KAW Family Pizza Night

mrsmortarmixerJune 17, 2013

Although still unfinished, we've been working hard in the kitchen since temporary countertops went on. Every Monday is pizza night and the kids are always more than happy to help out. Everyone but my youngest opted for stuffed crust. She doesn't like cheese, so sauce and pepperoni only for her. It has been so nice having the island. In the old kitchen, there was only one space large enough for one person to roll out dough. Now there is room for all five of us. So dh made the big pizza, the girls each made a personal pizza, and I made stuffed bread with the leftover dough. It's nice to be able to have everyone in there and still have space to allow the adults to move around and help out.

They aren't beautiful and there is no specific recipe. But it keeps my kids entertained for a good thirty minutes and it's cheap to make. Definitely worth the mess.

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Now THAT'S how you make memories! Sounds like all the aggrevation your remodel is causing is well worth it :-)

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Beautiful family and yummy pizzas! What could be better on a Monday night? :)

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Looks great! I really enjoyed making pizzas together as a family. I would think you would want more topping choices though:)

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Definitely worth the memories, although I still enjoy nights when dh is home and keeps them entertained out of the kitchen.

BrianVarick- Late getting home, so we rushed it. Plain pepperoni is always the favorite though.

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That is great!!
I am trying to master pizza 101 - I determined pizza dough defies gravity and ends up everywhere - but doing better - by the time those kids grow up - they will be tossing the dough in the air!!

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Looks like fun! That's the important reason for a kitchen, isn't it?

Haven't made a pizza in a long time...

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What special family time! And who cares what it looks like -- it's how it tastes that counts!

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Great pics ! So glad you are getting to share the kitchen with the kids and for sure they are enjoying it. We love it when our grown kids are home with us and we have all congregated in the kitchen to laugh and slice and dice. We are now going to have grandbaby 10 minutes away and not 10 hrs. He loves the kitchen so it is going to start again with a new generation. So happy you added to the KAW threads ! c

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Love it, just love it!

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