Will this look odd? 30" sink in a 36" cabinet

harpswellJune 5, 2013

We're about to order the 30-inch Whitehaven Kohler sink with the short apron rather than the 36 inch. Our cabinetmaker said he'd still keep the base cabinet 36 inches. He's been making good suggestions all along, but why stick with the 36 inch base. Has anyone done this?

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I am curious why you're ordering the 30" if you have a 36" cabinet? The 36" would fit.

I actually had the exact same plan to do the same, 30" Whitehaven in 36" base, I thought the 3" on either side of the 30" sink would look nice, I tend to like the look of the apron front being centered in a wider cabinet.

However, I have read several people on here say their one regret with that sink is getting the 30" instead of the 36, as the actual useable inner part of sink is more like 24" I think.

So, I think I've decided to go with the 36. I'm a little disappointed I might not have that look of the sink centered in a larger cabinet, but I hope having the larger sink makes up for it. I'm contemplating stealing an inch from the cabinets on either side of sink to make a 38" base for my 36" sink, but Im still thinking about that...!

Back to your actual question though, sorry to go off on my own issue!...I don't think it will look funny, I think it'd look nice, though if its an option for you, I might consider putting it in a 33" base and gaining 3" elsewhere?

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