Sink in a corner?

dollymibellaJuly 26, 2008

I recall reading reasons not to put a sink in the corner. I can't find any posts and don't recall any of the reasons. I didn't really think too much about it because I thought I had enough room elsewhere. Yeah, well....

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you!

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Our sink has been in the corner for over 20 years and we saw no reason to move it. We love the location, and I can't say as I can recall any threads on why this is a bad idea...

we did inset it about 3 inches on each side which is a nice feature this is a pic before counters and dishwasher...

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From what I've read here, some people don't like having the sink in the corner because it's a reach to clean the corner behind it and some (without custom cabs.) have wasted space in the the triangles formed when a standard sink cabinet it angled. I think those are the two main issues I've read about. I'm thinking about putting my sink in the corner, and don't think either of these would stop me.

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Just went through this with my plan. The main issue I ran into was some kd's wanted to put the dishwasher adjacent to the sink (a logical place in a traditional layout). One KD pointed out that putting it directly adjacent will make it difficult to stand at the sink with the dw door open and load dishes. She suggested I use newspaper to lay it out to scale at home and she was right---I did feel trapped in the corner and you can't step back from the sink as easily to turn and load. Hard to explain, but try it out.

Anyway, the solution is simple. If your space allows, place a cabinet between the corner sink and the dw. I have a 15" 3 drawer stack in my plan and it solves the problem.

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I am doing a corner sink, as that it what works best in my small kitchen. As far as I know, here are the issues:

Cons: 1) Two triangle shaped slices on either side of the sink, as well as the area behind the sink, that are wasted; 2) not (usually) looking out of a window and violating the usual "rule" (its really not a rule) about having a sink that is centered under a window;

Pros (for me -- every kitchen is different): moving sink over to the corner means that the ONLY wasted space is under the sink; right now, my corner cab (which I hate) is a big, dead, wasted zone, and so is the sink cab which is right next to it (sink cabs are always a bit of a waste of space); moving the sink over also opens up a nice, big span of counter between my sink in the corner and the cooktop about 5 feet to the left of it -- great prep area, with trash and DW, and a bank of deep drawers, underneath. I'm sacrificing a little view for a lot of functionality, and for me its worth it. Good luck --

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My sister has one and doesn't like it because if someone else wants to get to the sink when you are using it, they can't because there isn't enough "frontage" for more than one person. Hope that makes sense. Also she does not have a window over the sink and looking at the corner is boring (dumb, I know, but I love having a window over the sink).

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I have a sink in the corner cause the previous kitchen was that way, and I didn't want to spend the money to move plumbing. I don't mind it at all, but if I had to think of "cons" it would be what Dedtired wrote above about someone else wanting to get to the sink while you're there. Yet, that situation hardly ever comes up, and so what, you move aside for a minute. Another "con" was that I couldn't do an apron front fireclay sink. It was actually possible, but it would have been more of a production and labor to install it due to the corner position and the support needed for heavy fireclay. I didn't want to add those extra installation dollars to the cost of my kitchen re-do, so I chose a stainless steel undermounted sink which was a cinch to install.

As to "pro's" to a corner sink, one "pro" is the large amount of space underneath it, so no problem to have a large batch feed disposal under there, plumbing, hot water dispenser, cleaning supplies, etc. with plenty of room left over. Also, a corner sink means plenty of clearance behind the sink, so no problem with clearance for my faucet's single side handle (it's the Grohe Ladylux Plus) - some people have posted on this forum that they don't have enough room behind their sink for a faucet with a single side handle. Also, you are putting to use that corner space that often is otherwise "dead" counterspace. Now, if I had to do it again, I would still do a corner sink, although I might get a Blanco Silgranit sink instead of the stainless steel.

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One more thing to add to my post above - on the right of my corner sink I have my pull-out trash. Directly next to that, I have my DW. As Seaglass7 pointed out, you can't have the DW directly next to a corner sink or you won't be able to open its door without being "trapped". So, not only does my pull-out trash cabinet next to the sink solve that problem, but that location is an excellent/convenient/efficient one for the trash.

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We used to have the sink on a straight run in front of the window, but the DW would completely block the entry to the back door. We ended up moving the sink to the corner, very much against my wishes, but I ate crow cuz now I love works great for us as it's on the peninsula, and it definitely takes care of that dead corner problem...the space underneath is huge as well...we also put a 15" trash cabinet between the sink and DW...would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to.

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I have a corner sink and really like it. As to a window, well, I never had a sink looking out on a window in my life, so I don't miss what I never had! (sounds nice though).

Love the extra room under the sink with a corner location. You can never have enough room under the sink IMHO, cause there's always so much stuff that goes there!

And, while this may fall under the heading of Too Much Information, the issue of needing to step aside for someone when using a corner sink is, in my family, a Plus, LOL! My DH uses the opportunity for a quick kiss or back caress. You see, with the kids around, and our busy lifestyle, it's sometimes the only opportunity we have! So, I would say, "a corner sink adds to your marital intimacy". I bet no one else thought of that one!

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Thank you! Some excellent points. My Kitchen is small and I still was going to have a dead corner cab wihtout the sink in the corner. Hello insinkerator! Alas, I have no windows, so that isn't even a problem. This all stems from being unhappy with the range layout. Thanks again.

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Our sink is not really in a corner per se, but on an angled portion of wall. I would have liked more windows than the one but then it's a simple tract home and there weren't a lot of options when they were built.

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Shannon, I thank you for sharing your backrub story -- making sure my dear ones read your post ;-)

To me corner sinks simply think outside the box. Both KD's we interviewed were aghast initially at the thought, and then quickly came around after we described our reasoning. btw this was one reason we decided not to hire a KD - heck shouldn't they be the ones offering the creative choices? Anyway it made perfect sense in our setup: a small (10 x 14) U-shape with a large garden window centered on the U.

EZ TO WORK UNDER: I think I caught my plumber and electrician taking a nap inside ;-)

LOTS OF STORAGE in otherwise wasted space.

And the #1 reason for us was ...
As far as losing a view from the sink, we spend much more time at the counter preparing than at the sink scrubbing and now we can working side-by-side. I just don't spend long stretches of time at the sink anymore - haven't ever since I heard about that lovely machine which scrubs most everything for us ;-)

And as far as the DW proximity goes, we just planned a trash pullout and a towel tilt-out hamper on the left side and a set of not-so-large drawers followed by the DW on the right. Plenty of people room. Now that we can simulate what it will really be like in our kitchen (we're about 85% complete) we're amazed at how at least 3 people can be prepping, cooking and cleaning up without bumping into one another.

Best of luck, dolly

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My last kitchen had a corner sink and I loved it for all the reasons mentioned above. I also had my DW right next to the sink and it didn't bother me a bit. I guess I never noticed I was cornered!

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Another happy corner-sink owner here ... I had a custom cabinet made so no lost spaces (except for a very small triangle in the back). And yes, I have a small cabinet between the sink and a dishwasher -- perfect for all the cleaning products!

As far as the window issue -- I've never had a sink by the window so maybe I don't know what I'm missing ... but ... when I am standing at the sink, my eyes are typically on whatever it is I'm doing there!

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Can I just say this?
Logistical nightmare- perhaps.
But before I die, I want a corner sink!

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I also have a corner sink in a peninsula. This is a big improvement over my previous layout that had the sink on the straight line staring straight into the wall. While my corner doesn't have a direct window, I can just look over to the big window and the lake.

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We have a prep sink in the corner...I'm not sure if it "counts" since I think you're asking about main sinks. It's in a 36" corner sink base (17" diagonal front). The sink itself is 15-3/4" x 15-3/4". Here's a pic anyway...

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I really like mine! I love having the faucet in the back corner of the sink because I swivel it to the side and can set down pots on the counter and fill them.

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I had a sink in the corner and I didn't like it because the space between the sink and me was wider than normal, so my back always hurt when I worked at the sink for any length of time. But the space behind it was nice for a plant (until my cat found it...came home from work one day and I had a just a stick left). It was pretty, but I'd never do it again.

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I went with a corner sink after no other layout seemed to work for us. Moving the window was not an option. Before the reno the sink was in front of a blank wall, and this way when I am at the sink the window is where I can easily see out. Since I have a farm sink there is no problem with leaning over. We LOVE it!

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Regarding Jean_Gallo's post, my recollection is that for an undermounted sink, the counter space in front of the sink needs to be 4" or 5" for the proper support and integrity of the counter. But in any case, that 4-5" distance in front of the sink is regardless of whether the sink is placed in a corner location or not. It would be interesting to know the counter distance in front of Jean_Gallo's. But the best solution to avoid back problems from leaning across the sink is what Jayjay_Teacher did, the apron front sink. That's what I wanted, but my budget was tight, and the installation of an apron front fireclay in a corner space would have added dollars to my project. But, ooooh, that looks lovely,

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I also went with a corner sink because that is what worked best for my layout. And I am very happy with it. Its an inside corner, no windows, walls on both sides. And cabinets above. The cabinet above the sink is *not* "bumped up". This works better with a corner sink - almost the whole of the sink is out in front of the cabinets above. This way I don't lose cabinet space above.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the space behind the sink, but I have a nice decorative collander that looks good there, and then its handy when I need it.

I have a 27" cabinet of drawers to the right of the sink, and then the dishwasher. That spacing is less than ideal, but again it is what worked in my design. I had nothing smaller that worked there. And it is working out fine in practice. That drawer is where I store the dishes, so it is very handy to unload.

My sink base is *huge* (42") to fit an Orca. But it solved the problem of how to use the corner space without any of the other compromises for the space. Currently I don't have a lot under it. I'm still thinking about one of the RevAShelf double decker pullouts.

This might not have been my first choice if I had a different space to work in, but its what worked for me.

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I am also planning a corner sink in our small, approx 10 x 11, kitchen. We are favoring this arangement to open up the counter space between the stove and the sink with a single long counter as opposed to two smaller spaces broken up by the sink between the corners.

I have a question about draining dishs in a disk drain. A typical rubber disk drain that sits on the counter expects the drain to be parallel to the sink. That would seem to be difficult in a corner sink arrangement. I'm curious how those here with a corner sink deal with this issue.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, hopefuly someone can set me straight.

We are hoping for a two basin sink in a 39 in. corner cabinet. We are considering an inset in the cornet as some in this thread have done.


cincinnati, oh

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I have stainless counters, and had them made with runnels to the sink from the right hand side where we drain dishes. My sink is also set in 3" so you are not trapped or unable to open the dishwasher when it's right next to you. If I'd done this in granite, I'd have also had the runnels made (it's actually easier in stone than in stainless).

The only reason a corner sink would be set back further would be if you purchased a sink too large for your cabinet. Mine is 3" back, standard for a sink.

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Thank you for the prompt feedback and the great pictures. I had thought about adding the slope and contour as you have done. Small concerns about keeping it clean and potential sealing issues in stone. Thank you though as this is definately a potential solution to the dilema.

btw.. beautiful view out your window.

I am still curious how others accomplish this as none of the other pictures in this thread included the "runnels" in the countertop by the sink. Runnels is not a term I was familar with, but I've learned something new already.


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lnersesian, which sink is that? (very handsome kitchen, incidentally)

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I know I saw a few sinks with stone counters on GS in the FKB somewhere that have drain boards or runnels (what they call the raised up area). Mine does not show the slope well, but it does slope down into the sink about the thickness of a sheet of plywood total from top of the hill to the bottom (counters are built with two sheets, with the drain board cut out of the top one). Try "drain boards" in a search and see what you get :)

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lnersesian - I like your backsplash. I hope you can tell me the name/color of the tile.

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I am looking to purchase a house with a corner since. I noticed that no one mentioned the location of a dish rack that is to be used for at least drying large pots/pans that you don't want to stick in the dishwasher. None of the photos posted show one either. Isn't this a concern?

When I'm washing pots/pans, I don't want to have to stop and dry each one before proceeding with the next one.

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Typo in previous post....replace "corner since" with "corner sink"....haven't had my first cup of coffee yet!

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