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AboutToGetDustyJune 12, 2012

So we hired a well-respected contractor that does a lot of large projects and some small ones (our project is on the small side for them). It's a company with people on the payroll instead of all the subcontractors outsourced. Pros and cons. The project manager seemed nice and organized...but he left for another job last week and the very skilled carpenter is taking over as the new project manager. Ok, fine. But the carpenter discovered that the old project manager messed up and measured wrong! Double ugh. With such a small kitchen, it's quite annoying to have six inches of wasted space...with my space constraints and placement of the window (not in the budget to change the window), he spread out the six inches on either side of the sink base. So bummed. Hoping there are no more bummers...sorry, I'll get off my soap box now! Just needed to vent.

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Here's the latest picture of the cabinetry in progress. Also disappointed that we can't remove that soffit above the sink. If we decided to do it, we'd have to gut the two upstairs bathrooms! (not happening)

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With 6" you could get a pull out but maybe your sink would not be centered on the window.

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If the old PM measured wrong, why isn't the general contractor he worked for buying whatever new cabinets you need to make the project right? It was their mistake so they should fix it at their cost, including the cost of expediting a new cabinet being made and delivered.

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Ditto what Rainwood said. Their mistake. They should mark it right.

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Ditto. I'd be overjoyed with that extra 'found' 6 inches. Means that you can get a bigger cabinet and, best of all, a bigger sink!

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Definitely have a talk with the project manager and go over the drawings again. Sometimes, an assumption is made by the installer based on the materials at hand and the "norm" rather than a customization that you've arranged for. I found many things that weren't communicated to the installer. This is your small space, not theirs, you've got to work in it. you need every inch. I had a whole wall of cabinets removed and put back in to recover 4.5 inches! It was absolutely necessary.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Rather than split the difference, you may be able to get something into that extra 6"...we had some space left over by the sink and used it for a towel holder cabinet. It's very convenient and we like it.

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I agree - it was his mistake and he should fix it. It's so much easier just to let it go, but I think it will bother you, knowing you could have that missing space.

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Debbi Branka

I think they should replace that cabinet too. Their mistake; you shouldn't lose 6" of space.

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Sounds like a great space for cookie sheets/platters or I love the pull out dish towel feature.

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Thanks! It will drive me crazy if the sink is 6" off center from the window, so 3" on each side doesn't do much for me. I am considering a bigger sink and cabinet - would a 36" sink cabinet and 35" sink look too big in that space? Another consideration is that with living in this small house under construction with little children...with no access to our basement we have a long list of food allergies so meal preparation out of a microwave and and fridge is making some of us quite's so tempting to just brush it off in favor of getting my kitchen back without a two-week delay. Thanks, everyone! Decisions, decisions...

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Kathy Rivera

While i agree they should fix it, if you really don't want to wait you can do 3" pullouts. I just measured my ziploc snack and sandwich bag boxes and they would fit in a 3" pull! :) As would tin foil/plastic wrap. Have the company eat the cost of buying/installing those.

They also make some with pegboard inserts - you could hang BBQ tools or other random utensils that you don't use all the time. (FYI, picture in link is probably showing a 6-9" pullout, so don't think you'll be getting a saute pan in 3"! :) )

Here is a link that might be useful: Peg Board filler

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Thanks! Love the peg board pullout idea! I'll have to ask Schuler - semi-custom not custom but I'll cross my fingers something exists. Carpenter didn't think door hinges would fit, but I'll have to ask him about a pull-out...

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Here are two 3" pullouts from Rev-A-Shelf

Pegboard, item # 434-BF-3SS:

Shelves, item # 432-BF-3C:


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Love the 3" pullouts! I'm book marking that one!

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Thank you soooo much! Smiling now :-) Carpenter is going to make these, one for each side, to fill each 3" gap. Woo hoo! I get to use the space, and not have to drag out this draining process another two weeks.

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I guess my first thought would be, if you can't get rid of the soffit, lower the ceiling to match. My Dad did something similar in his kitchen remodel. The original ceiling was 9' and he lowered it to 8'. He just ran 2x4s across it and we attached the drywall to it.

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Just curious about how those pullouts pull out. Do they scrape along the floor? Do you have to lift them as you pull, then let them down, or what?

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Looks like they pull out like larger pullouts - on a track. So I can't imagine them scraping along the floor. I think you just pull the whole thing out on the track. Schuler had a larger spice rack pullout (we didn't get it) but I saw the sample at Lowes and it worked great.

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