Do you like your banquette?

ash6181June 5, 2013

If you have or had a banquette, how did you like it- especially once you had lived with it a while? I'm considering adding a banquette to our new construction kitchen. I love the look of banquettes, and love booths at restaurants. However, I've never had a kitchen with a banquette or spent much time in a kitchen that had one...can't say that I even know anybody with one in their kitchen. I wonder if once the novelty wears off I'll wish that I had used the space for something else? Or will I continue to use it and love it?

What has your experience been?



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I love mine and use it everyday -- it's the spot for breakfast for the kids (and probably the homework spot once they are in school), for a mid-afternoon coffee break, where I sit relaxing with a glass of wine and cheese plate while watching my husband prepping dinner (ha! i wish!). I really can't imagine my kitchen without it - we're so enamored with it that every future kitchen we re-do will probably have a banquette if we have the space.

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I'm planning one, too-- only ours will be our actual dining area as well (it's a small house). I've been collecting images and plans for a while now-- there is quite a range of designs. So when people say they love or hate them, it is hard to evaluate without knowing what they are talking about.

I love booths at restaurants, too. But they are usually comfortable-- they are not Ikea refrigerator cabinets placed on the floor with a foam cushion and loose pillows. That is the kind I find uncomfortable. I want a place for feet to slide back and decent lumbar support. I want a slippery seat you can easily get in and out of. Ours will be an L shape, so if there are 6 sitting down, only one has the potential to feel "stuck" in the corner. It's not that common that we have more than 4 and when we do it is usually not a sit-down affair.

I guess what I'm saying is there are several aspects to the question that determine whether or not it is a good idea. Do you like the way they look? Does the function work for your household and in your space? Can you ensure that it is physically comfortable? (I've been talking to someone at an upholstery place that does booths for restaurants. It won't be cheap, but neither is dining room furniture.)

On the other hand, if you just want a cozy place to park kids to keep you company and out of the way, the ergonomics are probably a lot simpler! Good luck and keep us posted.

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We have had our banquette for 2+ years and absolutely love it. From the first day it was ready, our family of 4 (2 kids: 7 & 9) has eaten most of our meals there. I think we prefer it for a couple reasons:

* it's cozy & keeps family together
* it's in the kitchen (so you can continue conversations even when you get up to get something)
* facilitates better conversation (as compared to the barstools we have on our kitchen island)

The person on the inside is a little trapped during mealtime, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially if the kids are on the inside :)

I would study the ones you like and take measurements- if I had the space and were to do it over again, I would make ours a little larger.

Here's a pic of ours

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That banquette looks wonderful for family togetherness, JM.

I love your tiled wall. Not to disparage your view in any way :), but your entire composition, centered on a scrap of well-tended green almost anyone with a yard could create a version of, is a real inspiration picture.

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Love it!

It is not a booth or an L-shape, but one long bench seat (almost 10 feet) with huge storage drawers and a nice thick cushion. It is the favored spot for homework and to stretch out with the Kindle or ipad. The kitties love the end that is under the window--and away from the table--as the sun shines right there. When we have guests, it is a race to see who gets to sit on the banquette. :D

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Thanks everybody for sharing your experiences! jm_seattle, yours looks great! I'm going to look at my plan and see if I can make one work.

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