Pull down faucet/sprayer: Yay or Nay??

Weedpuller1954June 22, 2013

Counter tops finally installed, and when we started to install the old faucet, the sprayer broke, and then realized the faucet was rusted out inside. So need to get a new faucet. I haven't really looked at faucets, as I assumed we would use the old one, which I really like. It is high arc, single handled with a separate sprayer. Since I am going to have to buy a new one, I am looking at the pull down sprayers. My DS and DIL have one, and I am not too fond of it, but I thought a different style or model might work better. So......what is the GW wisdom on the subject? Do you have one that you really like? Is there a brand or style that you prefer? Would you recommend the pull down, or stick with the separate sprayer? Thanks for all input, opinions, ideas!

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Holly- Kay

My old faucet was leaking terribly and we did a total reno so we needed a new faucet. I never had a pull down or pullout before. When I went to our plumbing store I tried the pull down style and was immediately sold on it. It will be installed Monday.

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I've had the "wand" version and a pull down high arc faucet sprayer. The wand style wasn't as flexible because I was always maneuvering a longer piece of metal around the sink. In addition, it was a really cheap faucet installed by the previous owners, so that may have had something to do with it. I recently installed a Delta high arc pull down (can't recall the style, but it was a Home Depot "exclusive"), and it's pretty neat to have the weighted hose, a magnet pulling it back up to keep the sprayer on, and it's easier to spray out the sink or wash fruits and vegetables up close with a smaller sprayer.

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I have the Delta Trinsic and love having a pull down sprayer. I like that it has a magnet to keep it securely in position when pushed back up. Getting the pull down sprayer is one of my favorite things in my kitchen.

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I love my pull-down sprayer. I've had the pull-out wand style in the past (agree it's not flexible enough for some uses) and the separate sprayer (which I found I almost never used).

Think about how you use your sprayer and decide which type will work best for you!

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duplicate - link issues


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weedpuller - what do you NOT like about your DS/DIL? Have you been able to determine exactly what bugs you about it? My mom has a pull out and I have a pull down. After using both I much prefer pull down. I find it much easier and more ergonomic to use.

We changed out our faucet a year ago - had the old builders special with a side sprayer. Never used the sprayer - found it to be a total pain in the neck, hose didn't retract well, nozzles clogged easily etc etc.. We chose a high neck pull down with a magnetic dock - the delta addison. I love it. It's probably my most favorite thing about our kitchen face lift and I'd definitely do it again. I love that I can pull it down and with a quick tilt of the wrist easily clean out the sink. It retracts and docks easily. Because I am able to easily maneuver it I find I have fewer splatters/water messes as well.

Like cathy said - find what you like!


edited to fix link

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Addison Pull Down

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We have a Moen pull down that we installed in our old kitchen when we moved in because the faucet needed replaced. It was the first that I ever worked with a pull down and I really like it - way better than the separate sprayers and better than the pull out.

Some have mentioned about having the magnet to hold the faucet head - our Moen doesn't have that, but we haven't had any issues with it reseating where it's supposed to be when we are finished using it. There is a weight that you attach to the hose portion below and that is what keeps the faucet head up where it's supposed to be.

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Here is my pull down faucet- it says it's designed for single hole, but it worked fine on my four hole with the included face plate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Deluca

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I have a pull down single handle and it is likely to be the only kind of faucet I will every have. The separate sprayers have never worked that well for me. I've had several inthe [past and they had diversion problems so you didn't get good pressure and they seemed to be twice as prone to leak on both ends as well as in the middle.

I am also wondering what you don't like about the ones you've used. I have a Waterhaus and a Grohe. I thought the Grohe had a spray that would stay on without holding it, but it doesn't. It is at the prep sink and it isn't really a problem to hold it down while rinsing the produce that does better with a spray since you are holding the head anyway -- it just wasn't what I expected. I either had faulty research or remembered something wrong, but it works well for us and I'm happy with it now. It is a better faucet for DH because of the way the head fits into the neck.

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Thanks for all the input, and the links. Now that I think about it, my problems with DS/DiL's pull down probably was related to improper installation....but I won't point any fingers.

Looking in to all the possibilities now! And I thought I was done with kitchen decisions. Ahhhh...It never ends!

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I have a Delta pulldown that I've been using for about six months and absolutely love the functionality and convenience. Never had a pulldown before, and hope never to be without one again.

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Love my pulldown Hansgrohe. Spec'ing the same one in the new build. Works perfectly.

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Absolutely love my pull down faucet/sprayer!!!! Yay. I have Delta...because of the magnet.

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Absolutely love my pull down faucet/sprayer!!!! Yay. I have Delta...because of the magnet.

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I also have a Grohe and don't like that the spray doesn't stay on if you don't press the button. I like having both hands free with the spray on. It didn't dawn on me to research that part of it.

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OK.....I've looked at several online. However, DH is protesting, saying the pull down style will have lower water pressure, and also is less durable than the faucet with separate sprayer. Any one having problems with water pressure or leaking?

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The water pressure thing was absolutely false in my case. It sprays out more than my other faucet did (hence the replacement).

Faucets don't last forever- why deal with something you don't like to save $50? (Or whatever it saves).

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Another vote here for the Delta pull-down (Leland) with the magnet dock. Even though we are in CA and have the water-saving option we don't have a problem with water pressure, especially on the spray setting. I really like the looks and functionality of the faucet, especially the magnet dock and the fact that the spray/stream is on a toggle switch so it doesn't change if you turn off the water. We have had it for over 3 years and not a single problem. Although he didn't express much interest in the selection, now that it is in my DH LOVES using this faucet - so maybe this is TWO votes.

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I would never get a separate sprayer - too many holes at the sink, more to clean around, and the pressure is never as good as the spray in an integrated faucet sprayer.

One more thing to consider - that is a pull-out faucet instead of a pull-down faucet. You should look at both styles in a store. Some people can get backache when doing a lot of handwashing at the sink, because they reach toward the back of the sink to rinse things under the pull-down faucet. That makes the back have to bend more, which causes back strain after a while. The pull-out faucet has longer reach toward the front of the sink so the back doesn't need to have that slight bend to rinse under it. Even a few inches makes a difference. Not everyone has this issue, just some people. But I thought I'd mention it, and I'll link a thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Back Strain at the Sink

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yay on pulldown. We have it on our prep sink too which becomes my "pot filler" if you will. Works great.

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I wanted a separate sprayer ... SO wanted single handle, pull-out sprayer and soap and lotion dispensers. But the sink only has room for a single-hole ... and I really loved the sink. The big one at IKEA with the drainboard.

I mumbled and grumbled and ended up with a single side-handle high-arc pull-down sprayer. I think it's Price Pfister's knock-off of the Delta, but I'd have to find the paperwork.

And it's quite convenient. I can pull down the faucet, turn on the water and trigger the sprayer if I want to, all with one hand.

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Delta high arc with MAGNET....love it....

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Don't know exactly what it is called, but what about that hi-arc faucets that have the spring wrapped around the neck that docks in a little arm that sticks out? The entire faucet is a sprayer without the mess of the pull out part. Seems to me the better design.

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I have a Moen pull-down with Reflex, which is what they call their self-seating design that came out in 2011. It's great, and Moen has a good lifetime guarantee; they replace parts for you. I like that it has spray-hold, where the toggle switch puts it in spray until you either switch it back or turn off the water. Spray-hold is especially useful for things like bathing my dog and defrosting things in colanders.

I love not having to clean around lots of things in the counter.

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I resisted faucets with a pull down sprayer for a long time because I had concerns that there would eventually be a problem with the sprayer head reseating itself properly and I'd have a sprayer head constantly falling into my sink. I broke down about a year ago and purchased a hi- arc faucet from Home Depot. The Delta Leland. I love that thing! Even my husband, who never expresses an opinion on anything loves it :) I tended never to use the side sprayer in any of my older type faucets I've had over the years as they were just unwieldy or inconvenient, but the drop down faucet is so handy! You can select spray or stream at the push of a button and it stays there until you change it. I have no problems with water pressure (if anything, the spray might be a little too forceful!) and it has a magnet to keep it seated in it's proper position. No problems with leaking either. I even installed it myself so it's not difficult to deal with! I don't think you'll regret choosing a hi-arc faucet with drop down sprayer. Delta is a decent brand, with a nice warranty and doesn't break the bank!

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No issues with leaking here. Mine also does have a toggle so you can press for spray and it will stay on spray until you press for stream (you don't have to hold the button down). It has a 'boost' that is supposed to give you a touch more water output but I don't find it to be noticable and never use it-don't need it. The spray is pretty powerful for rinsing both the sink and various dishes with food 'stuck' on. I think it does a fine job.

Why does dh think it will automatically lend itself to less pressure - the arch?

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I was just chatting with a Delta rep online and I asked if the Delta single handle high arc faucets could be mounted with the handle in the front and I was told that none of them can. I know they all have a 360 degree spout swivel, so did any of you mount the handle in front instead of on the side. I just wonder if it really can't be done.

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The only think I miss about a separate sprayer faucet is an old April Fool's joke - wrap a rubber band around it to keep the trigger compressed, aim it, and wait for someone to wander over and turn it on :)

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I also have a delta pull down, I don't remember the name of it, but I do like it much better than my old pull out. I can tell you that the box will say stainless but mine read more of a brushed nickel, something to be aware of if the type of metal is something that concerns you.

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Thanks for the information on this thread. Dh and I had decided to go with the pull down faucet/sprayer in the kitchen in our new house. I was intrigued by the idea, but - which one to go with? This morning I had to finalize the plumbing for our new house and I confidently went with the Leland. It really does seem like a reliable faucet that won't break the bank. Anyhow - it's a relief to know we'll have a good faucet in the kitchen.

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Another fan of the pull-down faucet (just replaced a pull-out and am glad we did). For those with water pressure issues, my GC took a "water saving device" out of the faucet after it was installed (it looked like a small screen) and increased the pressure. Works like a charm (Hansgrohe brand).

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The thing to look for in a pull down sprayer is how firmly the hose is attached to the base faucet. This is the Achilles heel of many pull-down models.

In a regular faucet, water is delivered through a metal (hopefully not plastic) spout, and the spray is alongside in a separate unit. If the spray hose breaks, you still have water from the spout of the faucet.

In a pull-out/pull-down all water is delivered through the hose. So it it breaks you are out of business entirely.

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Haha tracie, I did that joke on my husband a few years ago (except I used clear tape so you couldn't see it was rigged). He never did turn the faucet on until the next morning before he left for work. All his co-workers thought it was hilarious too. My husband, not so much. But he had found the humor by the time he got home that night. I have been waiting for a long time to see what he was going to do to get me back.

We chose a Moen pull out faucet. I prefer a pull out to a pull down. Plus I really don't like the look of a high arc faucet. Moen has a lifetime guarantee. One of our faucets had a little spot in the finish about the size of the pointy end of a needle that (I think) was on there since it was installed. I finally called about it 2 years later and they sent the piece out immediately with no fuss about it at all.

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In response to OldTimeCarpenter's post, the fact is that side sprayers are much more prone to problems, leaks, lack of pressure, spray turning into dribbles, hose failure, and breakage than the faucets themselves, or faucets with integrated sprayers. Ask any plumber.

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Pull down faucets are super functional and concerns about water pressure are a non-issue if you check the flow rate of the faucet you buy. The maximum allowed is 2.2 gallons per minute -- go from there. Of course, it also depends on the pressure in the house.

Most every brand has pull down faucets today. The issues IMO are: how much plastic vs metal is in the faucet, does it sit firmly in the fitting when retracted, and is there a spray lock button.

After that it's a matter of style, size of the pull down head and how it feels in your hand, type of control and placement, and price, of course.

Some faucets can be mounted with controls facing forward; others must be on the side. I always check the spec/download sheet for each faucet I've looked at to be sure.

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Thanks everyone for your input. DH made "executive decision" and bought the type of faucet he wanted: Moen Waterhill, separate high arc faucet, handle, and sprayer. It is beautiful, but ...... Any way....It will be installed this evening, then maybe the dishwasher! I may have a semi-functional kitchen by the 4th of July.

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Sorry....server error....duplicate post

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Who uses the faucet the most?

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Buehl, I am "chief cook and bottle washer" at this joint, but all is moot since the separate faucet/handle/sprayer is now installed. However.....while DH was under the sink doing the install and I was assisting, he handed me a bowl with about a quart of water in it from the drain he had just disassembled to gain access. I dutifully poured the water into the sink and down the drain....onto his head!! I SWEAR it was an accident!!!

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weedpuller - you need to post a pic...of the faucet not of dh with water in his face. ;) You did catch that accident on camera right? Hehehe!

Congrats on one decision down. It's hard.

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Autumn, I will try to get a pic of the new faucet soon. Unfortunately, I missed the great photo op of dh because I was trying (unsuccessfully) to suppress laughter!

Off topic: My 10 month old grand daughter is named Autumn.....She is my little Sweet Pea, and is really enjoying exploring the new kitchen!

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Connie K

I have never liked the separate sprayer because of the lack of water pressure and the difficulty of retracting the hose. I currently have the pullout style, and was immediately disappointed in the contortions one has to go through to angle the spray at certain parts of the sink. My favorite spray option was the separate swivel sprayer I purchased and attached to the end of the standard faucet that came with the house. Maybe that's why I'm so disappointed with my pullout, because that little $5 sprayer did everything, and I thought the pullout would be an improvement on that.

When we redo our kitchen, I want a new faucet, but in my research, it seems that all of the pullouts have some kind of issue with being able to easily reach all sides of the sink. So now I'm looking at the pulldowns, but I'm concerned about water splashing where it's not supposed to when using it as a regular faucet. I never thought about the pulldown retracting properly, or that spray option staying in that position without holding a button. Plus, I don't like the look of the pulldowns, and just think that high arc will be in the way.

It doesn't sound like any of you find the high arc to be a negative, but I just wish I could use one for a day to see what I think of it.

I also don't like the side handle, or the handle being in a separate hole. Why don't manufacturers ever make something with all the features I want????

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What about the touch technology? Is that just another thing to break or go wrong? Does anyone have that and like it? Do you use it?

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