hard to crop it so it works. Faking your own, you limited by what you can assemble from bits and parts and it never looks right. Oh, well.

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Pricklypear, Love your choices. Absolutely fabulous!!!

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Pricklypear, the combo of that beautiful floor and chandelier with those colors is lovely. Very pretty and elegantly casual.

Cawaps, the tile striped backsplash is terrific. I've always loved navy and white, anyway, but this brings a really nice energy to an active family kitchen, which soft, harmonizing colors just can't.

No answer on the hood problem, but it looks as if you were doing shiplap, which is a terrific idea.

BTW, speaking of trying to show an item, I should have displayed my stainless steel cabinets better because they're worth at least passing admiration from someone. That one little piece costs over $3K, and I've been fantasizing about how I'd love to keep them fondled free of fingerprints ever since I saw them. And I never see SS in a store without poking a finger at it and then saying, uhuh, I don't think so. :)

How about for the floor a softish composite tile that looks like a cool brown cork but is more durable?

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cawaps - (fisherman) - Love this. Really love the combination of navy and white and the stripes! I generally piece together bits and pieces from different kitchens, even if the colors don't quite match. But it is frustrating to spend time trying to find just the right image or color. I'm sure if I had Photoshop (and skills) I could magically apply the right color to the perfect image, but alas I do not have either (Photoshop or skills).

Thanks so much, cawaps, purplepansies, atkillery, and rosie! I only wish I could afford a real beach house, let alone one with an expensive kitchen. I am (sadly) no where near the beach.

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Now for a more contemporary/modern design centered around this lovely palisandro bluette travertine for a countertop that reminded me of the stormy gray blues on the beach around a rainstorm. Natural wood cabinets in a simple shaker panel with reasonably priced stainless appliances. Pale gray limestone floor tile with another glass mosaic tile backsplash. Pale blue walls and some ocean-centric art (photo of stormy sea and a sea fan matted on a stormy gray blue mat). Modern cabinet pulls, faucet, counter stools, and sink.

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Pricklypear: I absolutely love the first one you posted. The greens are just beautiful! Then, I saw your second one...also gorgeous. I really love the counter you used for that one!

I really love seeing all of these. One of these days, I may get brave enough to try it out myself :)

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Thank you, rkb21. You should definitely give it a try. I've been using olioboard, which is really easy to use. I haven't yet tried the more challenging perspectives like cawaps does, but collages are very simple.

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Rosie, I totally missed the stainless cabinets. I didn't read you description closely enough, and in the pic I mistook them for white (blame the resolution). Stainless is very cool.

Pricklypear, I love the gray-blues and the way you warmed them up with the wood cabinets. The light fixture is really striking.

Rkb21, yes, you should give it a try. Olioboard is pretty straightforward (and free).

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Here's a different sort. We have an old wood-paneled mobile home on a canal just off the Sarasota Bay estuary. Don't want to paint white--our main house is that. So I was going to imagine a a VERY inexpensive redo for our currently 7x7 L-shape kitchen. Our place is in SPLOSH zone 1, which means the first baby hurricane that finally comes too close washes it away. The MH is about 4 feet about high tide these days, and every big storm with a little surge puts our patio under water. Don't want anything in there I wouldn't be willing to lose.

Unfortunately for sensible plans, while headed for Ikea for a vaguely Far East theme, I somehow accidentally came on the gorgeous Green Tea Designs line of cabinets. I'm pretending they would look right at home. :)

Oh, about us? We're long-time empty-nesters and go down for maybe 2 weeks to two months at a time, usually closer to the
latter. In other words, when we're there it's home. I want to

1. Change my tiny L to a compact galley to get more work space.
2. Change the tiny window hiding low under the uppers to a full-height window at the end of the galley so I have a real view of our canal while working.
3. Minimal-to-no uppers. No need for mega storage. We keep it simple down there.

Greentea cabinets, lowers and one upper
Dark-dark brown matte-finish solid surface counter and sink
High-BTU drop-in gas stovetop
Miyuza (kitchen cabinet) pantry against opposite wall for storage.
Cork floor
Egret teapot because there's often one strolling around our lawn waiting for DH to come home and clean fish.

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pricklypear -- I adore your first kitchen, and it would be perfect for the bathroom I have planned (with sea glass green vessel sinks). Where/what kind of backsplash tiles are they??

Love everyone else's too. Sorry I haven't had a chance to comment more, or "play" this round, because I am in the midst of getting ready to move -- to the beach!! Well, fairly close, at least. Will definitely be posting more about it soon, and love all of your ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sea glass sink

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One of the great things about these threads is that you can choose anything you want without paying for it! My little place was at the intersection of dream (beach!!!) and reality (budget!!!). Thanks for your kind reviews. The other great thing about these threads is what participating in them teaches you about yourself (more below).

cawaps, the funny thing about those cabinets is that they were slab, and in my desire to impart a cottage-y look, I painted them to give them more of a stile/rail Shaker look. Now that I'm choosing cabs for my Ohio kitchen, I'm looking at slab again (full overlay though). You'd think I'd have a broader range than that. Apparently not. I love, love, love your fisherman's cottage.

prickly and purple, the beige/blue and green/driftwood combos are really beautiful. I especially like the green range.

sochi, what fabulous tile!

rosie, my cottage was in CT and the dark woods you are showing are everywhere in those homes. I kept it in the trim. Even though the dark doesn't say "beach" to me, it definitely did to CT Yankees.

Epiphany: I thought I disliked "wood" cabinets and only liked painted ones. This is untrue. At the beach I had a dark stained veneered wood and I brightened it up with paint. Now that I'm in OH and surrounded (read "smothered") by enormous green trees above a river valley, I want walnut cabs - not all of them, but at least one wall. Crazy, eh?



credit: Jared Bartley

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legallin - Thanks! The glass tiles are Hakatai Waterlily Calliope Glass Mosaic Tile. I don't recall what site I pulled the image from, but when I googled that phrase, I came up with numerous sites that seemed to sell it. Looks like it's made with 50% recycled glass, which is very cool. I hope the tile works out for you and I hope you'll share your bathroom when you're finished.

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Rosie, those are fabulous cabinets and about 180 degrees from where it looked like you were going with your story. True story? I imagine in real life you won't be putting such fabulous cabs in harms way, but it's nice to dream.

EAM44, a lot of people think that their tastes are fixed, and that they would always like, say, white cabinets no matter where they lived (or when). I haven't found that to be true at all for me. I like lots of different looks (which is why the DATs are so fun for me), and what seems right depends on a lot of things--location, setting, light, age of the home and style of the home. You are lucky to have had houses in such beautiful locations.

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EAM44, what a lovely river! For me, geography has profound effects on what feels right in decor. and obviously you are feeling it too.

It's not spoken of much, but, although shadowy wood interiors aren't the most common and most stereotypical Florida look, they are a genuine Florida/Gulf style in old bungalows. It's the intersection of that cool, shadowy thing, I expect, which really does feel cooler compared to the glaring sunshine outside, and I'm guessing the masculine dominance of the Craftsman era.

Although overall I prefer at least most rooms light, one thing I do especially about my wood paneling is demonstrated well enough by my little board, and that's the way it enhances the views out. While white walls advance and compete with views, darker interiors usually set them off much better.

Came back for Cawaps. True story right up until I go screen "shopping" where everything's free. I started looking happily enough for inspiration for a Japanese or just generally east Asian look to carry out with Ikea, when I was seduced by first glance at Green Tea.

Ikea is reality for the kitchen I'll eventually put in, nice matte laminate for the counter. Wonderful for the money, but I wouldn't weep for it if it came to that. The layout and tall window very likely, although the window can't be so beautifully one piece if I'm to have breezes and bird squawks wafting in.

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Jan and Marty and their sond Jack, spend at least a few weeks each summer at their lake house. The house has cement floors throughout. When they redid the kitchen (on a budget), they went with Ikea Rubrik cabinets, green for the lowers and aluminum with frosted glass for the uppers, and an Avsikt roll front cabinet. The cabinet hardware is Hickory Hardware Midway white pulls. Playing off the gray of the cement floor, they chose Formica laminate in Tangle Smoke. The backsplash is a large format rectangular tile, Daltile Sublime in silver. The exhaust hood was another Ikea purchase (Luftig stainless hood). The range is a Maytag gas range in white.

They used BM Apples and Pears for the walls, and Pine Cone Hill hot house floral spring fabric from Layla Grace for curtains. Industrial metal chairs from, an Oly studio Frank dining table, and a modern lime green drum pendant light from finish off the dining area.

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Chemo brain is in full effect this week. Forgive me if this totally misses the mark, but I wanted to try something different. Had trouble finding a table, but this gives the feeling I want I think.

Back story:

Daniel was obsessed with Cornwall England. The cliffs the sea, he felt it was the perfect writer's escape. He finally bought an old English cottage near the sea. The floors were rotted andwere replaced with vintage wide plank oak flooring from pave tile . The cottage had low sloped ceilings so to make the room seem bigger, Daniel decided on white wood paneling. As for appliances. Did he ever consider anything other than a black AGA? If so he couldnt remember. He paired that with a black smeg refrigerator. The dishwasher was hidden behind a face matching his antique white inset cabinets. The counter was practical- a simple gray concrete counter and sink. To offset the stark nature Daniel fixed the old beaten farm table the fisherman left behind. He painted the chairs and table a soft green. He played off that green for the pendants over the table as well as the side arm fixtures by the sink. The windows had an amazing view of the land, cliffs and ocean beyond.

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Roarah posted her design on the "Background" thread. Since she hasn't reposted it on this thread, I'm going to pull it over here for her.

From Roarah:

I am going to recycle a kitchen I used in the design around a non SGTG white kitchen.
.My design is for a young couple in their late 20's. They just bought their first home in La Jolla, Ca. Small bungalow and they are on a budget. They DIY'ed their own stained concrete counters after seeing an add for a company that did it professionally. there was a learning curve so they practiced first. They used ikea for base cabs and have used all surfboard shelves instead of uppers. They repurposed an old dresser for an island and found galvanized steel pulls to use on the ikea cabs. They refinished all the homes flooring with a driftwood finish and they added a ceiling fan light fixture over island

Over sink light

Surfboards turned upside down for shelves.

Roarah's beach kitchen:

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to thread with Roarah's original post

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Schnauzer, I like your appropriate use of European appliances. The Aga cooker probably makes enormous sense in Cornwall's climate (coastal California, not so much). I love the green of the light fixtures and imagine the table would be painted to match.

Roarah, I like the rustic/industrial look in the right setting (your pulls, dining set, and ceiling fan) and think they work great in a casual beach cottage. Love the look of the surfboard shelves (but not sure of the functionality).

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Schnauzer, I just love your Cornwall kitchen. I think you really nailed the look you were going for. The Aga, Smeg and flooring are just perfect.

Roarah, great colours. Haven't I seen those surfboard shelves before? Neat idea. I like the driftwood floor too.

Cawaps, sorry I'm so late getting back to the thread. I love Jeff and Janine's kitchen. That is what I first expected to see given the topic - beadboard, lots of navy and white or cream. And yes, I've had trouble with the wood range hoods too. It's a challenge. Your Miami kitchen is great too.

PricklyPear - I love the seagrass kitchen and prefer it to the modern one. The modern space may be too cool for me, but the blues are lovely. Love the light fixture.

Rosie, I swear I've been in your kitchen, but without the purple floor! It looks like a wonderful, laid back, comfy space.

Purplepansies, what a rug in the dining room! You're right about the counter being a perfect representation of water & sand.

Sorry I didn't put my kitchen in order with a clear lay out, I hurried it too much. I also used a Smeg when I shouldn't have and focused on the art too much. My only excuse is that I was captivated by the painting. And fridges in North America suck. :) I will try to keep reviewing some of the other kitchens posted.

Great work everyone!

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This is intended to be a monochromatic design based on the travertine floor and backsplash tile, and the vintage white Wedgewood range. Nearly everything is white: cabinets, Big Chill dishwasher and fridge, ceramic pulls and knobs, light fixtures. A little additional warmth is brought in with the travertine, butcherblock countertops, windsor-inspired chairs, seagrass rug, and some accessories.

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Pricklypear, effective use of a restricted palette. I like that you used inset white Shaker but ended up with something very different from the OTK.

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cawaps - (green ikea) - Wowza that's some color! Love the practicality and look of the cement floor, and the modern cottage look.

iheartgiantschnauzer - (English cottage) - I absolutely love this one. Very European cottage (in a good way). Love the black appliances and the green together.

Roarah - I like the industrial vibe here.

I'm absolutely loving this DAT topic and have several more in the works. (Once you do one design, it's hard to stop!) Hope I'm not overstaying my welcome with all these designs. I am really enjoying the variety of cottage designs and all the color!

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Here's one with a little more color than the last. This time I found a turquoise vintage Wedgewood range and some Ann Sacks mosaic tile. The Elmira Northstar refrigerator seemed to work with the vintage range, along with some simple aqua slab cabinets. Wood look tile floors add a little contrast to all the aqua and turquoise. And simple, crisp Pure White Caesarstone countertops seem like they can work with the vintage vibe. Funky Anthropologie glass pendants and ceramic knobs seemed a good fit as well.

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Oh my goodness! Prickly I love the turquoise range! If only I had the right beach shack for it! You've definitely saturated the room in color. The tile and pendant are great too. I think itstoo much for me with the cabinets, however for the right homeowner I think it'd be a smashing success!

The nearly all white kitchen is very nice. Just enough of curve ball with choices that it doesnt seem generic or overdone.

Cawaps- the ikea lake home. The floors are so practical. And budget friendly for the young couple. Nice choice. Your boards always seem so appropriate for the story. Does the ikea stainless cabinet show fingerprints everywhere?

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That's a fun design, Pricklypear. It's playful. I'd enjoy staying there. I had an automatic orientation starting in of a "beach house" as a home that was on a coast, while most designs are for an alternative to home, a place to play. Now, your monochromatic design--I'd do that, and I'd live there. It makes me think of heading out for long walks along the shore. The turquoise makes me think of greasing up the kids and loading up the boat; it'd be grandkids now.

But for ultimate fantasy, Iheart's Cornwall cottage. I'm a cool-weather person, so coming in from a crisp windy walk to a good book and a kettle on an always toasty AGA sounds just about perfect.

Back to the real world, at least mine, it's 93 at our place in Florida right now, and we're heading down there in a few days. Fishing for him, reading in the shade and watching birds hunt on the canal when not estate-saling for me. The thought of our shady, paneled interior a pleasant contrast to the dazzling brightness outside.

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Oh, I think I'm in love...with Pricklypear's turquoise range (I miss my old Wedgewood Holly). Nice cohesive 50's vibe with the appliances and cabinets. Love the color--not too much for me at all!

Schnauzer, I'm not sure about fingerprints on the stainless Ikea cab. I've played with the rolltop at the store and don't recall fingerprint issues, but I was mostly checking it out for the mechanics (Does it roll smoothly? Will it get stuck?), which seemed solid (or I probably wouldn't have used it here).

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Thanks cawaps. I think I remember seeing stainless bases? I was pondering those in the husbands domain where he'll spend hours building new wheels for his bike. It's messy and needs organization. Plus I think he could use a small dorm sized fridge outhouse there for drinks etc.. May have Togo to ikea this week.

Back to this board, I'm stuck on my latest idea. I'm trying to play around with the idea of a Greek isle inspired kitchen in the south.. But instead its somehow going very French! Maybe I'll finish it or go totally French.... We shall see

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I love those colours pricklypear! What a great looking kitchen. Your monochrome looks fantastic too, but I'd chose turquoise still if I had the choice!

Looking forward to seeing the French/Greek space iheart. I still adore your Cornwall kitchen (although not the English weather)..

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Looking forward to the evolution, Iheart. Ikea stainless does show prints, bad. First thing when I saw it, I walked up and with cautious hope stuck a finger at it, promptly dashed. Maybe some large handles to grab?

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Sorry I've been absent, just back from the beach! :)

I have to say, however, that the kitchens on this thread are AWESOME compared to the tiny little thing that they called a kitchen in the cottage we rented!

May take me a while to catch up - but prickly, I love your monochromatic kitchen and LOVE the turquoise kitchen! That tile and range are fantastic, and while it may be a lot of color for some, it's right up my alley.

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Hey guys. My apologies.. I think I salvaged the idea from too much French influence, however I got stuck and gave up when it came to paint and rugs. I'd appreciate suggestions For improvement thanks! I imagine many of her tools and salt and pepper mills etc would be made of olive wood... I don't know sorry I have so much going on right now that I am giving up . Feel free to tell me what I should have done differently.

On a trip to her local thrift shop, Lena found herself staring at the royal daulton china in Atlanta pattern. The cobalt blue instantly made her miss her annual summer trips to her grandparents in Diafani. Suddenly it hit her, the kitchen in their Mediterranean style home in tarpon springs fl would soon take a decidedly Greek twist! She bought the china and her kitchen journey began. Months later her kitchen looked like this:

The tiles from a local artist reminded her of all the talismans she saw around the Mediterranean toward off the evil eye. Then came the blue grand papa 180 from la cornue followed by the la cornue cabinetry and refrigerator. Perhaps a little off and not Greek, but she was in love. So she went with it. Thankfully the flooring in all public areas of her beach home worked with the greek theme. Her tile floor was a terra-cotta hex from luxury The island Is another controversial risk. She decided to paint the old island in terracotta from BM. She topped it with vetrazzo skyy cobalt. From the island while prepping she looked directly out to their pool and deep water dock. In the adjacent breakfast room she chose the all blue pendant from lamps plus. It was centered over a round hammered table with chairs upholstered in a Greek key fabric. However she has now turned to garden web looking for help on the paint color for the wall of kitchen and breakfast room.

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Such a treat to be able to stroll through these beach house kitchens. Thank you to everyone who worked hard. I have been AWOL from this forum for a while (why does real life get in the way of our internet life, sometimes?) but was delighted to wander back and see another DAT thread in progress.

Mrs. Mortarmixer, I'm glad you added the link for those scalloped tiles. I agree with everyone else, they are a wonderful find. I had no idea anyone made ovens with round (porthole) windows!

Cawaps, I loved the choice of sailing cleats for the hardware, in the Shapiro sailors home. But I think Marcia's choices of clean bright colors and big art would get my vote for a sense of really being "away from it all" at the beach. The Eiffel dining chairs would be a smart choice for wet bathing suits and sand. I think the backsplash tiles are a good choice because the common 4x4 size is kind of calm, and the dark burgundy color makes the backsplash function as a dark anchoring background, in a room with a lot of "life" in the other materials.

Cawaps again, I thought the Jeff and Jeanine story was interesting here, with Jeanine trying to "mirror" Jeff's passion for fishing. The room reads to me as one done by someone who is trying for the retail version of the nautical look, crisp and bold. So the story fits perfectly; Jeanine probably doesn't like to get beach sand in her underwear, much, and prefers Sperry topsiders to flip flops. I am happy that she chose the Fish Naked posters, because that tells me she does have a fun side that she needs to let out more. :-)

Iheartgiantschnauzer, in your first kitchen, I really liked the casual feel of the gray driftwood tile floors, along with the casual and friendly look of the big farm table. I can just see a big family piled around that table, with sandy feet. Open shelves seem to fit a beach home to me too (I'd load 'em up with fun unbreakable plastic dinnerware.)

EAM44, wonderful that you've had real life experience to draw from, living in a beach house. I really loved what you did with the faux shaker look cabinets, creating it with paint, and reversing the colors on upper and lowers. Really creative because it gives that classic look a very clear sense of fun, to me. Non-serious. I've never had the pleasure of a beach house, but relaxation and fun, in my mind, are top of the list. And your comment about these threads is right on target: "One of the great things about these threads is that you can choose anything you want without paying for it!" I played in some of these DAT threads previously, and that very element was so freeing for me!

Purplepansies, I think your beach house has a more elegant, luxurious feel. This is the one I'd rent if I wanted a quiet week to pamper myself, without any kids waving jelly sandwiches. I liked the open weave, roughish texture of the bench and stool, in contrast to the soft plush feel of the starfish rug.

Rosie, I enjoyed your back story. As much as I hate to see Christine dealing with the stress of threatened nose rings, I actually rather like the *pow* impact of the floor color. I think you have a really interesting contrast going on here, with the story and the materials. Sinking into that lovely chair (which looks old and comfy) with favorite old cookbooks, in contrast to the jarring impact of a rebellious teen plunked into the middle of your life. Then there's the impact of an intense big field of purple on the floor, in contrast to the soft, time-worn textures and soft sandy colors in the rest of the room. Doubly fun.

Rosie again, it must be wonderful to have a place to escape to, on the Sarasota Bay estuary. Those cabinets immediately transported me to an exotic beach in another country, which is interesting, because reading through this thread, I only pictured US beaches, for some reason. So your choices expanded my horizons, and I liked the mental adjustment. We vacationed a few years ago on Dauphin Island, off the Alabama coast, and it was truly a different world from our dusty desert environment. I was mesmerized by all the terrific water birds, I love how they move so slowly, with purpose, through the shallows.

Sochi, as always, I like your way of choosing strong simple lines, clear shapes. In this room I like how those are somewhat softened by the pastel colors you chose. Love the single yellow "sun" lamp blazing away over the bare-wood-look floor, perfect note, and the kind of "right" accent that is always so hard for me to figure out.

Pricklypearcactus, sea green is right up there with my favorites so you had me at the Viking. I thought the backsplash tiles worked well with it, and I liked how the curvy lines of your table legs were echoed by the curvy lines of the seahorses and other natural materials you chose. I think the faux coral chandelier, viewed full size in real life, would be the show stealer of the room. Very pretty room.

Also, your second room with the blue travertine counters does indeed bring to mind the feel of a stormy, overcast beach. I think the hard, square lines work well together, but I keep looking for the contrast of a soft textured rug, somehow. I think it's because you've done such a good job of pulling materials together that remind me of the cold windy beach walk, I am looking for some comfort! But I agree with Cawaps, the wood cabinets really do warm it all up, and in real life that wood color would have a big effect on the overall room.

Roarah, I really like the materials you gathered for your kitchen. To be honest I had to make myself really focus, though, because once I saw those galvanized metal cabinet pulls I could not get them out of my mind, as they fit some ideas I'm working on for my own kitchen. They are so honest and unpretentious. I may try to find something similar and play with that idea. Really liked the combo of concrete countertops with that edgy, hard-lined set of table and chairs. Wish I'd been able to decorate like this when I was in my 20's, as your couple did.

Oh dear, I hope to be able to come back and enjoy the rest of the rooms on this thread, ran out of time tonight! Wonderful work, all. Such fun to read through and enjoy. Thank you.

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Luke and Stacy just bought a new place in Santa Cruz.Both we're native Californians and avid surfers. Yet they somehow had spent the last decade living in the Midwestern city. They lovingly referred to it as their "surf shack". It was a drastic difference from the high rise loft they just sold in Chicago. The shavk had been neglected in the last 20 -30 years. They were estatic to be returning home, but the huse needed help. The only thing justifying the price was the location. , They could tell the conditions of the surf before even stepping out of bed.

The kitchen like everything else needed a major overhaul. They decided to start there. Jokingly Luke suggested they needed to "bear down" the kitchen. They both had become nutty Bears fans in the years since college. Stacy decided to wink at the notion and embrace the navy and orange but infuse it into a turquoise room with white cabinetry. It was bold funky and perfect for the young couple. She ran with the inspiration and the kitchen ended up looking like this:


Paint: SW nifty turquoise
Floors: Amtico sheet casual concrete that they carried in from the other r
living spaces
Backsplash: wave tile from modular arts
Counter tops: denim paperstone
Sink: drop in swanstone
Abstrakt Cabinets and handles from ikea
Saarinen table and orange eames chairs from room and board
Orange suite of appliances from Big chill
Rug from kaypeesoh
Light: caboche flush mount from

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Oh I can sooo do this. It's a little bit um, unfair, I guess. I LIVE in a "beach house" (cottage on the shore of Lake Ontario). While beach house means different things if you picture a tropical beach or a stony one like mine to me it's all about vintage! Cottages/beach houses usually included "cast offs" from the main house, so things would be older and more worn.

Edited to make a story...ha...not to hard...

This couple dreamed of buying a place on the lake, spending YEARS searching while living in a small city home that they remodeled into a cabin. When they finally found their little 700 sq ft gem on the lakeshore it needed a LOT of work, but it had good bones and the kitchen wasn't in need of too much. They set to work, replacing an ugly back splash with faux brick to compliment the era and style of the cottage. A little paint and the old windows looked great, no reason to replace them, they fit right in at a cottage! They stripped the floors back to the original wood and coated it with linseed oil. She found her "dream stove" a 30" 1950's Floyd Wells Bengal complete with a match lit oven prompting her to search out a vintage match safe. Next came a 1950's Norge Customatic fridge, straight from the basement of the original owners. Of course, there was little counter space, but they enjoy cooking and baking, especially in the winter, so she also found a nice old Kitchenaid 4c mixer and a juicer to match. Then somehow a milkshake maker in Jadite green was added. Because they DO live at the beach, they added a lighthouse soap dispenser to the lovely old "farmhouse" sink which still sits on it's original metal cabinet base. A garage sale led them to find a fun linen calender with a nautical theme from the 1970's which hangs on the wall by the stove along with several cast iron pans and a unique "key holder" made from wood salvaged from an old boat (The Canadiana if anyone knows it), from which they hung cottage keys (bottle openers) and old measuring spoons. They enjoy vintage so they visited a local estate sale where they found an old "cap catcher" to add to the decor, along with some Ovenex bakeware, and old kitchen scale and some hanging ships lanterns (reproductions, but they don't tell people that, shhh). At Christmas time, a Sailor Santa even comes along to enjoy the lake as part of the nautical decor!

So, here's my kitchen, with it's vintage appliances, cabinets and sink, faux brick backsplash and tile counters and my "gem", a "farmhouse" sink:

Of course it must have cast iron too lol.

Also, this:

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Schnauzer, I love the wave motif in the tile and rug (it totally works for your surfers), and the colors are striking. I would like to see the blue of the counters pulled in somewhere else in the kitchen, though.

Eclecticcottage, you are so right about the cast-offs, and that's something I missed in my own designs. How old is that refrigerator? 1950s? My aunt and uncle had a 1949 fridge (bought when they married) that finally conked out a couple years ago, and we finally replaced my mom's 1960 fridge last year so that she could have a real freezer compartment (the old one had an icebox that kept things right at 32 degrees) since the trek down to the basement to the stand-alone freezer was getting to be too much for her. It's amazing how long the old appliances last.

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Cawaps- good point. The counter was literal interpretation of the navy in Chicago bears... I had been trying to find a better floor maybe a Lino or amtico that had some really faint navy navy stands in it... But I gave up too early, I think. Can I cop out and say they had two surfboards propped in the corner one white white turquoise and navy striped down the center. The other a light blue with orange and navy stripes oh and the stoneware dishes on floating shelves near the table were navy ;)

Eclectic - You added a story, nice touch. I agree cast offs and vintage have a place in many beach side retreats. My last 2 designs (greek and surf) I tried to go the route of full time residences. I also tried to make everything off the shelf this go around..

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I haven't been able to get an exact date on my fridge, it's a 1950's era though. We actually bought it from the daughter of the original owners, who had bought her parent's home. Sometime in the 1980's they bought new appliances and the fridge and matching stove moved to the basement for holiday use. We had already bought my Floyd Wells stove, and theirs was both electric and too wide for our space, so we didn't bring the fridge's friend with us, lol. I paid $100 for that fridge. I also have an old Philco fridge that we originally bought to use but it's hanging out in our shed now, because I found the Norge about a week later and figured it would work WAY better since it has a "real" freezer rather than just the little one inside the fridge like the Philco does. We were going to sell the Philco, but I've decided to use it for storage and then if something happens to the compressor on the Norge I hopefully can swap it out. I NEVER EVER want to go back to a modern firdge again, even if I have to defrost the freezer every so often. It's sooo much quieter when it runs than the new ones.

Oh, and it doesn't take any more electric than the 2002ish Energy Star Kenmore it replaced.

I'll also mention everything in ours is completely real life liveable, as that kitchen exists in our full time home and we use it every day :)

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Love your "back story," Eclectic. :) And I love what you've done with your kitchen (i.e., treasured it), including the old wood. Don't know why it is, but for me the best beach houses are old, weather worn cottages, barefoot homes. The big glossy architect-designed versions are a delight to visit, but have never figured in my dreams.

Iheart, very believable kitchen. I can see definitely people like that doing a playfully sophisticated, energetic, easy-clean version like that. BTW, I would seriously put that orange stove in my house in a heartbeat if I could, even though I already have a white 1940s Wedgewood. If I'd seen it first, I might even have forced it on poor Christine. My purple and orange beach flower inspiration come to life.

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Poor Christine... Think she could have handled that too? Or maybe she would have went with one of the custom lavender colors...

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Rosie, who's in her 50s, suddenly finds herself divorced after 30 years of marriage. After the initial shock, she decides to ditch the city penthouse with the ultra-modern kitchen and move to a small cottage overlooking a cove.

Her inspiration for her kitchen reno is an old oil painting of a shell by her high school sweet heart, both dismissed as "crude and tasteless" by her avantgarde architect husband.

Floor: Wide-plank Douglas Fir
Appliances: Big Chill
Lower cabinets: pink to match the appliances
Upper shelves: weathered Douglas Fir
Walls: BM Chantilly Lace
BS: Mother-of-Pearl
Pendants: Venus Lapiz
Stools: Pietro Arosio
Counter: Onyx "Surf Tide"

She's planning on accessorizing with blue and white.

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Nosoccermom, the mother-of-pearl is so pretty with the pink. When I first looked at your design, I thought that all that pink would be overwhelming. But I think with the doug fir shelves instead of (pink) uppers, and keeping most of the material at eye level neutral, that the overall look would be pretty balanced. Have you seen the Design Around This Pink Kitchens threads?
Design Around This #11: Pink for the Present Day
Design around this, pink, part 2

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Cawaps, no, I hadn't seen that pink kitchen design thread.

It would kind of look like this:

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Oh, Nosoccermom, too funny! I confess I've wondered a few times what I might do in that situation/freedom, and you pretty much have me pegged with the little cottage off on a chillly foggy coast. On the phone demanding my kids spend their vacations up there, no doubt.

The rest? My son's MIL's life--right down to the architect husband, living in homes featured in Architectural Digest, and a stunning transition to a whole new her.

The kitchen? Wonderful. The way you've related inside to the natural world outside in an unexpected, eclectic mix is delightful--and without rejecting the modern world (any cove I could afford to overlook would probably be a day trip from the nearest supermarket). I would absolutely use my freedom to go just feminine as I liked.

Shell pink was actually one of my favorite colors in the big 72 box of crayons. Which makes me think of decorating with that beautiful color. This cozy sitting room could be right through the door. Just imagine sheets of rain blowing sideways outside that window. :)

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I created this design for a rustic modern beach house in the Pacific Northwest. The flagstone floors and countertops are bluestone. The natural cherry slab cabinets seemed to work well with rustic modern ceiling beams and wood ceiling. I picked dark blue Viking appliances and mosaic tile backsplash that seemed to evoke a dramatic dark blue. Stainless pulls, sink and stools with dark blue industrial light fixtures top off the modern rustic look.

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I love your living/sitting room!
@prickly: I love the mix of the dark navy, gray, SS, and natural cherry.

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I found this fish fossil tile and it seemed perfect for a beach house kitchen backsplash. I decided to go with stunning Azul Macaubus countertops and white full overlay shaker cabinets. I decided this would be a great application of white appliances. I used wood look tile again, since I imagine it would hold up well to sand. Simple cabinet hardware and light blue pendant lighting. And a kitchen table with blue tolix chairs on a blue and white rug.

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Pricklypear, you are singlehandedly keeping this thread alive. I like your Pacific Northwest design aesthetically, but from what I've gleaned from my Seattle friends and family, I'd worry that the blues and grays would be depressing in the long wet winters, even with the wood to warm it up. The backsplash is beautiful and pairs well with the bluestone.

I love the fish fossil tile. All the blues in this one seem to work really well together, even though they are all slightly different. The granite is beautiful. And more white appliances! I didn't see many stainless appliances in this thread--lots of white and colors. Does stainless not say "beach"?

Do you still have some more in the works, or should we start a discussion about starting up a new topic?

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Thanks cawaps and nosoccermom. I agree that white appliances just seem right for a beach house kitchen. Maybe because they have a more traditional/homey feel than stainless?

nosoccermom - I really like the MOP backsplash with the pink and fir. I agree this would be a great design for the pink DAT as well.

I'm ready to move on to another topic if everyone else is.

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pricklypear: I LOVE all of the designs that you do...just when I think you've done something that's just beautiful, you surprise me with another that's just even more fabulous.

nosoccermom: I love the backsplash and the light fixture that you chose for your colorful, fun, pink kitchen :)

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Actually, I'm not into pink at all.
I just love any kinds of blues, greys, turquoise, so love all of prickly's designs, usually the last one the best :)

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Thank you so much, rkb21 and nosoccermom! You guys are so kind. I have really enjoyed the DAT threads. I love the idea of designing kitchens and my head is always exploding with ideas, but I only have one house and a budget that doesn't allow for as much designing and remodelling as I would love to do. I love that the DAT topics help me think about designs for styles, architectures, regions, etc that I will probably never have a chance to experience. The probability of purchasing a beach house in my lifetime is probably pretty slim, but I love the idea.

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pricklypear: Wow! I thought you were a designer based on your fabulous designs. I should hire you have a great eye for design!

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Jan and Jane bought a small beach house overlooking the Atlantic. Jan insists on incorporating some old Delft tiles to pay hommage to the city where he studied engineering. Jane was hoping for a more contemporary design, but since Jan usually voices no design preference, she decides to work around the tiles. Budget is definitely an issue, so she finds an old gas range on CL and some old salvaged bricks for the floor.
Cabinets and shelves: IKEA Norje rustic oak)
Counters: White laminate
Sink: IKEA
Lamps: Handmade with rope and wallpaper paste wrapped around inflated balloon.
Appliances: white, including the gas range
Table: IKEA painted blue
Rug: Painted floor cloth
Window: Traditional Dutch crocheted valance
Knobs/handles: Not decided yet

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