Indoor/Outdoor rugs in Kitchen

mfnJsb0809June 17, 2013

Does anyone have experience using an indoor/outdoor rug in the kitchen- specifically the sink area? How about rugs from Ballard Designs?
Appreciate your insights!

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I ordered this type of rug (but Safavieh from Overstock). It's really thin, which is like every indoor/outdoor rug I've seen so it doesn't provide much cushioning, unfortunately. But in terms of protecting the floors while being easy to clean, I think it is working ok so far. How it will hold up? No idea. I'm a little skeptical just because it seems thin but it looks nice. I ordered the long runner size.

Here is a link that might be useful: Indoor/outdoor runner

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What exactly is the question?

I have Dash and Albert rugs and love them. Bleachable and pretty.

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Thanks Threegraces!

Hsw-sc- I'm looking for recommendations for types of kitchen rugs for in front of the sink that look good and are easy care- I have a galley kitchen and find cotton rugs get too dirty and are hard to clean so I wondered about indoor/outdoor but don't know if they are good for hardwoods (breathability..,)

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I had Capel make an I/O rug for my kitchen with the colors I needed. The field is sisal-look and it has a simple fabric band. Looks like "natural" rug. Not cheap, to be sure, but it was perfect for the main aisle and in front of the sink. Rubber backing (odorless) and corners sit perfectly flat (with these, you get what you pay for I think). Now 4 y.o. looks like new.

Post-move it's in laundry room and works just as well. No worry about mud on shoes or staining. Everything either vacuums up or wipes off with a damp cloth. The banding can be restored to new with a blue no-scratch sponge.

American made. Any style.

Here is a link that might be useful: Capel

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I have an outdoor runner in front of my island and sink area. It vacuums well and I have yet to take it outside to hose it down. (It has been down since February.) Mine came from Home Decorators and was very affordable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Outdoor rug

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mfn, they are totally great on hardwood (at least I think so. That's the only flooring I have ;).

Like others have said, just keep them vacuumed and take them out occasionally to hose them off to keep them clean. My D&A rugs have a lot of white in them, which is quite daring for a house with a man, a klutzy gal (me) and Golden Retrievers (well, one GR now). When they have gotten stained, I have just sprayed with a solution of bleach and water, let sit, and then rinsed. Looks good as new! Now, don't do this with other brands unless it specifically says that you can, but with the Dash and Albert rugs you care encouraged

Oh, and another note. From my experience the thinner waffle weave type rug liners do not hold down these types of rugs well. It's best to get the thicker rug liners (which will also give you a bit of cushion when working in the kitchen. HTH!

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I had the same question. My solution was to buy a plastic rug and a non slip rug pad separately from ebay.

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I'm glad this post popped back up. It motivated me to get going and look for some durable rugs for my kitchen & laundry room. I went on Dash & Albert's website & found a local store that carries them. I went yesterday & they had samples of almost all of the D&A rugs. What a great selection! I found several different rugs in my colors that will work for each area. The indoor/outdoor rugs are really nice.

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Another vote for Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rugs. We have a 30" by 72" (can't remember the exact length) and it looks great. They have beautiful colors and patterns. We haven't cleaned it yet so no info on that front.

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Another vote for a Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor rug in the kitchen. We have two -- a small one in front of the sink and a runner on the other side of the island. We love them!

Previously we had indoor, all-cotton Dash and Albert rugs in the kitchen and they got too stained from my messy cooking, despite frequent laundering. Our indoor/outdoor rugs, however, are carefree. And they don't look plastic.

I'm still searching for the perfect pad to use under the rugs.

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Re: on the capel website I couldn't get a hit for I/o rugs.maybe I misunderstood

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Idabean-Look under Quick Links on the home page. There is an Outdoor Rugs link there.

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