Tell me why I shouldn't buy Gilmore cup pulls from RH

Mom23EsJune 27, 2012

I don't want to spend this much money on cabinet hardware, but I really like the look of them. We're hoping the local RH store actually has a couple in stock to see them in person this weekend. Besides RH's crappy return policy, outrageous shipping costs, and other customer service issues, is there anything wrong with these pulls? Are they super overpriced? Poor quality? Not as nice as they look online?

Oh man. I'm so tired of my expensive taste. I know there are plenty of even more expensive options, but I've also found significantly cheaper options that would work for our style too... just not quite as pretty.

Oh, and I'm blaming breezy for tonight's kitchen decision obsession. I had totally ruled them out until I read her post about the sale. ;)

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sorry, no can do. I really like the Gilmore cup pulls in ORB that I have on my cabinets!

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Well, they're on final sale, which means the current RH sale doesn't apply to them. I, too, suffer from expensive taste. I started doing all our remodeling work myself so I could afford what I wanted. I can't make pulls though :(

Good luck. I'm on the fence about them too.

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sorry, no can do here either. i love my gilmore pulls. think of it this way - the hardware is like the jewelry. it shows and can really make a difference. and i think someone just posted their friends and family sale is going on now, or soon?

the screws that come with them are crap. you need your GC to swap them out with good steel ones that will go through maple or whatever species you are using. or you could pay your GC a change order to have to extract two before they figured that out.... ie: learn from my lesson, which i later learned is a well known issue posted on web!

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Melissa, did you use the original screws? I'm wondering if it's hard to find a good replacement screw to match the ORB.

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If they speak to you, talk back.

Just suck it up and go for it.

Maybe decide if you can use blue tape for a while on some drawers. LOL
Doesn't blue tape go with everything?

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They're SO beautiful but, ummm... there could be a spider or a roach or even a scorpion in the pull, and you wouldn't know it 'till you put your fingers up there?

Did that help?

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Love the pulls but the screws are terrible. Even if the holes are predrilled, the RH screws are so weak that they tend to break off in the wood, necessitating some expensive repairs to drill out the broken screws. I purchased stainless steel screws for my nickel pulls, but that wouldn't work for ORB.

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The only reason not to buy them (yes, they are lovely and classic) is if you can find something similar for less money. You might try Horton Brasses. I have their bin pulls and like them a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Horton Brasses bin pulls

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Thanks everyone! I love my GW TKO enablers. LOL! Thanks for the tips about the screws too. I'll have to figure out what works for chrome finish.

francoise- Those would be great if they came in polished chrome!!!

I emailed my builder today just to check that these pulls would work and if he needed anything specific. When I mentioned the pulls might be a bit pricey and from RH, he wrote "Restoration Hardware? Oh god!!! :)". LOL. He's used to me at this point. Everything about my kitchen is special. :)

Oh well. I cook GF/DF for a family of 5 (well just 4 now, baby isn't on solids yet) every day. For better or for worse, I spend A LOT of time in the kitchen. I want it to be beautiful.

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So I ended up walking away from them and the sale. :( I love the look, but after reading a couple older threads and talking to my builder, I don't think the front screws are a good idea for my cabinets. My cabinets are shaker style, and the drawers will all be 5 piece fronts. I'm worried that the stress of pulling open the drawers will eventually cause issues with the front mount.

So my search for polished chrome cup pulls continues. Just thought I would update.

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I will update this again. After my inexpensive builder recommended cup pulls failed to arrive (perpetually back ordered), I became desperate to get hardware ASAP. There is a RH store nearby, and luckily they were having their F&F sale again. So, I cleared out their stock (all 8 pulls lol) and ordered the rest from the store. They arrived at my house in two days. They are gorgeous on my cabinets! Absolutely gorgeous! They haven't all been installed yet, but the ones that are there are amazing. Soon i will have pics to share. I love when things just work themselves out. I will be smiling about these pulls and knobs for a long time. I have no idea what is wrong with me- how can cabinet hardware make me this giddy?!? Lol.

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I love mine too. No idea if they are put on with the original screws...I kinda doubt it,but couldn't say for sure.


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My hardware made me giddy, too! It's like that sweet finishing touch. Because hardware can be so different, the one you choose is an expression of oneself.

I'm glad it worked out for you. :)

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Glad you got your pulls and are pleased with them!
As they say, they are the jewelry of the kitchen....

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Yay!!! I got mine too! ... But still in the box

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