Question about sink base cabinets and Apron front/farm sinks

jb1176June 21, 2008

This question really shows my ignorance, but are sink base cabinets specially designed for apron front sinks or farmhouse sinks? I was wondering whether a standard sink base cabinet simply has the top of the front above the sink base doors removed to use one of these sinks? I like these sinks, but since we are not replacing our cabinets I wasn't sure whether we could use an apron front sink. The existing sink base cabinet is the standard Merillat classic cabinet.

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Yes, they are specialized sink bases. The doors are shorter, because the sink fronts are exposed, and are deeper than the fake drawer panel on most sink bases. They also have a platform inside for the sink to rest on. If you want to retrofit a farm sink into your home, you would need to replace your countertops with a solid surface like granite, but you could just remove the sink base entirely and build a platform for your sink. Harvest the wood from your sink base doors to create fillers to surround it, and hang a curtain below the platform to hide the plumbing. That's how most farm sinks were done originally. They didn't have a cabinet to rest in. They rested on a platform with a curtain or were wall hung.

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The above information is accurate, except that they don't necessarily come with the supports needed for the sink. It's not a big deal for a carpenter to fabricate this onsite, UNLESS you want the wood finish to match; any carpenter can make the bracing/rails from framing lumber. The cabinet manufacturers ought to sell this cabinet with the face frame loose- it makes it very easy to scribe it perfectly to the sink without having to handle a) a heavy, unweildy cabinet or b) the super-heavy sink.
That's what I did.

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With the platform inside the cabinet that the sink rests on, is there any room for storage under an apron sink? Please show pics if you can.

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jb1176--The IKEA Domsjo sink might work in a retrofit situation like yours.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dmsjo

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Circus Peanut

There's quite a bit of room under there - it's just a little lower than a drop-in sink space. Here's mine, in a standard height cabinet before we put the doors on and installed the garbage disposal:

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I have almost NO room at all under mine.

The garbage disposal just about fills it. In fact, if you look closely on the left door you can see the black marks were it rubs against the inside of the door. The GC had to rout out some relief to get the door to close completely. I also had to carefully wrap all the hanging cords around the drain pipe to clear a bit of storage space above the pipe for the fertilizer and watering bottle for my plants.

Still, I got the sink and the look I wanted that has the sink sitting forward, seemingly on the legs (that's what brought the disposal up against the door).

Think about what you want under there. I could have gotten a smaller disposer (I compost so use it infrequently). And I don't use a lot of cleaners. I also don't have things under there like instant hot water or a soap dispenser -- just the guts of an airswitch. If you want those things think about where they'll all go.

All in all I'm very happy with the look and the storage works for me. But you should be aware going in that it's sparce!

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I have a 36" wide deep sink base, a 30" wide Shaw's sink sitting on a plywood platform (the cab installer put in the platform onsite), a ISE Evolutiion Compact disposal and plenty of room underneath. HTH.

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Does anybody have an RO water filter system under their farm house sink? It takes up quite a bit of room.

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The kohler whitehaven short apron model works with standard sink base cabinets. The are some specs that will need considered, but the are a few size options.

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Sophie Wheeler

Yeah, but six years ago when this was posted, the Whitehaven didn't exist. It was a smart move by Kohler to create something that could be retrofitted in an existing sink base.

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Wow, didn't even look at the date on the original post, ha!

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I figured out that the RO system will fit under there if I just move the filter set down.

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