Heard of these brands of range hoods? Z-line, Cavaliere or Alcona

skubaJune 25, 2013

Hi, I am looking for a good value 36" range hood with at least one of the CFM options around 500 or 600 CFM. This is to be used with a 30" Gas Stove.

I have found these 3 brands with good prices and interesting features, but have not been able to find much information about them.

Cavaliere - Found on Overstock

Z-line - Their own website

Alcona - Found at Costco

Do you know anything about them? Have other recommendations for hoods?

Thanks so much

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I am looking for a 36 inch ventless range hood as well. I hope you get some traction. Mine is going over a 30 inch induction cooktop. I have no experience, just interest. I can tell you that my kitchen designer said a designer friend got a range hood on overstock for a great price and was very happy. Not sure of any details...

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We bought a zline on Amazon (30 inch) due to budget constraints, and although the specs said 640 cfms, I doubt it is anywhere close to that. It just barely moves the air around, and is so loud I can't stand to cook under it! I just don't think these bargain vent hoods are worth the savings, and wish we had ponied up for a real hood. Of course, ymmv.

That said, you might be safer purchasing from Costco with their generous return policy and generally decent quality of products. Hth

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Check out my thread for the same request on a 48" not too long ago: thread

rosylady suggested Kobe and we will likely go with that. Check out this 30/36":
Kobe hoods

I haven't purchased mine yet but Kobe is definitely in the running.

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accidental double post deleted.

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And what about these other options? Do you know Summit? The sales guy from AJMadison is recommending the Summit over the similar priced Broan and Zephyr.




There are some that are a bit more money. But I am willing to pay up to $800 if I will get something really much better. Unfortunately Kobes are over $1000.



Thanks so much

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Doesn't this Kobe fit the spec? RA9436SQB - $875.70

Is it missing something that I am overlooking?

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I have a 36" Cavaliere from Overstock, with a baffle filter. The installation and care directions could be better (hmm, what is that piece of metal that's never mentioned...), but once you get through that it works fine, at least for my uses (not much stir frying, steaks usually go out on the grill). It's pretty quiet, and it sucks up steam as it should. It's on a short, direct run.

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This summit hood goes for less than $600. Sound levels are:

Speed 1: 51 dB; Speed 2: 54.2 dB; Speed 3: 62.2 dB


My second option right now is spending $300 more on a Kobe:


Not sure if the price different is worthy?



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I'm not sure if it is worth it but I know people on GW speak highly of Kobe for value - I'm not sure about Summit. I'd talk to someone that actually has one operational before pulling the trigger. It would be a shame to end up in rovo's situation and not be able to extra enough from your cooktop.

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Of those three I would go with Cavaliere. A highly respected dealer that sells high powered ranges and post on the Appliance Forum sells those for buyers on a budget.

But I still prefer the Kobe. I was about to buy one before I found a deal on a premium hood.

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