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scrappy25June 6, 2013

2 rounds with architects for kitchen expansion and the estimates are just too high for our neighborhood. So now I am thinking of renovating in the space that we have. Here are some of the alternatives I was thinking of. I have a 42" subzero fridge , a 30" wolf oven, and a 36" gaggenau induction (display models purchased during the recession) in my home waiting for the remodel. I can probably sell them if I can't fit them in. In the "double oven" area of the layouts I was thinking of putting a speed oven above the Wolf oven.

I'd especially like to preserve the view from the front hallway out the large window at the back of the eating area as we have a lovely back yard and that is what people always comment on when they enter the house.

My husband is adamant about keeping the dining room separate. We use it enough that I agree with that.

PS I have played with islands but the 10'4" does not seem wide enough for one.

NOTE:Notations for doors and opening to family room added to address comments raised by herbflavor and rosie in the first 2 comments below, thank you!

Plan A shows approximately the peninsula layout we currently have, with the cooktop and fridge moved to optimize the layout and include a real hood (currently, Jennair cooktop is in the peninsula with a downdraft). Instead of 12" deep cabinets on the eating area side of the peninsula, we currently have a 12" overhang but cannot realistically sit there with stools since we have a table with chairs. I added the 12" cabinets in this layout for more storage.
Ignore the cabinets outside the kitchen, they are the alternatives I was playing with.

Plan B shows the peninsula moved over about 12" toward the kitchen, narrowing the space inside the U to 5' instead of the current 5.5 feet. This has a 12" pullout cabinet beside the sink for trash. The cabinets on the eating area side of the peninsula would increase to 21" or 18" (24"+18"=42" wide peninsula) (alt. 21"+21"=42" wide). This would give my much needed storage.

Plan C shows a corner cabinet with a round lazy susan beside the sink but the trash would have to go under then sink. Again deeper cabinets added on the eating area side of the peninsula. as in plan B.

As you can see, each version leaves me with a 7' wide eating area. This is what we have now but without the cabinets on the eating area now, just a counter overhang We do fit a table with chairs in there now but no one really sits near the window, it is too hard to get to. In my diagrams I envisioned a banquette type seating area. One idea was to do a box bay bumpout to put a window seat in but that does not increase the 7' width of the eating area. If you have ideas for what to do with this area please post them!

Thank you in advance for your comments and advice.

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there is no mention of opening the space to any adjacent area in the home: perhaps a display of this whole section of the home would be helpful.It is a decent sized area to work with but a partial wall removal might give some flow.The 7 ft window would normally be a patio door I'd think[but is it ?]...the far wall of eating area might be a logical wall to do something with...on the other hand there are 3 door sketches on that lower wall in the eating area-what are they? and the narrow opening into the space by the fridge-it is very narrow-if it's the only entry into the space-that seems like something I'd want to think about ,before the question of which cabinets go where. Set aside worrying about the appliance sizes right now until you look at the space as a whole and figure out how to improve the home with the renovation by perhaps changing the integration of your kitchen since you are not spending on extra construction to add on.

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Hi, Scrappy. What are those door things on the wall opposite the bottom of the peninsula?

Well, I'm very fond a table right in the middle of the kitchen. So, unless the right-side windows had the only good, "nonnegotiable" view in that direction (and maybe even then), I'd run the sink counter right on across the wall to the right corner and set a charming table and chairs in the relatively spacious central area created.

If I had to replace the right-side windows, it'd be worth it to me, and I'd take the opportunity to redo that entire window wall to look really good. That whole outside-wall side of the L counter would have minimal uppers, maybe even none except perhaps at the ends.

Instead, I'd likely do shallow to not-so-shallow floor-to-ceiling cabinets across most of the right wall for storage.

How to arrange the appliances would be pretty open. The clearance to the doorway where the refrigerator is now looks a little tight (although in your current plans I like them there), so I'd probably move at least the refrigerator out. It could be replaced with a broom closet; but off the top of my head I really like the idea of moving the ovens too, if it could be done nicely, and building a handsome style-defining sideboard and hutch into that recess.

Of course, what are those unlabeled doors? :)

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OK, herbflavor and rosie, I have updated the notations on the layouts on the original post so you have a better idea of the big picture. The eating area is largely open on the right of the picture to the family room and a main thoroughfare to the back hall bathroom, sliders to back yard, and garage. I just can't make the old Ikea software depict that (and I'm not adept on any other layout software). The doors unfortunately are all necessary.
I'd especially like to preserve the view from the front hallway out the large window at the back of the eating area as we have a lovely back yard and that is what people always comment on when they enter the house. I have added this information to my original post.

Rosie, there is no room for a table in the middle of the room if cabinets are on the wall. With a 10'4" wide kitchen there is barely room for a 2 foot wide island with 36" aisles on each side when accounting counter overhang (2 foot counter + 3 foot aisle + 2 foot island + 3 foot aisle + few inches for counter overhang). I have decided against an island because the current 40" space in front of the basement door is needed for moving furniture in and out of the basement. A moveable island might be an option but I could not make a layout that would give me more storage space.

I realize this is suboptimal to shoehorn a kitchen and eating area into this space, but it is what we have had for 18 years since we moved in and I would explore ideas to optimize it in this space. For whatever it's worth the current kitchen has the 36" wide fridge (not counterdepth) where the cooktop and hood are, and the jennair cooktop with down draft on the peninsula. Double ovens and sink are in the same location.

thank you!

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aargh can't edit the title misspelling on the original post!

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I'd probably just have one banquette bench under the window and shorter as well with a round table moved to the right with seating in the form of chairs around the positions ...a round table suits this and seated people will unite the family room with kitchen but the people on a banquette with back to family room doesn't enhance anything. With table positioned a bit more to the right you will have a bit more space in kitchen for peninsula if you want that configuration....I would want a less deep peninsula..just start with a basic U ..stretch it out and you'll gain a cabinet to the right of sink...a peninsula at 30-33 in deep would be my've added depth to peninsula for storage because your appliances are taking storage space in the kitchen,most likely.Can the pantry be better optimized for storage? Can some china and glassware be stored in dining room? I wouldn't care for such an appliance heavy kitchen,but it's your preference....think about some of this.

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thanks herbflavor. There's a pretty defined divide between the eating area and the FR esp with the flooring change so it might look a bit funny to have table and chairs partially in both rooms but I am going to mock it up and live with it for a few days. Thanks for the idea!

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i think you need to crowd source the design of your room. you should try websites like where you can post a project to design your kitchen. i think you should also talk to appliance repair company like

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Repair Service Installation

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