Reasonably priced chimney 48"x25" deep/1200CFM wall hood?

n123June 18, 2013

Do they exist? The most reasonably priced one I can find is made by KitchenAid: KXW9748YSS

The KA can be had for around 2k with an internal 1200CFM blower. Any opinions on KA hoods?

The complication seems to be the hood depth - there are a few that are under 24" depth that are reasonably priced but anything 24"+ is very very pricey.

There are tons of eBay that appear to be reasonably priced but I'm not sure how much of a gamble those are. Example no-name ebay hood

I really can't believe how much the hoods are.

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Check out Kobe hoods. I purchased my 48" 1100 cfm hood (Kobe RA0248SQB-1 ) a few years ago for around $1700 from I just checked and they are offering it now for $1600 with free shipping.

It is a really pretty chimney style, with baffle filters, and it's very quiet. Kobe hoods have a great reputation.

Good luck

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I was going to suggest Kobe also. I was all set to order one after months and months of hood research until I scored a clearance Rangecraft unit. Kobe has a good reputation here on GW (checkout the Appliance Forum) for good quality, high cfms, and reasonable pricing. IIRC, they don't make hoods deeper than 24". And yes, deeper than that gets into $$$.

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I'd also recommend Proline hoods. I didn't look to see if they have what you need specifically, but they are a high-quality hood company, with a great reputation and a QUIET blower.
Ours is still not installed, but I know someone else with one and she loves it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Proline range hoods

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home4all6, I found Proline hoods but it seemed like they were a little unknown (eBay frontend?) but maybe my research was sub-par. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these appear to be the same exact hoods:

I am partially tempted to just buy the eBay one and cross my fingers due to the huge savings. Which hood from ProLine did you end up with?


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What about Summit brand? Sales person from AJ Madison is recommending the Summit over the same price models from Broan or Zephyr. Maybe because the actually intake area is bigger on the Summit???




If you think I can get a much better unit for just $200 I can definetely go for it. But want to stay under $800.

There is this other one by Zephyr:

Kobes seem to be good, but are all over $1000.

Thanks so much

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Ok the links above don't seem to work Here they are again:




Others more expensive:



Thanks so much

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