Should I reject my countertops - please help!

lalalisa123June 27, 2013

I fell in love with White Macabaus Quartzite during my kitchen reno and was so excited about them being installed. Installation day turned out to be super stressful though because 2 of the 3 pieces were cut incorrectly. Here's a run down of the main problems (there are about 10 but here are the big ones)....
1. Because of the incorrect cut we've had to slide the sink slab piece over and we will try to cover that gap with a backsplash, our faucet now needs shifted over by drilling a bigger hole.

2. The slabs next to the cooktop where they planned to do a Bridge were cut incorrectly.

3. Now that they've come out and tried to fix our issues we just don't like the seams for the bridge. First of all they picked a piece with a ton of veining on one end and it just doesn't match up. I'll post a picture of this seam....

**Also, when they came out to try to "fix" things they scratched out countertop while drilling my airswitch hole and didn't even tell me. UGH! (had them come out and buff it out)

BC of all of the problems we told them we need to think it over and have not accepted the stone (they do have our deposit though).

At what point do we say this is unacceptable and send it all back? We feel as though we've gone to GREAT lengths to try to come up with solutions for the numerous problems. We are feeling run down by the entire process and aren't sure what to do.

Here's a picture of the seam I'm most worried about.... All of the color on the edge of the countertop is Epoxy that they died to try to look like a vein. What do you think??

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Another picture from a different angle

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Front view

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The part I love!

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to me this is not acceptable, It would bother me.. If I were you I would have them replace it with a new slab and you should get what you paid for not only the Quartzite but a quality install...hope all turns out well...

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The counters look beautiful but that bridge looks pretty bad. The blob of veining at the end isn't helping. The faux vein epoxy won't fool anyone.

Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that you knew all along that they were going to use the bridge. So I feel like you can't complain about the bridge per se but you can complain about it being so sloppy.

I definitely would tell them to redo the bridge. As far as the other problems, are the fixes acceptable to you? Or do they still bother you?

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I agree with deee. If the other problems are acceptable and in the end will be unnoticeable then consider those issues resolved, I would ensure the gap can be covered with a standard backsplash before accepting the gap.

I would have them redo the bridge though. I have White Macabus too, also with a bridge around the cooktop. As long as they have pieces remaining they should be able to find a better match for those seams. They need a piece that has little pattern at the seam edges. I think using that piece with the strong vein at the seam was lazy - someone not paying attention- which sounds like what happened with the whole counter fabrication!

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Definitely reject this -- a bad job from the beginning. Don't accept the "we tried to fix it, you are just hard to please" line either (if they try it). You have already accepted too many mistakes on their part. JMO.

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Holly- Kay

I wouldn't accept it either. I was fortunate enough to have my KD go to bat for me to have a new piece fabricated for my peninsula. They did a great job on the seams but it was a bad match. I believe that you got a bad seam and a bad match.

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Thank you everyone for giving me the confidence to stand up for myself and my kitchen. This was super helpful. To clarify, when we got the quote and signed the contract it was understood that we would have the cooktop as a cutout. Then, we I went to the store to go over where the seams would be they said they changed there minds to a bridge saying it would look great. I questioned them on it but went with there professional opinion. (I SOO wish I could go back now and push for the original plan! Lesson learned!) My husband and I both feel strongly that they tried to do this to keep more material so they could sell it.

My husband called this morning and let the owner know that we aren't happy with the seams. The other issues, although they've been annoying can be fixed. I held up my tile backsplash and it almost covers the gap....I talked with my contractor who says that once they put the material behind the tiles (blanking on the word!) that it will cover the gap. We are pushing for using the leftover material to redo the piece next to the cooktop. We are willing to try another bridge if it can be matched really well but are also hoping that a cutout is still a possibility, we'll see (there is plenty left over because we needed an entire slab plus just a little bit more of another). I'm so thankful we didn't settle and try to ignore those seams. Instead of loving my countertops I automatically look at the seems when I walk into my kitchen right now.

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muskokascp --- Could you possibly post a picture of your countertop and also your bridge seems?
Thanks so much!

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