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mrsmortarmixerJune 23, 2013

Mr. MM and I are celebrating our anniversary today. Always a great reminder that house renovations haven't driven us to divorce or murder. Yesterday, the girls went to stay with family to give us the night to ourselves, with strict instructions to relax and enjoy it. I'm pretty sure that meant go out to dinner at 4 pm to miss the dinner rush and spend the rest of the evening at home finishing up the kitchen. So that's what we did. Last two stools are ordered and I'm still trying to decide on lights and if I'll do a backsplash, but all of the trim and painting is done.

Got up early this morning, so proud of our accomplishments, and decided now was the time to start on some floor plans for the new addition. Hopefully ground will break sometime next year depending on dh's schedule. We're calling this the 5 year plan, so based on our calculations, it should be done about the time our youngest is graduating high school and we no longer need 4 bedrooms (sometime around 2028 lol).

We'll probably break it down into 3 larger projects so we can pay as we go. Of course we can't start anything until we have a plan, and we don't have one of those. Trying to keep the house liveable while adding on is proving to be the hardest part. Ideally, we'd rip off the old kitchen and pantry as well as the laundry and bathroom and do it all at once. But it's the only bathroom and there really is no place to put another even temporarily. We have a lot of playing around to do before we can draw up blueprints, but the extra space will sure be welcome.

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Happy Anniversary!!!! It's ours too. We spent ours trying to finish up a rental condo that's been taking way to long to complete. How exciting to plan a new renovation. Hope you come up with a wonderful plan for your next project.

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