Ikea laminate countertop... any personal experience?

steppingstonemommaJune 17, 2009

We were thinking of installing the in stock laminate counters from Lowes, but recently went to Ikea and they are LOTS cheaper. Has anyone used these and have a personal recommendation on them?

I am drawn to the solid black one, but am not sure if it would show the wear and tear more as opposed to a counter with several blended colors like the ones at Lowes...

So any opinions?

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We have just installed the black stone effect ikea laminate in a vacation home kitchen remodel we just did. I really have only used it a few times -- but will get more solid use as we just officially moved up here for the summer today! So far so good. I'm sorry I can't give u a better review as we just got it but it does look and feel very nice so far. You should give it a try.... I have ikea cabinets in 2 kitchens now and their butcherblock and u can't beat it for the money. I figure the laminate must be the same so I went for it.

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i actually have both the ikea laminate and home depot in stock laminates in my dental office office. they are both holding up great after just over a year.

Home Deopt- has a built in back splash rim that I do not love the look of- and it makes angled cuts harder. the laminate seems thicker and more durable like a wilson art or formica, vs the ikea laminate. side trim is avail. but is not sticking too well to the cut surfaces.

Ikea- liked the colors much better vs HD. the finished edge looks more granite like (squarer) and I have gotten many more compliments on the ikea counters. the only negative i could say is there is a tiny chip on the counter surface of the ikea counter- which i think the installer must have knicked. not sure what happened, but I am assuming there were some heavy tools and such being thrown on it during construction. never asked and never had any issues since. The surface does not feel as smooth as HD laminate. It seems like a thinner sheet of laminate is baked on to the particleboard underneath (opposed to a sheet of laminate glued on). Doesn't make a difference to me. I still like the ikea top better.

in all, i would get the ikea tops again before the HD tops b/c i do not like the 3-4 in backsplash, ikea is much less expensive and i like the look of the ikea counters better. they seem to be equal on holding up.

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Ikea- cheap, durable, no integral backsplash. Don't need to use the extra side trim if you can plan your cut pieces so that the cut ends butt up against other surfaces. The integral side trim is really strong. My contractor was impressed with the price/quality ratio. So far holding up fine. That additional side trim is a weak point>

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