Can You Recommend a Marble Sealant?

amck2June 15, 2012

I purchased a marble-topped island from the Crate & Barrel outlet today. Most of the reviews for this item were 5-star, but a few people had concerns about etching, and suggested applying a sealant.

Can those of you who have experience with marble countertops provide me with tips/products for protecting the finish? Thanks.

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I used Aquamix Sealer's Choice Gold, and it's worked fine. Did it a couple of years ago and haven't reapplied yet. Probably should, as the water doesn't bead up pertly around the faucet like it originally did. Still, the marble doesn't look any different in that area.

I don't know what's in that stuff, but it doesn't change the color or character of the marble at all, and seals well.

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We used STT's SB sealer on the White Thassos marble tile and mosaic tile in our bathrooms. Still looks great two years later.

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Stone Tech has a good one, but keep in mind that sealing marble will protect from stains, but not etching. There are a couple of products out there that can be applied to marble that are said to protect from etching. I have only seen one of them applied, and I thought it was like putting a plastic film on the marble -- kinda defeated the beauty of having marble in my mind.

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We used Miracle 511 in the blue container. I have used it many times on crackle tile, honed carrerra vanity top, and marble hex floors. All have been perfect with no stains!

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Sealant will NOT prevent etching. It only makes it a little more difficult to stain. Acids (lemon juice, vinegar etc.) will all still etch marble pretty much instantly.

This is why when you go for marble counter tops you want a honed finish, not polished, as etching is much less noticeable.

We're a year into use of our white marble counter tops in our kitchen and have etched them in a couple spots, chipped an edge by the sink and love them just as much as on day 1. Just part of the deal with marble.

For sealant Dupont Bulletproof gets rave reviews - it's what I use. Marble floors in 2 bathrooms, marble counters, marble vanity, marble back splash.

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another vote for miracle 511. and ditto comments on etching. it is a chemical reaction to acids, no amount of sealer will prevent it. you could hone the surface yourself if it is not aleady honed and that will minimize the visibility of etches. i use cutting boards strategically placed to limit the edging. so far this is helping and my counters are honed.

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Good morning,
I was looking for GardenWebber's Experience with the various marble sealers out, and of course, found this thread. It seems that there are many equally effective sealers, and perhaps choosing the one that is most readily available in my greater area is the way to go?
We will be installing Carrara on the sink run, polished, nonetheless. And I am fine with the etching, although I anticipate being waaay overprotective initially :D
We have had a rather large remnant living to the left of the existing sink for 5-6 weeks now, so I kind of know what to expect.
I am nervous about the effect our somewhat hard water will have around the sink and faucet. The usual cleaners will damage the marble in process of removing mineral build-up. I will find my way in dealing with this. Maybe better habits (wiping up after using the sink, every time), ha ha.
It's very difficult to get honed marble here, price of living in the boonies. That's ok, it's a trade off, and I imagine in time, this will change as well.
So, after this long-winded ramble, all advice is always welcome :)

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