42" sink base cabinet for apron sink...can I do 36" sink?

addycal75June 19, 2013

I am about to pull the trigger on my farmhouse/apron front sink. I am really on the fence and reaching out to the genius minds of GW. I have a 42" apron front base cabinet (inset/dynasty cabinets). I think we went that big because we had to center under the window and there is a dishwasher on the left. Anyhow, that is already done. My decision is, 36" farmhouse sink (which only leaves me with two choices right now and one is the Kohler Whitehaven which comes out really far and the other is the Shaws fireclay which freaks me out) or 33" farmhouse sink (which has more options and is not quite as giant). Is 36" giant? Will a 33" look silly with 42" cabinet? Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Sophie Wheeler

Why not do a 36" base flanked with two 3" decorative posts? Or even a 30" base with two 6" decorative posts.

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Sadly, because I didn't think of that:( and now they are on their way here and I have to problem solve a little bit (these are fun problems to have really). I think I have searched every apron front sink thread...fireclay vs. cast iron, single vs. double bowl, etc. The Kohler Whitehaven bulges out quite a bit. I'm curious if anyone minds that;is it hard to do dishes with that in your way? It does seem to drain really well compared to the Shaws sink. Thanks for your help.

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Holly- Kay

My Whitehaven is installed but not yet operational (plumber Monday). I did, however, belly up to the sink to simulate washing up dishes there and honestly it is fine. It feels way more comfortable than my old under mount sink. The Whitehaven is a glorious looking sink. I went with plain white and was worried that it would be blah but it isn't. The porcelain enamel is beautiful and the sink will probably be the star of the kitchen!

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My brand new 36 inch Whitehaven sink isn't operational yet but it's in the cabinet and I've stood in front of it and I think it's going to be awesome!

I also worried that it was going to be huge but it doesn't seem any bigger than the Kohler double basin I took out.

Good luck with your decision! For some reason, picking the sink was one of the hardest decisions I made. I got the smart divide Whitehaven which is a brand new model in Cane Sugar. It's very pretty and I'm excited about the way it looks in the my kitchen.

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addycal75-what did you decide to do?

I have a question for you and the rest of the GW community: how do you feel about your single basin apron sinks? I love the Kohler cast iron apron sinks and want to put one in our new kitchen but worry about losing the second basin....do you like the single, large basin? Is it hard to fill or less functional than the double basin sinks?

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I ended up with the kohler whitehaven 36"! Thanks for all of your help. The number of decisions is becoming overwhelming. I'm in the home stretch. I'm so grateful for all the input. The sink and cabinets will be installed Saturday. Fingers crossed that it comes together!

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For those searching for a sink...I must say that this Kohler Whitehaven 36" sink, single bowl...does not seem big at all. It sounds big and looks enormous in the box but it is not at all big. The sloping interior means that it does not look like a trough in my not so giant kitchen. I was worried it would look out of place. I will put up pics at some point. Everything is covered right now as the floors are being done. Hopefully next Friday all will be ready:)
Thanks for helping. Also, it fits great in the 42" and just needed some support. Don't we all?

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Everyone still pleased with their Whitehavens? I'm probably purchasing the 35 " /tall apron for my 42" inch base but my cabinet base is standard and my cabinet guy is just going to adjust my cabinets--add support and trim where necessary, shorten doors. Has anyone else done this?

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