Which paint for white cabinets???

kswartwoutJune 10, 2013

I'm having my existing cabinets sprayed white. They are currently a sort of honey colored wood with a green glaze.
I've read and read but still have questions as follows:
Should I go oil based or use Benjamin Moore's Advance?
The color I want is Benjamin Moore's Simply White--would yellowing be a concern with that color in the Impervo Oil Based? It sounds like oil based is much more durable?

I'm really confused about the differences between Benjamin Moore's Impervo Water based, Impervo Oil based, and the Advance paint. Please shed some light on how these compare.

Should I use a shellac primer like Zinsser BIN, or an oil based primer??

Finally, if we plastic off the kitchen from the rest of the house, would the BIN primer cause a problem for my baby? What about the impervo and advance paints?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Our BM paint store likes Zinnser 1-2-3 under most everything, including oil-based Impervo. I've used BIN in the past and like it a lot too.

If you have a baby, I would not use the oil-based Impervo unless you can spray off site and have the cabinets there for quite a while (think weeks or months). It offgases horribly; we have built-ins that were painted six years ago where you can still smell it when you open them. We have a toddler and my husband will not use it in the house unless absolutely critical to patch something that needs to match (though we love its performance). It does definitely yellow, so if that's a concern at all, then double strikes against it. Our trim was all painted in oil-based Impervo six years ago (Acadia White, which is already a creamier/yellow-ier color), and we recently did some work that required repainting patches in new oil-based Impervo. The difference is very noticeable, though it will mellow over time.

I've not used Advance but have heard good things about it, so I might try that. I don't like the water-based Satin Impervo very much. We used Aura Satin for our cabinets, which is okay but not amazing (not as good as oil-based Impervo but better than water-based Impervo b/c it settles more evenly). If I were doing a kitchen today, I would try out the Advance; our paint store guy used it for his kitchen, so that seemed like a big vote of confidence for it. Probably there are some GWers who have used it and can weigh in, though.

Good luck!!

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Here is what I have learned in my remodel. The Oil is so durable and washable that many really like it. Yellowing is not the problem it once was. However, I still would not use it.

I plan to use Advance Semi gloss (in White Dove) on my kitchen cabinets and great room built ins bc I understand it gives more of a "lacquer look" that is good for wood. Even thought it's water based it also claims to have good washability, which would be nice for the kitchen. I hear it takes a long time to dry.

I have used Waterbased Satin Impervo on my bathroom cabinets and interior doors (I am doing a whole house and didn't want to shell out for Aura) and I have been very pleased with it. It is much more spreadable and dries slower than a standard semi. I think the Advance would flow just as well if not better. My impression is that the Advance is the "replacement" for Satin Impervo. FWIW, I can't get Advance in my small town so that is another reason I have used Satin Impervo for the back of the house.
If I were you, I would lean toward the Advance. I can't speak from experience using it yet, but I have researched it and plan to use it shortly myself in my kitchen and great room.

Regarding primer, we have had to deal with wallpaper and old enamel paint. Even though Zinnser said you didn't have to rough up, we have. We have been very happy with the Zinnser 123 Bullseye Primer Plus. The Plus is supposed to help us with our prior glossy paint issues. I can't speak for regular, but the Primer Plus has been amazing. I have applied it to walls, trim, painted cabinets, doors, etc. They do sell an Advance Primer, but I will probably still use Zinnser Plus.

Please let me know your choice/experience! Thanks!

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