Do you put pulls on the 'fake' kitchen drawers ?

lovetoshopJune 6, 2009

If a kitchen has "fake" drawers under the sink just above the cabinets do you still put a pull/knob on them?


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If you mean that narrow tilt-out that some store sponges and pads, no. But if it is a false drawer front the same size as your other drawer fronts, I'd say yes. Otherwise, it looks like a false drawer front. I hope I understood your question.

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I have a pull on my tilt-out under the sink, as well, I have one on my other fake drawer front that's in the corner. I wish I had an actual drawer there, the KD (salesperson really) told me that it wouldn't work to put one in there, but I've been told since that I could have. (sorry, that was a bit of an aside)
dinkledoodle: How do you open the tilt-out if there is no knob/pull on it? Just curious.

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We never use it; it has a plastic tray that gets pretty nasty. But it has a push-type mechanism. You push against it and it tilts out a bit, then you push it again and it close.

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This is purely personal preference...there's no "rule" about it. We did not put them on...didn't see any reason to. I don't mind that it "...looks like a false drawer front..." With that reasoning, wouldn't you also put knobs on your decorative door panels? They're "false doors"....

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I did not put any pulls on anything that was fake. I did not want me or anyone else pulling on them. Glad I did it that way. That also goes for the panel under the cooktop.

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My response would be the opposite of dinkledoodle's. I did put pulls on my sink tip-outs because mine did not come with any other mechanism to open them. If I had put in false drawer fronts there instead, I probably would not have put pulls on them. As trudymom said, there's no point in having people yanking on the pulls trying to open them and such pulling could cause damage. Also, some people don't like having knobs or pulls in front of the sink because they get in the way of someone working there. I have never found this to be a problem, but I can see how it could be.

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We didn't put pulls under the sink or cooktop for the same reason as trudymom. When I asked our KD about it, she said it was totally personal preference.

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I put hardware on my fakes--I have 3 1/2 (the 1/2 is an unfinished space where I stash crayons and paper) due to not being able to take a wall all the way out as originally planned...these are in the middle of one of my perimeter runs and it would look extremely weird to not have hardware. I also have hardware on my sink tilt-out.

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Should add that I did NOT put hardware on the sides of the glass-doored "bookcase" at the end of my island--I thought that would look odd as they're obviously not cabinets.

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I did. All drawer fronts have knobs. I just like the way it looks better.

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We didn't. Personal preference.

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For those in the design phase, consider a 'full height door' cabinet instead of the standard sink base.

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My old kitchen had fake drawer fronts without handles, and the fronts had been pulled on as if they were drawers so often that after a while they fell out when anyone bumped them.

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