Sizes of cabinet latches, and brands??

michelle16June 16, 2012

I was wondering if you all can share the size of your cabinet latches?? I think they mostly come in 1 5/8 and a 2 inch. Also the brands?? I heard the RH are hard to operate, I thought the Cliffside ones were suppose to be good, and I found them for 14.00, but I just went to a store that had them and he said they were junk?? He had ones that were beautiful where the oval protruded out so it was easy to get your hand in there, but it was like 50 something dollars each!!! Big jump in price. I'm clueless on this, I need some GW help, big time! Tks, Michelle

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Here's an older thread, one of many older helpful ones on this topic, with pics and brands named. The brands I've seen mentioned as some of the best are the ones listed in this thread: Cliffside and Rejuvenation. I saw and touched the Rejuvenation latches last weekend. Very solid, as well made as everything else Rejuvenation, and seemed easy to use--for latches that is. I still think they'd bug the heck out of me to use... ;)

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Here is a link that might be useful: One of many older threads on latches

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tks breezy, I actually have that thread saved, i know the rejuv. ones are the favorite, just was wondering if anyone knew anything about the kennedy ones since they are so much cheaper, tks for your reply, Michelle

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i have the cliffside ice box latches (i'm not a fan of the other version) and there's no way they are "junk". whoever told you that has no idea what they are talking about. they are the best latches i've seen -easy to operate and solid. not to mention they look pretty sweet.

i have no experience with the latches from rejuvenation but everything i've ever purchased through them has been fine quality. they stand behind everything they sell, so i wouldn't hesitate to order through them if that's what you decide.

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these are the cliffside ice box latches i have. i can't say with authority, but i think they seemed to be sturdier than any of the knob latches i was considering. maybe less parts? simpler construction? i dunno...

Here is a link that might be useful: cliffside

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Hi kate, yes the one's u have are great quality, iv'e felt them in person, unfortunately, I wanted the other style because I am using alot of them and their other style did not seem as sturdy.So I was hoping to buy these kennedy ones because the knob protrudes out nice and it looks to be sturdy, but with no GW feedback, I'm alittle scared to take the plunge. They were only 10.46 each, compared to the Rej. ones that are 26.00, think I will get one of each brand and compare before I order.

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Hi Michelle
I am using Top Knob Latch M 1779 - BSN .. $17.84 Each
I am only putting them on 2 glass cabinets(I'm using knobs, pulls and these latches) and I have not received them yet but they look big enough--2".

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