Should I pay for an estimate?

CT_NewbieJune 26, 2013

Wood-Mode/Brookhaven's KD said he would come out for free and measure to give a specific estimate. Rutt said she would do the same.

The Plain and Fancy rep wants to charge us $500 to come out and if we order from them, we get that as a credit. Is it worth it to do this? Should I be calling other Plain and Fancy dealers to see if they will do it for free or is that part of the company policy? Should I interpret this as laxity on her part and that the other KDs will work harder? She said if I gave her the measurements (I think just the lengths of the 3 walls and the island) and what appliances I wanted and maybe even some sense of layout, she could give me a ballpark range of the price of cabinets. Is that good enough vs. the more precise estimates from the other KDs?

We don't want anything too fancy/custom. White inset framed cabinets, likely Shaker style or something close, with the hinge on the inside


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I should also add that the local cabinet person who has been in the house before did not feel the need to take measurements. She said she would meet us one more time at the house (I think to review the construction/General contractor scope of work as she also does both) and then she would give us some estimate of the cabinets. She also may be getting the impression that she is priced out of our range and/or we might be better off with factory finish. Also, we shared photos of what we like and she typically makes inset framed cabinets with the hinges showing.


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The $500 design fee is just how SHE is set up....has nothing to do with P&F. I am a P&F dealer. I would get her ballpark estimate. But she should come out lower than Rutt and WoodMode. Last kitchen I quoted against WM was: WM=$18K and P&F=$13K. It was a small kitchen and this was about 8 or 9 yrs ago.

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I would only pay it if you knew for sure you wanted to use her and want P &F cabinets...otherwise a ballpark will give you enough info to compare to the others.

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Thank you very much! Also, thanks for the relative pricing. I am surprised since P&F said their box is made up of engineered plywood which is better than the particleboard that Wood-Mode/Brookhaven use, granted, I can upgrade to plywood. All of this is very helpful.

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WM frameless is particle last I knew PF also starts out that way - WM framed is ply only.

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P&F (vinyl constr.) has plywood ends but furniture board for tops, bottoms and shelves. Interiors are wood grain vinyl.

P&F (wood constr.) uses birch veneer plywood with a natural finish for all interior parts.

Wood construction is about 10% more.

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