New (to me) Spice Storage Idea

jeriJune 4, 2013

I love the spice storage threads, but I don't think I have seen this one before. I have a small walk in pantry with one shelf full of spices in one of those stair step configurations which works well for me. However, this idea would free up that shelf for more oils and vinegars! :-)

These are those mop and broom holders readily available at home improvement stores.

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What a smart idea. I don't think I have seen it either. Love it. Peke

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I have something very similar, except that they were actually made for spices. I got them many years ago, and I don't think they are made anymore (or at least I haven't seen them. A very clever idea.

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I had some from Amazon in the old cabinets. Loved them, until the arms started breaking off :-(

Here's one source:

Here is a link that might be useful: Spice holders

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Say, I have a holder laying around the garage like that made of metal; you can even adjust the tension with a screwdriver. I'm going to try it! Stellar idea!

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Excellent idea, Jeri! I've seen those things in metal but didn't realize some would allow adjusting the tension.

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I can see us wandering through the cleaning and hardware departments, spice jars in hand, trying all the holders.

that is a really good idea ... if I can think of a place to put the holders.

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Question: BUT does anyone have problems with these on the door, and when closing the door the jars bump into the stuff inside your cabinet? It seems to me that you aren't saving any space if you have to push back things and you can't store items (cans/bottles) right up to the front edge of the cabinet?

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Sara - sometimes it's more about organization than it is about saving space. You have more right at your fingertips rather than trying to rummage through the cabinet to try to find what you need - you have two surfaces that are at your fingertips

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Would it hold square spice jars as well as round securely?

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