Kitchen Layout - Help Needed with Drawers :)

xc60June 19, 2013

Hello GW members, I was needing some input regarding mostly the refrigerator wall cabinet layout on our new build.
The length of run is around 76" beside the fridge. Right now the KD has got two sets of pot & pan drawers 38" wide. I'm thinking they maybe too wide. I'm wondering if I should add a cabinet closest to the fridge and then some aprox 32" pot & pan drawers in the middle then another cabinet at the other end. Or would that be worse?

My kitchen now is laid out very similar now and have 74" on the fridge wall. I have three 16 1/2" drawers with cabinets under neath and just under 24" pot and pan drawers on the end. Measurements are aprox as I'm not too good at the whole figuring out thing, lol.

Here are some photos of the layout now and one of my existing cabinet run which layout I do some what like. We will not be doing the built-in coffee maker or microwave in the new kitchen. The dishwasher will be dishwasher drawers, and there will be a built-in trash pullout right of the sink.

Also wondering if it would look better to have three doors above the 36" range instead of the two?

Any help with layout would be greatly appreciated.

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Refrigerator wall.

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Range Wall.

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I'd have as many drawers as possible.
I don't see the number of drawers you list having matching what shows in the pics you've posted.

wouldn't it be better to have pots/pans drawers on either side of the range? I'd measure for 36" and see how that might work. you'll need to check wght of your pots/pans with max wght allowable for the drawers.

some of those deeper wide drawers could be used to store plastic ware.

I'd want drawers all the way down to the right of the sink. For things like scrubbies, dishcloths, dish towels etc

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Existing refrigerator wall in current home.

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Anyone else, please? :)

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It's easier to get stuff out of drawers than out from behind doors. But there are times when a door is best.

What you need to do is inventory what you have in your kitchen now, and figure out where it will go in your new plan. Pots and saucepans go in deeper drawers; frying pans in shallower ones. Cake pans and pie plates can go on their sides in a drawer, with dividers in between to keep them from falling over. Items can also be stacked in drawers.

I'm planning a drawer in my kitchen for rectangular canisters of sugar, flour, rice, noodles, oatmeal, etc. I measured my tallest container, and the cabinetmaker is building my bottom drawer to accommodate that size. Same with my Super Susan - one turntable will have enough clearance for my crock pot.

If you have items that you think would work best behind a door, put one in. You'll be much happier in the end if you decide what is going where, and what you need space for, and design around that.

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I think 38" is really wide, if you load a lot of heavy stuff in there will the middle fall out? Maybe you want a full height pullout pantry or two beside the fridge (or on the other end), that would take some inches away from the wide drawers and you'd still have enough of a counter run.

Consider your goals for the remodel - did you want improved storage, a different look? Your kitchen looks like an "after" not a "before" to me.

I like the 2 doors over the oven, they are nicely sized and the wall is symmetrical.

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