Can I cry here???

lynn_r_ctJuly 8, 2013

DW isn't working right - still under warranty but... sink faucet breaks. Buy new faucet. My daughter is installing it and accidentally breaks the fitting (?). No water in kitchen so no point in calling DW guy yet. Then I notice the fridge isn't working properly - ice cream is soupy even. Went to transfer all the meats etc. to the stand up freezer in the basement. Someone didn't close it properly and it is so loaded with ice you can't shut the door.

Opened the door to defrost it hoping it will be done by morning. Then I can transfer the upstairs freezer food downstairs. Oh ya, and I have a torn meniscus, going in for surgery next week and I am not supposed to climb stairs. I have two adult sons home tomorrow but I may need a cattle prod or water gun to get them out of bed.

But everything depends on the plumber and with 90 plus heat here I am not very optimistic he'll be here soon. Then I call DW guy and pray he can fix the DW AND patch up the fridge - I am six months out from kitchen remodel, new fridges I like won't fit in existing space and of course - more money and more problems.

Okay, I feel a little better now. Not totally, I have gin but no tonic or limes and worst - no ice!!!

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lynn, I feel ya. Hang in there - it'll work out. My fridge (apparently installed in 1989, so how can I complain?) died 3 weeks ago. I was planning to replace cabinetry everywhere else in the kitchen this summer, and leave the fridge/oven wall alone till next year but life had other ideas. Here's how it went for me.

I researched, and searched all over for a great deal on a counter depth fridge, and found the fridge of my dreams that I would never in a million years have purchased otherwise, as a floor model at a little less than half price. The fridge was too tall for my space so I not only removed the cabinetry above it, I had to pull down the soffit. I realized walking out the door of the appliance shop (all sales are final) that the door swing is opposite what I'd planned for (and can't be changed), so I had to switch the location of the oven and fridge which meant I had to remove all of the cabinetry on that wall as well. When I moved the old fridge out to clean beneath it, I realized the floor and subfloor had to be replaced. By me. With my own two unskilled hands.

Now I have a soffit-less wall with tile floor, no cabinets, and a fridge that will eventually need panels and a handle, but I'm telling you right now, I love that fridge and the copious amounts of clear perfect ice it produces. I'm still cleaning up drywall dust, but it was totally worth it.

This stuff just doesn't always go the way you want it to, and it rarely goes according to schedule, but you know, lemons/lemonade. I hope your story has a happy ending.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Can you make a quick trip to the store and get some limes, Q-water and ice? My sympathies. Time to cry.

Things will be better tomorrow...or at least different. Tell the adult sons there ain't no food around and they will get your ingredients the minute they roll over.

-Babka (who has two adult sons)

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When it rains, it pours. My husband has the same meniscus problem and is miserable. Hope you get that ice soon. I'm in RI - what part of CT?

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I'm so sorry! At least your sense of humor hasn't been broken.

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Lynn, I'm sorry you are getting overwhelmed. I know the feeling too. I had meniscus surgery at the end of April and it has been months of one thing on top of another. I suppose those torn meniscus gremlins like to travel in packs.

In case it helps to know you have company -- my refrigerator drawers went out, my spare freezer was left open (sounds like a theme, huh?) my AC went out and the simple fix didn't work (that cost us $500 and led to more issues -- possibly a lawsuit before it's over) -- that led to both systems being replaced several years earlier than planned. In order to replace anything, we had to take out and replace an attic pull down ladder our kitchen contractor put in without our permission -- they narrowed the access in the process and no water heater or AC equipment (the only things up in that spce) could go up or down). The AC problems started the day after we helped clean out a school group storage locker and my knee was already cranky -- it got really cranky while living without AC. The patio table we ordered got delivered late and is cracked, so we are waiting on another to come in and thinking we may not be settled here until summer is nearly over. I got scalped having the door handle of my BI fridge reattached (original installers stripped the screws and it eventually fell off), but DH didn't want to risk DIY and damaging the door panel.

If you have to, find a used fridge or even buy a new one and plunk it in your family room while waiting fo the reno. That's where ours sat during the reno, so you can consider it phase I. It will help you get used to that camping out feeling. ;-)

Figure out how to make lemonade and hang in there. Try not to let them get you down -- and if you buy a bag of ice, try some on that knee. You want to have your ice supply (or a bag or two of peas) ready for the post op phase too. I was icing mine several times a day. And be patient, with things and with yourself. If you have questions about the surgery, let me know. It was my first surgery and I didn't know what to expect.

Hang in there.

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Oh, my oh, my!
and I have troubles!
No, I went through freezer, w/d, dw, rental dw & stove over the last 3 years. Always when you just can't afford it or some other reason it's inconvenient. But then, is there ever a convenient time for this junk to break?

I"m so sorry you're going through this.

I recommend an air horn underneath the sons' beds, set to blow about 9:00 am. Yes, let them sleep in. After they recover from their heart attacks, let them know you need help or the air horn will blow every 15 minutes until your tasks are complete. (I recommend ear protection for you.)

I'm so sorry you're all going through this!! What a serious drag.

-- Miniscus tears. PT involving some therapeutic yoga work does wonders for my students. There are ways to strengthen the muscles around the knee...

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LOL at the air horn.

Yes -- definitely do PT and keep up with it. I probably slacked off too quickly when I needed to start getting caught up with the normal things in life and the additional stuff started happening.

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Good thing I'm not suspicious. As it is, this thread made me wonder how to spit bad luck away. No, I'm leaving quickly but I won't be googling it. Lynn, I hope dropping by here helped you get some sleep at least and that tonight won't need any help. Best wishes for all the afflicted. :)

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Suspicious? Of what?

Or did you mean superstitious?

If the later, you push bad luck aside by refusing to give in -- making lemonade or your lemons, venting and finding out you are not alone and not living under a cloud with only your name on it, catching your breath, maybe finding a chuckle or a little relief, and then chipping away at the challenges one at a time and enjoying the sense of accomplishment.

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Tonic, schmonic, what you need is a little vermouth, olive optional. Put the gin in the freezer to chill.

Hope things get resolved soon - make those adult sons help you.

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after you have a good cry, head out to buy a cattle prod AND water gun AND put 'em to use if needed!

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EAM, we must have been twins in a previous world. Everything I touch lately becomes a bigger problem than the one I was attempting to resolve. 35ft cabo Has your husband had an MRI done? I have been having steroid shots to no avail. so guess I'll just have to bite the bullet. Tell your husband I feel his pain! Surprised to see how many people with meniscus issues. My primary (she's a skinny little thing) tells me it is because I have put on_____ lbs - you can fill in the blank, 'cause I ain't!

Also surprised to see how many people have the double and triple punch issues as I've had. Not that I would wish this on anyone, but it does feel good when you know that others are dealing with similar problems. Lascatx, you put things in perspective for me. I have not ventured into the kitchen yet, but if a cheap fridge works for now, so be it (and I may take you up on the surgery info, just not now for obvious reasons).

So have all the stories of woe helped? You betcha, as my sister would say - so thanks for the words of encouragement.

Wake up this AM, downstairs freezer is defrosted so I start transferring the stuff from upstairs down. Babka, as per your advice I told #1 son if he didn't help he would not have food for a week. That did it. Afraid if I used the cattle prod and the water guns I may electrocute one of them. Although... that may have scared the other one into submission. I noticed a lot of stuff covering the vent in the upstairs fridge and now wondering, and hoping, if that is what the problem was. Put in ice cubes to check.

35ftcabo - I am in Guilford, smallish suburb on the shoreline between New Haven and New London. It really is a beautiful city with a small town feel. Lots of snobs though, which I have no use for. Where in RI are you? Only place I've been is Newport which I loved.

Still no word from plumber. Afraid if I call again he will get pissed and put me further down the list.

I feel like this is group therapy!!! And it's working!!!! Thanks guys.

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Lynn---keep sippin that gin--hot or cold! Wake boys up by dropping some of the frozen peas and chicken on them - ha ha!

I attended a wedding in Guilford in the 80's and thought it was such a pretty little town with the "green" and all. Actually drove through again a year or so ago--still cute as ever. My brother lived in Mystic for about 10 Connecticut!

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There was a time when everything fell apart all at once for me, too. Nothing awful - we had our health - but we had water damage, a car wreck, and other "lemons" souring our life. There was a great song on the radio then, the chorus was "when you're going through hell, keep on going!" by Rodney Atkins. Or credit Winston Chuchill.
Explain to your dear children that life works this way sometimes, and you will be there for them when it is their turn just as you are expecting their help, now.

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Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the fridge.

My knee was really stupid -- I walked to the end of my driveway to help someone load some items in the car (pick up for a school fundraiser). She opened the trunk and stepped back in my direction, so I had to step back too and when I did, my heel went into a hole and hyper-extended the knee. We aren't sure if the meniscus tore then or if the ligaments were strained and loose enough that it tore later, but it took a couple of months to become apparent that I had done something that was going to need some help.

My physical therapist says sometimes they just tear with no particular injury and sometimes you may not realize it until later when tings get worse. You may have done something you don't remember now. I know a mom at school who was walking on hers over a year before she had surgery. You may just not know when it started, but there was probably something. Don't let the skinny Minnie get you down. You can't exercise to lose weight right now anyway, so take care of it and then you can decide to ramp up the PT to go beyond strengthening and to work on some weight loss -- when you are ready for it.

Do get those boys working to help you. They should be doing that anyway, Let me know if you want my 17 yr old to talk to them (he keeps telling me to back off and take care of my knee). ;-)

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I don't think the prod or gun have enough 'amps' to hurt them...
get battery operated ones

look 'em up on the computer - and leave your screen up so they see them... you could even ask their opinion on which models you should get.

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Oh lynn, I feel your pain. Well, not your pain, but your frustration. Just went through the fridge thing myself after someone (me) left the door ajar. I hope your problems are all resolved and you heal quickly. Did it take a cattle prod?

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Oh my goodness, I lived in Short Beach for about 8 years. I just moved back to Ohio last fall.

I had a fantastic plumber there, Bill Cole ((203) 488-2083), a very nice man. If your plumber gives you guff, give Bill a call.

Glad you're feeling better. Good luck!

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Air horns are more fun than cattle prods. They don't require user participation. and the heart attack is fabulous.

I worked for a cranky, mean 77 year old man who had run his bar for 30 years out of the same basement. Yes, "troll" comes to mind. He was such a jerk. When he got a telemarketer call, he'd ask them to hold on, hobble into the kitchen and get his air horn. Looked like a spray can with a speaker on it. He'd ask, "You there?" When they responded, he'd blow the air horn in the phone and yell, "don't call me again!"

Although I felt for the person on the other end, only doing their job, I have to admit I laughed.

Good call on no food, though. A teenage boy will die without a snack (read: 3 big macs) ever comple of hours. Die, I say!

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What is really sad is that all my adult children still living home are the boys 27 and 24 and my 21 yr old daughter. Would take too much time to get into why their. Biggest mistake parenting was not making them pick up their own messes. It was always "easier" to pick up after them. Now I have bred messy monsters. Still working on it, just finding new ways to make it work - like food for the oldest. He was up in 5 min flat.

Listening to you ladies I decided to take a brain break today. It won't kill us to have a fridge that isn't really cold . All the expensive meat is in the downstairs freezer, they can use the grill, I have paper and plastic and all, and a Wendys, Subway, McDonalds 3 miles away. We can live another few days without a kitchen faucet, DW or the wacky fridge. As long as we have water to flush, hah, I can deal.

EAM44, I love Short Beach. Until my brother downsized he had a place across from the beach. It really is beautiful. Curious as to what brought you to CT to begin with. And joanie, was the wedding at any of the churches on the green - they are all so beautiful. Seriously, what a small world.

My husband already called a plumber he knew from church, but if this doesn't pan out I will call Bill Cole, it is 3 minutes to midnite and my brain can only drain so much!

But joanie poanie, that suggestion was great. I am putting the chicken and peas suggestion in my favorites waiting for just the right moment.

Let's see what tomorrow brings. As my mother (God bless her) always said, the sun always shine tomorrow, or sometimes the next day, it'll catch up eventually. You guys have no idea how much you have helped.

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Yea! Called a plumber and the new faucet is being installed this afternoon if they can free up some time, but no later than tomorrow afternoon. Step One. Oh, the joys of little things.

One more question for joaniepoanie (love the name BTW), should I defrost the chicken first? Just thinking about throwing raw chicken in their beds give me the giggles, and I know it would get their attention.

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Wow, Lynn, just dropped by and what a difference--in you. Next thing you'll be ready to mount the wagon and head out to settle the West. Gee-haw!

I'm not Joanie, but I say definitely thaw the chicken first. Raw chicken may be seen as tolerable on a cutting board, but in bed...? I'd leave fast.

(Yes, superstitious, Lascatx; thanks for interpreting.)

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rosie, all kind of nasty things went through my mind when I read the word "mount". I'll leave it at that!
I still have found benefit from others who have had the one, two, punch. In scheme of life, they really mean nothing, but at the moment - yee ha (keeping with the cowboy theme). EAM's first post saying, what started with a few drawers in the fridge breaking down, turned into a disaster. Lascatz, this is definitely not the time of year for your AC to go, no worry, your nice new patio set will be here soon - NOT.

I have to say, I am getting the most humor from suggestions as to how to get your teenage/adult boys from their bed, although I think lascatx has the perfect son! No raw chicken in her house. Keep the suggestions coming, my trauma is not over yet.

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My son always had a problem getting up in the morning. Finally found the best thing. I put marbles in the freezer. Then when he needed to get up I would lift the covers and "dump and run". Every time he tried to roll away they would roll with him. Also not nearly as messy as dumping ice cubes which would melt and wet the bedding! Try might like the results!

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lynn, good news! I'm glad things are moving forward for you, and I'm happy that it helps to commiserate.

What brought me to CT - from southern California where I finished my degree - was fellowship training, then a professorship at Yale.

In all the years your brother was in Short Beach, did you ever attended the womens' swim? It's a riot.

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Lynn--no defrosting the chicken---it needs to be cold and hard!!

Im sure the wedding was at a Catholic church there on the square or close-by. The reception was at the parent's house a few blocks away...a pretty old house with a pool. It was September, so weather was lovely!

Hope you are getting back to normal!

BTW--my daughter was fastidious and her room neat as a pin til she hit teenage years and she became a total slob overnight. I think it was her way of "rebelling." She's somewhere in between with her own place. My two boys...oldest not so great either, but he's married now and wife is fastidious......youngest...OMG--the health dept should have been called on his college apartment..I won't go into details. He's still a slob...he just moved out after moving back here and staying with us for 3 months. I just kept his door closed. At 25 I had to tell him now and then to please go shower and that if he didn't stop eating garlic he can kiss the thought of ever having another girlfriend goodbye!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Come on over! I got Gin! Tonic? well Gin! or Vodka.. got olives..Got a view! Got cushy chairs to look at the view...

Got an apple tree with ripe apples... We do need food!


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EAM - I have not heard of the women's swim. Give me details please as now I am curious. Joaniepoanie, we are members of the Catholic church you probably were in. Great parish as they have the largest number of charity programs of any church in the state. Everything from food and meal distribution to helping the children of the women in the state prison (after all, it wasn't their crime, but they are being punished all the same). We do visit the other churches periodically throughout the year for different events. Haha cute story - When we first moved here, my 10 year old said he was very surprised there was a Communist church on the green. What he though was Communist was actually a First "Congregational" church. . girlfried - I learned the closing the door trick when they were teens, brought about as I was learning how to pick your battles. It worked, at least for the boys. I can tell when my middle son (now 25) is having a girl over, because I can hear him vacuuming. And last but not least - desertdance -I have a friend with whom I have the same arrangement. I bring the food, she supplies the booze - which is of course seasonal, gin and tonic now, Baileys in the winter.

Back to my original problem - plumber came and I now have water. "Yea" I cried as I leapt into the air - okay my leaping days are over... but... I now have a big problem. Need to start another post as I am afraid people that can give me advise, are tired of my water/freezer/DW saga. So please look for it and help if you can. Meanwhile, a big shoutout to all that listened and offered sane and helpful advise. Lynn fr. CT

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