What are the pros and cons of a low-divide sink?

boone_2009June 22, 2013

We will be getting a new double bowl (equal sizes) under-mount ss sink; saw a Vigo online that has a low divide. DH is all for it but I have doubts about that divide. It seems to me to be a compromise between a standard divide in a double-bowl and one large, single bowl sink.
Also, it is 8 inches deep whereas a similar one with a standard divide is 9. With a high-arc faucet, will the low divide mean there will be some splashing outside the sink?

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I had this type of sink installed in my new kitchen. I have the arced faucet and haven't noticed any splashing out. I was a bit concerned that the lower divide would make the sink too shallow but I am finding it works really well. I am happy with my choice.

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I bought an Elkay SS 40-60 low divide for my upcoming renno. It is nine inches deep. I got it because I hope it will be best of both worlds. When I cook, I like to use one side of my sink as a "hot'' zone to hold meat. The low divide and larger bowl should allow me to wash bigger items.

I've never experienced excessive splashing with any faucet/sink combination. If it does happen with my new set up, I will just have to learn not to turn the water on all the way.

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I have the Elkay 50-50 AquaDivide. At 8" deep, under the 3cm granite, it is over 9" to the bottom. In fact, my 6' DstepS notices that he has to reach pretty far down into the sink. I wouldn't want it any deeper. There is no splashing from my arced faucet, though.

I do love it. If the washing side overflows, it just runs into the other side. Four inches is plenty of water to wash things in. When you wash baking pans, you can keep all the water in the sink, unlike with my old full divide. I wash my dog in the sink, and a full divide would have hit her tummy - the low divide lets her put two feet on each side. (I realize this is not a consideration for most people. I actually measured the distance to her belly when choosing a sink. That's TKO. Or TDO - totally dog obsessed.)

The only downside I have found so far is that the handles of skillets are on the divide when they are washed, and the divide is getting scratched. This is not a big problem for me - I expect patina. It's a working kitchen, after all, not a set for a movie. But some would not like this. It's possible that different types of SS would scratch less. Or you could try putting a dishcloth over the divide when scrubbing skillets.

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Thank you, cheryleb, LoPay and Ginny20.
Cheryleb: I was also concerned about the sink being shallow, so good to hear it's working well for you.
Ginny20: It's good to be TDO! Lol at the mental image of you measuring the distance to her belly :-).

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I only have a single sink, but I've heard that having a low divide allows you to have the separate sinks you want while also allowing you to place large handled pots/pans flat into one side, as the handle can fit over the divide onto the other side. With a high divide, larger pots/pans wouldn't be able to lie flat (or close to flat); you'd have to place them on their side.

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I have the Blanco Performa 1-3/4 sink. I prefer that to the equal divide. My sauce pans and frying pans all fit in the larger size without having the handle over the divide. The sink is 10 inches deep and the divide it 6 inches high so you can put water in one side up to 6 inches before it flows into the other side. I have my garbage disposal in the smaller side and that works great if you have items in the larger side. I also have a cutting board that fits over either side of the sink.
My largest roasting pan is just a fraction of an inch too big to fit flat in the bigger side of the sink as are my cookie sheets. I guess some people would consider that a con but it doesn't bother me. I dont use my large roasting pan very often and cookie sheets can just be washed by resting them on the divide. I do not have a prep sink so I would rather have the divided sink even if the cookie sheet can't fit completely in either bowl.
I happen to have a pan soaking in the sink right now so here is a shot of it.

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Badgergal I have that same pan!

What part of Wisconsin are you from? I'm in the 53705 zip code.

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Hi LoPay, we are practically neighbors. I live in the 53072 zip code area. Just a couple miles north of I94.

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Ruthie52: That makes sense. Many is the time I've struggled with large pots in my current high-divide sink!
Badgergal: Thanks for the pic. That's a beautiful sink - I'm going to look it up after I post this. Is the 10 inch depth measured from your countertop or from the sink's top? Do you find that depth comfortable?
Even your soaking pan looks beautiful - why do none of mine look like that?? ;)

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Why not just get a big single sink if you have big pans? Do you really fill it with water to soak? The part that typically needs soaking is usually the inside which holds soapy water all on its own....
I use a full sink to defrost chickens and such, and for that I use my smaller prep sink which takes way less water to fill.

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Boone- the 10 inch depth is just the sink, so adding the countertop in makes it about 11-1/4 inches to the bottom of the sink, So it is definitely a deep sink.
To be honest, I didn't give the depth of the sink too much consideration during the planning process. I knew I did not want a stainless steel sink or a solid surface one like Corian or Swanstone, so that narrowed my options quite a bit.
When I researchd Silgranit, I focused on the material and wanting double bowels. The sink is probably a bit to deep for my 5'5" and shrinking frame. Since my back hurts most everyday whether I am standing at the sink or working in the yard, I can't really judge the comfort of the sink but regardless, I love my sink.

If you do go with a deep sink like this and are going to install a garbage disposal make sure your plumber realizes how low the garbage disposal will be and because the drain lines may need to be adjusted. It wasn't a problem for my plumber but there have been some posts on here from others with this sink that had to lower their drains after they found this out. I have attached one discussion below and there are some others on this forum too.

Not sure if you need this picture but here is how my full size Insinkerator Evolution Pro looks under my deep sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: deep sink and garbage disposal

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I soak big pans by putting them on the counter next to the sink and filling them with the pull-down faucet. When I have something thawing or soaking in water on one side, I can continue to use the other side. If I really need deeper water, I can fill the whole sink up over the divider.

I think it was Marcolo who made the point that if you don't have a second sink, most people feel the need for a divided sink. Many people with a single large sink put a plastic dish pan in the sink for washing up, effectively creating a double sink so they can continue other tasks in the sink at the same time. A low divide just has a sort of permanent dish pan.

I got 50-50 because it worked best in my design, but I think 60/40 or 1/3/4 would be more functional, able to hold bigger pans without putting the handle over the divide.

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I have the same Silgranit sink and just had it installed yesterday with our countertop. That's a tight fit with the garbage disposal -- mine will probably look similar when it goes in later this week. They had to lower our drain pipe a couple weeks ago to make everything fit. I couldn't imagine having to work around that after the cabinets / countertops are installed.

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Will2kz: I don't have a second sink but I am so used to having a double bowl that one large sink just doesn't do it for me! I like the divide :-). But the low divide will be a first for me, hence my questions.
Badgergal: Wow, that is a deep sink! I have back ache too and scratched off all sinks deeper than 9 inches, as the undermounting will add another inch at least. Thank you so much for that pic - it is very helpful. We got the Evolution Premier 3/4 HP and your post reminded me to check its fit in the sink cabinet. Thank you also for that link.:-)
Ginny20" I've always soaked big pans the way you do and because I wanted to avoid doing that in my new kitchen, I started looking at low-divide sinks, one large sink and sinks with a 60/40 configuration. I didn't like the one sink, but the 60/40 was high on my list until I thought about the space needed on the countertop for the faucet, soap dispenser and air gap. The bigger bowl may take away some of the space, so I settled on 50/50 standard sink..until I came across the low divide ones.
Thanks, everyone.You are all so kind and helpful.

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