After cabinet/backsplash demolition....

boone_2009June 28, 2013

.... is the bare wall surface patched, primed and painted before installing new cabinets and new backsplash, or is it only patched and primed?

Sorry for the stupid question...:-(

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modern life interiors

it's best to patch prime and paint the whole kitchen before installing cabinets.

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Gitananoel: Thank you.

Since our kitchen will keep its existing footprint and existing tile floor and we are not making any structural changes, I didn't know if the area behind the cabinets needed to be painted before the new ones went in, in the same places.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! :-)

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Ideally, you do want to prime and paint before cabinets are in. We were not able to, due to a problem getting a drywaller in to texture the ceiling and wall patches. It was certainly a pain to cover over and paint around the cabinets. There is no need to paint areas that will be covered over by cabinets.

If any holes are put in the walls behind where the cabinets will go, you do want to patch them. The patches don't need to look pretty, just seal up the wall.

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Thank you for your feedback, gpraceman.
That's what I thought was usually done ... patch any holes behind cabinets, no need to paint. But we can have those areas painted; as you point out, that would be ideal.

Since I plan to paint the walls of the dining nook in the kitchen later ( after everything has been installed and kitchen is 'done') and since I will be choosing a color only then ( from the Dunn-Edwards palette), will a basic white paint do for now ( for behind the cabinets and for the backsplash before tiles are installed) and if so, will a flat finish suffice?

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If you are going to put in a tile backsplash, it would be better not to paint that area. For our reno, I removed the drywall where the backsplash was to go and put in tile backer board for better tile adhesion. I needed access to that area anyways to do some electrical work. You can tile right over the drywall, if you wish, but it would be good if the surface was rough instead of smooth.

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Hey, thanks, gpraceman! For a kitchen ignoramus like me, that's very helpful information!
I'm still looking for the "right" tile and for a tile installer. Should I ask the installer to put in tile backer board or is this something he/she would know anyway?

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