Which kitchen sink brand good? Elkay, Kohls, Dawn..?

pradsJune 11, 2012

Hi All

I had a previous post asking for double or single bowl sinks. Now Ive to also decide on the brands. Could you please refer to a good brand which drains well and stands up well.

I want a 31-32" undermount sink. Budget is around $200-400. Can be $500 if its really good and recommended.

Please please let me know.



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Stainless? Silgranit? Cast iron?

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Stainless steel

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I like my undermount SS Elkay just fine. I got it because it was the size and shape I needed, but I had no hesitation. My old SS sink was 50 years old, and it was Elkay. A lot of people like Ticor. I honestly don't know if there is a whole lot of difference between the brands in a similar price range, as long as they have the same type of SS and a reasonable gauge.

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In my recent kitchen remodel, I sought a reasonably priced large single bowl undermount SS sink of good quality at a reasonable price. Eventually I chose a sink from Acri-Tek ( a lesser known Canadian company - see them at http://www.acritec.com/products/kitchen/steel/index.html ) on special order from my local Home Depot. This sink was about half the price for the same quality as other more famous brands (I do live in Canada) - it has been installed now a couple of months and has been perfect for my needs.

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If you are looking for a good quality stainless steel sink, I would definitely suggest MR Direct. I have ordered 3 sinks online from them and they are fantastic. The s.s. kitchen sink was around $84 plus shipping. You can't beat it.

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Thanks to GW and Buehl I have the S405D large two bowl sink with the grids in the bottom. LOVE it! We bought ours on Overstock.com. I did not have the rim brushed and like it shiny. Some on here get the rim brushed as an option. They seem to be a great value...

below is a link to a discussion on the ticor sinks:


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We are very happy with our Julien sink. At the time (2006), it was priced comparably, maybe even a little less than, a similar Blanco sink (which, along with Franke sinks, was the big name in sinks back then). Julien sinks are 16g, and the Blanco was 18g, so that contributed to our choosing it. I have no idea how their pricing is now, but would definitely consider them again.

Depending on size/configuration/style you want, you might want to look at Artisan sinks. When my parents had their kitchen "refreshed" a few years ago, the contractor supplied an Artisan sink. I had done a quick Google search for my parents, and all the Artisan sink reviews were positive. Price point seemed reasonable, too.

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I agree with PP, the brand doesn�t matter as much as the gauge and mix of SS along with the insulation. You can always add some more spray foam if you think it needs more sound deadening.
How fast it drains will have more to do with your drain pipes than the sink.
How deep do you want it? Is the 31 interior measurement?
The sink I just picked up looks like I�m going to like it, but it will not be installed for a month or so. It is 29.5-30 inside. Comes with a ss small sink to use for washing items when you want a double bowl, a strainer and cutting board that all fit on the sink. It�s and American Standard, from Lowes we got it for $169 but most stores have it for $260.

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Than u forthat MrDirect recommendation....that's what I needed

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The difference to me is that Elkay places signification emphasis on their finish. I believe it is called Lustertone, which I have found to be easy to clean, hides scratches and looks as new as the day I bought it.

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Rachiele, LLC

My vote is for Julien and Elkay. Julien is a bit more refined than most, with regard to finish. Best to look for sinks made in the USA, Canada and Europe. I have seen sinks made in China that rust. Many US companies have their sinks made in China, so you must ask where the sinks are made.

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I did a lot of research to find the perfect sink to coordinate with my modern kitchen design. I wanted a single bowl with small radius corners and was between a Franke Professional 19 mm corner, Elkay Avado 15 mm corner or a Blanco Precision 10 mm corner. I had read that sinks manufactured in China might be prone to rust stains so I definitely want to stay away from them. I decided on the Elkay Avado and felt confident that Elkay is manufactured in the US in Chicago. You can imagine my surprise when I happened to go under my sink after it was installed and found a large Made in China sticker on the bottom. I was horrified. Now I wish I chose one of the other sinks both of which are high quality and manufactured in Germany. A friend of mine has a Franke sink and it still looks brand new after many years of use. My Elkay is harder to maintain and I thought it would be easier since it a little brushed. It often looks dull and spotted and I am diligent with cleaning after use. So disappointed but it's too late now.

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Check out Lenova. They have really nice 16 g ss sinks with sound pads in zero, 1/2 inch or traditional radius.

I really like their PermaClean sink (same thing as Seamless Sink but cheaper-- they actually OEM manufacture for Seamless according to the FAQ on the Seamless website). Not sure if that Seamless/Permaclean drain is a gimmick or not but it looks nice. Almost went this direction but opted for Blanco Silgranit Super Single Diamond in the end so I could have more space under the sink base due to the right rear offset drain.

Lenova is in Illinois and sell big singles for $400-800 depending on the model. Available on eBay, Qualitybath.com and Amazon to name a few.

Good luck!

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