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carters5July 12, 2012

Does anyone have this sink or can attest to the quality? I've never owned a stainless steel sink and we have hard water so I am a bit fearful of constantly keeping this clean and water spot free. Looks nice!


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Ticor has always been a GW favorite. If you dry the sink after use with a microfiber towel it looks brand new. I had a Ticor as my main sink in last house and when we went to sell the house, the last thing I would do before a showing, was to do a quick spray with Kaboom (the color changing foam, purple can green lid), rinse it down and wipe with a micro fiber towel. Took maybe a minute.

I have even harder water in the new house. Again, I just wipe down the sink with a towel. Of course as soon as someone turns on the water again, it doesn't look spotless. But that's ok. As long as I know I can make it look spotless when I want to, I'm fine.

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I just put in my Ticor sink Monday when the granite was installed. Cant tell you how much I already love it. Went from double basin to the 80/20 seeing as how I still enjoy washing dished by hand and like to fill the basin. Having all the room for cutting boards and cookie sheets to lay flat....what a treat. Its such a good quality at a great price. Mine came with the cutting board and grates for each side of sink. Highly recommend

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another image.

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Can anybody attest to the long-term finish quality of Ticors? I am strongly considering one, but my KD just urged me to spend as much as I could afford, as undermount sinks are are hard to replace (to say the least). Just seems to good to be true. Any downsides from anybody who has had one for a while?

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LOVE my Ticor sinks. Have had one for 5 years and it still looks great. The other has been in a rental for a year and also looks great. These are a fabulous value. My granite guy wanted to know what it was as he even said it was a great sink. Go for it.

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We bought 3. Have ours in a vacation rental house. Still looks great even with people who don't care for your stuff as well as you would. We are getting close to the end of peak season with 34 families having stayed there so far over 2 rental seasons, most of them for 1 week (7 more families to go for this year, unless we pick up some last minute rentals)

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Wow, I don't think I have ever had such feelings for a sink before. Limelight - that is one sexy sink!

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Thank you for the feedback. The finish on the Ticor is similar to the Blanco. It's a little shinier and I really liked that but all said and done, Blanco didn't have a 36" sink and I have a 42" cabinet that it would be placed into so I really wanted a large sink. Decided on the Julien 36" single sink. It's large....but beautiful. Not as shiny but meant to match your other SS appliances. It's going in a Caesarstone counter top and I didn't want to risk a problem later on as I understand it is almost impossible to replace the sink later. I don't think you get options with Ticor,as in fixed drain, etc.,and there are options with Julien. More importantly, with this 36" sink, I will be able to fit both of my grandchildren in it together for a bath!!! :) (They're just 7 months and 19 months!)

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Carters5 - your OP asked about water spots. Unless you have soft water, ANY stainless steel sink, regardless of brand, will have water spots. It's just part of stainless steel, and most people just shrug their shoulders. We have slightly hard water, and when re-doing the kitchen (mostly DIY), we were going to get a Kraus SS sink. Excellent quality, beautiful. But I just didn't want water spots anymore, and learned about Silgranit sinks on this Forum, and that's what we installed. I am very happy with Silgranit, but other people prefer stainless and aren't bothered by water spots. But if you really dislike water spots, and you do not have soft water, you should get a sink material other than stainless such as enamelled cast iron, fireclay or Silgranit. If you are OK with water spots, then the Ticor stainless sinks are wonderful.

One more thing, I notice that the sink you linked is a triple bowl sink, with one skinny middle bowl, and the two other bowls are 18x13 and 15x6. I am not sure you will be happy with those bowl sizes. They are quite small. Will you be able to rinse a roasting pan, or a soak a saucepan in either side? You may want to reconsider and get a double bowl sink instead. Just MHO. But make sure you are OK with those three bowl sizes before purchasing the sink. One thing that is helpful to do is take a piece of cardboard, or large paper, cut out an 18x13 piece, and a 15x6 piece. That will help you visualize those sink bowls better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ticor Triple Bowl Sink TR1900

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Carters5 - I didn't see your follow-up post before posting my message.

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Thanks alwaysfixin, no worries. I put a Silgranit sink in my last kitchen remodel back in 2003. LOVED IT TOO, however, couldn't get one just the right size in a single bowl, otherwise I would have chosen it. Also, didn't like the cast iron, too hard, and fireclays too delicate and expensive. I saw no other choice! I will most likely do what beekeeperswife does....towel it down and nag everyone else to do it too! :)

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