1929's New Kitchen - Almost Finished & Sort of Clean

1929SpanishJune 17, 2012

Thanks to everyone for your help whether I asked directly or read it from a post. We passed final inspection a week and a half ago and I woke up with the flu the next day - stressed much?

I still need to make curtains, organize the cabinets, cut down the screws on the remaining knobs so they can be installed and clean, but I wanted to share our new kitchen anyway.

This is new space to the house. We turned the old kitchen into a bedroom (there is currently a path through boxes and bags of stuff needing to be put away), added a bathroom and kitchen.

Here's the rundown on what went into the kitchen and where it came from:

Cabinets - Omega Dynasty - Marion Style in Pesto - local

Floor - Arto Brick - 6" hex in Desert - local

Counters - Corian Rain Cloud - local

Back splash - Lantern Tile - Home Depot online

Knobs - vintage - Ebay

Appliance Handles - Restoration Hardware Outlet/Online - Ephram

Fridge - Kitchen Aid counter depth, panel ready (note that the "stick out" is a great place for magnets)- from Sears Outlet

Range - Jenn Air Pro - Sears Outlet

Dishwasher - GE Monogram panel ready - Sears Outlet

Hood - Modern Air PS11 - Ebay

Faucet - Newport Brass Chesterfield - Brushed Stainless - Ebay

Light Fixture over sink - Schoolhouse Electric (got to go in person due to a business trip)

Light Fixture in storage closet - vintage - Ebay (was going to put it over the sink, but it was way too small)

Storage Closet shelving - Elfa (put one in the new closet too - great stuff, easy to install)

Wall Paint - Dunn & Edwards - Milk Glass

Finally, does my dog match the kitchen?

Enjoy the photos - the link has a few more - and ask any questions you might have.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1929's New Kitchen

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So beautiful! Outstanding character and charm! I love the pesto color on the cabinets, the BS, and the tile floor.

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Oooh, that is so pretty! I love the color of cabinets you chose, and the backsplash is perfect with everything.I am digging on that big ole window, and the peek-a-boo of your sink--is that a cast iron? Love your floor as well! I also love your "Bacon is meat candy" magnet, and I must say I agree! :D

Oh, and most importantly, your kitchen looks smashing with your dog! The color of your floor plays well off that reddish tone in his fur, and he also contrasts beautifully with the pesto cabs. Well done! ;)

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Love it!! The pesto color is so soothing and suits the cabinets perfectly. Love the counters and BS. Window is awesome, layout looks great.

Dog is the perfect choice: A little of the brick, but not too "matchy matchy". A fantastic accessory!

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Very, very nice. That's a beautiful range hood!
Really love the floor too.
Enjoy, it's beautiful.

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OMG! Just stunning! I LOVE the pesto cabinets! And all that glass! Wow! I have kitchen envy!

I saw this green kitchen a while back and it tugged at my heart!

Love yours more! Love love the green! Oh, and your backsplash!


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Gorgeous! what type of undercabinet lights do you have?

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Wow! I remember your first post and the kitchen photos. You've made such a difference and the kitchen is just gorgeous. So is your Yorkie. Is that the refrigerator beside the coffee pot cabinet? Very pretty.

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Beautiful! The cabinet color is great and looks fabulous with the floor tiles. Love the shape of your floor tiles and the backsplas tiles. I'm jealous of your garden window. Enjoy your new kitchen.

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Fellow 1929 Spanish owner: You nailed it! Excellent job. It looks great and cooks great. Way to go, girl!

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Beautiful kitchen!! Love the range hood and backsplash. It still has the warmth and charm of older home. Enjoy!!!

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I've decided to reward myself with gin and tonic. It is summer after all...

@texanniew - the under cabinet lights are halogen - that's all I know. I was pretty much done making decisions by the time we got to these and I took what the contractor suggested (we wanted LED, but they were twice as much). I'll try and get a little more info.

@BlackChamois - I've been loving the color green since I was five years old and drooling over green kitchens for many years. I have lots of clippings too in my "cool stuff file". Thanks for the extra kind words.

@badgerbgal - we decided on the garden window to bring more light into the room. It's south facing and we only wanted one small window on the west wall.

@Shelayne - the sink is a Ceco UM74 white cast iron. I'm not a fan of stainless anything, but didn't have a choice on the range.

@marti8a - yes, that's the fridge next to the coffee machine. It's counter depth - but sticks out a little more. My husband is not a fan of the black sides (I kind of didn't fully explain how it would look with panels - ;p ), but I like having a place to put the magnets and make things a little less serious.

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OMG !!! What a beautiful kitchen!! LOVE your green cabinets with glass knobs, counters and your gorgeous floor..heck, there is not one thing I would change..Congrats and enjoy!!

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It's a lovely kitchen. Has the older home feel but very updated. Love the glass front cabs - glad it's you tho and not me - lol! they wouldn't look that orderly if mine. The cutting board pull out is a great touch - and tool!

oh - love the cab color also.

very glad to see that you let your special inspector take time out for dinner.

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Really lovely! The counters were a good call, too.

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Very special looking kitchen you have created!

Love the little helper, too! Of course she "goes" with your kitchen!!!

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1929Spanish - I noticed in another post you mentioned that you lived in Mission Viejo. (I thought you might be in So Cal, for some reason.) I am in Aliso Viejo.

As I mentioned, I just LOVE your green cabinets! All this time I have been thinking white ... and then considering gray ... maybe because they are a bit "safer?", but then I see your kitchen and I'm reminded of how much I love the color green. I think I am afraid to go that route for my tiny 1100 sf condo. Wondering if you have any advice for me, since you are more familiar with the area down here. Would you have done something like this when you were in your condo? (Sounds like you are in Fullerton now. BTW, I grew up in Placentia:))

You know how it is in these tiny condos. My kitchen opens up to both my "dining room" if you can call it that :), and my "family room".

Thanks so much!!!!

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What a gorgeous kitchen! You've really created a special space! That BS is just perfect! But then, so are your other selections. Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your beautiful new kitchen. Love the green cabs, love the floor, love all the glass, love all of it!

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Your kitchen is lovely! All the elements came together beautifully! Really like the glass pulls/knobs....and the arabesque, of course!! Enjoy for many years to come!!!

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WOW, I absolutely love your new kitchen. It's so beautiful!!!!!!!

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Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Excellent job! You will enjoy this space for a long time...very warm and welcoming.

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It is beautifu!! I love all of your color choices and tile. And your kitchen feels like it always would have belonged original to a historic spanish house. Great job!
One question on your backsplash , how did you tile around the edges? I have been wanting to use those lantern tiles but have hesitated to do so because they didn't sell finish pieces.

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I really like it alot! Full or originality and personality. I particularly love the simple lines of the cabinetry and the bit of bling your glass knobs bring. Enjoy your new space...it's lovely!

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Wow! For me, the standout feature is the different patterns on the bs and floor! It looks so great. How much of it did you DIY?

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Congratulations! You did a marvelous integrating job. I like it all.

Your willingness to buy on Ebay led to your wonderful PS 11 Modern Aire Vent Hood. It's one I've been lusting after: great transitional style. May I ask if it vents vertically or to the rear; is your duct set up round or rectangular (typically 3" x 10")? What is it's height? Thank you.

Lastly, of course, Fido matches perfectly! How did you arrange that so well too?

Enjoy many great meals and fun in your nicely done new 1929 kitchen.

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What a beautiful job. The colors are lovely and the sweet little dog matches perfectly too.

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From another green kitchen person!
I love your sage. It's a bit more yellow-y than my choices, but I think it is brighter and a bit more cheerful!

Just love your stuff. Your glass cabinets, your beautiful puppy, your funny magnets, the DW end panel (thanks for showing that) and your very cool lighting.

What a pleasure this kitchen is going to be for you!

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WOW that turned out absolutely beautiful! The color of the cabinets is perfect! Yes, the dog matches!

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It's beautiful! I love how well it all goes together! And I agree, it is nicer than the one on that magazine cover.

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Your kitchen is just beautitul, cabinet color is especially gorgeous! And I'm glad it's not "cleaned up", but rather used and loved. (I think it odd when people ask what to do with the items you normally keep on the counter, like salt and pepper:)

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Wow 1929, your kitchen ROCKS! Such a lovely shade of green and the arabesques are gorgeous. Are they the same as Bee's? I love the crystal pulls and knobs, they are set off so beautifully by the brick floor. Cute little pig in the gorgeous window, not to mention the cute little yorkie that matches your new kitchen perfectly!
Nice to see some Orange County kitchens, I'm in San Juan ;)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Wonderful! I would never have known that it's a new space--it flows seamlessly. Love the garden window and the door to the outside, as well as the arch between kitchen and DR. I also love all the 'paraphernalia' close at hand--evidence of a real, working kitchen!

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I noticed the pig too! Great job. Love the cabinets. Looks pretty spotless to me.

Love your little pooch too.

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@BlackChamois - I was in a condo in RSM for 12 years, but near Lake MV. I put in granite (tile) counters even though I was not a huge fan of granite but I didn't paint tan walls with white trim (which was all the rage then). The big "risks" I took were a single basin sink in the kitchen, drapes rather than blinds and wool blend carpet that was the color of dark sisal. Do you know the guy that bought the house took out that wool carpet and put in laminate! Natural to plastic...nice!
While I wanted my condo to have my personality I knew it wouldn't sell down there if it looked too far off what was popular at the time.

Full Disclosure: I have an attitude about South County even though I lived there 13 years and in the south coastal area since I was a kid. : )

@michoumonster - I am pretty relaxed about some of the details since in this old house there is "patina" everywhere. We purchased caulk the same color as the grout (snow white) and had the contractors just cut a straight edge on the tile. Here's a close up (sorry about the size):

@pawa - No DIY here, short of power shopping for bargains. This was part of an addition, so we needed the professionals. I like to do this kind of stuff, but it turns out I'm not very good at it!

@Sparklingwater - I found the vent hood on Ebay from a woman in Pasadena who had installed it, then decided it was too big for her room. Fortunately it wasn't far for me to pick up. Thanks to her mistake, I got it for about 75% off.

This one is 36" tall and vents from the top. It's a 600CFM and I believe the duct work is 10" - I know it's round.

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It's just beautiful....love the cabinet color with the floor tiles. Congratulations and enjoy!!!!

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Utterly charming. In the first photo, from the dining room, the curve of the doorway is almost the inverse of the curve of your smashing range hood. Everything just pulls together beautifully, without looking too "designed."

Congratulations. hbk

PS At the risk of nitpicking pure perfection: The space above the sink window looks a bit stark, perhaps because the flanking cabinets are so vertical. After you are completely accustomed to the space, maybe you would want to consider either a horizontally oriented piece or arrangement of art, or perhaps shallow display shelves?

PPS. Your kitchen makes me feel much better about the octagonal quarry tile floor I have been living with in mine for the past three decades.

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The arch!
The floors!
The color!

It all looks great.

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Beautiful! I love the sweep of the hood. The hex floor tiles and arabesque BS really give it a Spanish flavor. Excellent job, congrats!

And your adorable dog coordinates perfectly!

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Very nicely done. It will be a timeless beauty. Gorgeous green! Please drag out a ladder and get some aerial shots of your Corian Rain Cloud.

Every time I look at your laundry room in the kitchen picture I hear 20-something House Hunters saying "That's weird."

Did you forego a pullout trash drawer? Because of space or affinity for ye olde trash can? That's something I'm wondering about for my own kitchen.

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Aerial shots, LOL!

1929Spanish, you really have achieved what seems a natural progression of your home's era. There's so much to like, including the simplicity of allowing the counter, backsplash and walls to flow together visually, with textural change to add interest. Very, very nice! Congrats.

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re: you didn't actually DIY.

Oh I see. Yah, I just assumed you DIY'ed because you said you'd been at it for a while.

Anyway, your kitchen is fabulous. I hope you stick around GW to offer up advice to others.

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Very, very nice indeed! "Charming" is definitely the word that instantly sprang to mind...the choices mesh very organically. Love the knobs and color,love the hood, love the floor. I also really like the look of the Jenn-Air range in this context - it's less massive than many other pro-style ranges, and the knobs/controls and handle fit the overall style really well. Overally, it doesn't feel like a new space so much as an old space that has been magically preserved and appropriately updated over time. That's really hard to achieve, so bravo!

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I like it a lot.

Two things I don't think anyone has mentioned. I really like the fact that you use your glass cabinets. Obviously you've chosen white dishes and such to look "clean," but you are also perfectly happy to fill some of the cupboards with cookbooks and other items that you use. To me this is important for making a kitchen look like a kitchen.

Also, I find I really like your Dream Cloud. I'm not really a Corian fan, but for some reason that pattern does a better job of evoking the feeling of marble without being too literal than many of the marble-wannabe quartzes on the market.

Very nice.

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1929spanish, your edge looks great without trim. i guess the trick is to make sure the grout will be as close to the tile color as possible. thanks so much for the closeup and info! I really appreciate it!

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Thanks again everyone...you're warm comments mean a lot.

@SanJuan & RedLover - SanJuan, you remind me that I wanted to take my camera down to the mission again soon. My little piggy was adopted from a fantastic flower shop in Paris. Here he is in his natural environment. I'm hoping the ducks are still there when I go in August because he needs a friend! He might also get a little sister...

@honorbiltkit - I still need to make curtains. I'm going to put short curtains (like a valance) in all three windows plus I'm hoping to bring home a wooden duck!

I was originally looking for hex quarry tile when I came upon this tile. I walked around with a photo of the floor of the L'Occataine store telling them I wanted "that"!

@onedogedie - heeheehee - 20-somethings! I don't like pull out trash because they seem dirty to me. But laundry in the kitchen isn't so bad. We moved it in from the detached garage. I am going to hang a big heavy curtain over that space once I get it made.

@rose - thanks for noticing the texture. I prefer texture over most prints - except for accessories.

@marcolo - I like white dishes, towels and linens because they go with everything - then I can add colors and accessories as I like.

I wasn't a Corian fan either. My husband saw the Rain Cloud and I grew to love it. It has gray and tan which warms it up. It's not marble, but I got that in the bathroom where I don't use lots of coffee, red wine, olive oil and lemon juice!

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Really lovely! I, too, love the green and the floor is just perfect. You should be very proud!

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Stunning kitchen - you must be so happy in your new "digs"
I might just have to adopt your C Terrier!
You are brave to have so many glass cabinets - beautiful! Nothing is hiding in your lovely kitchen!!!

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Beautiful kitchen! I love the pesto cabinets, the large hex floor tile, the backsplash and arches. Most of all, I love the homey feel and how all the elements work together. Enjoy!

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Hi! In my searches I have just come across your beautiful kitchen. Really well done! I am sure you are thrilled with it.

I recently posted a request for people to show me their glass knobs on white cabinets but I realize I should have just asked for glass knobs on cabinets. I really think your knobs and pulls are very pretty. Are these the knobs where the screw head color(nickel) can be seen in the center of the knob? I hope you understand what I mean.

Could you tell me the name of your knob and what size they are? Thank you!

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Hi p.ball - I just got back from vacation, so I apologize for the delay.

The knobs are vintage, but the nickle hardware is new. The knobs are 1 1/4" and the handles are something like 4".

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Wow! Fabulous! Enjoy.

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I'm so glad p.ball2 bumped this since I missed it the first time around. I love your kitchen! It's so completely comfortable in finishes and feeling! The red tile floor is perfect with your pesto cabs. And the glass cab fronts along with your garden window make the room look light and airy. All the details (lighting, counters, BS, and hardware) finish it off with lovely eye candy. I wish you many wonderful meals and memories in this wonderful kitchen! Thank you for sharing!!!

And your cute little assistant is a perfect fit for the space!

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1929skitchen, another question for you about your tiles! this time, your floor tile. Did you use any kind of sealer on it? I got some arabesque arto tiles for my deck, in their standard finish. But it is not as smooth looking as yours. thanks for any tips!

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I looked at the picture before I read the details and I thought you had marble countertops! They're beautiful! Do you have close-up shot of them? Are they supposed to be stain resistant since they're Corian?

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@michomonster - the contractor did seal the tile on the floor. I believe they used a matte finish. If you look at the photos of my dog, you get a better idea of the actual look. There is variation in color for sure. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

@msrose - thanks. I'll take a close up photo and post it this weekend. Corian will be stain resistant, but it does have an issue with heat. We spill more wine than we put hot pots on the counters. : )

@sabinostanley - thanks!

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Love, love, love your kitchen. I love the way the colors work with one another. I love the color of the floor against the color of the cabs against the color of the countertop/BS and the way the shape of the BS reflects the shape of the floor tile. It definately stays true to your home's age and reflects it beautifully.

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Oooooh, just seeing this now. So lovely! I love the character of your floor, and your cabs with all the glass are simply gorgeous. Love the crystal hardware too!!

And you could not have picked a more perfect pooch to accessorize your space. :-)

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thanks 1929spanish! i will try out the matte sealer. hopefully it will turn out as nice as yours!

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Your kitchen is beautiful!! I was immediately drawn to the specifics of your backsplash. I have loved beekeeper's wife's backsplash but then I saw the price, yikes! This is very exciting to see your tile and it's price point. I am getting ready to plan my kitchen renovation and to see this and the fact that I can obtain a similar look to the beveled ones, hurray!
Again your kitchen is beautiful!

    Bookmark   October 2, 2012 at 2:18PM
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