Garbage disposals that work with a deep sink

marioncohen1June 2, 2013

I would really miss not having a garbage disposal but I got a new 10inch undermount sink and the contractor said my Insinkerator cover feed is not fitting. The center of the drain is 7 inches below the sink and needs to be 5 inches below so the pipes meet.. Any suggestions? I know deep sinks are popular now so others must have had this issue.

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I have the Blanco Performa Medium 1-3/4 sink which is 10 inches deep. The plumber had no problem installing an Insinkerator Evolution Pro with this sink. It is not the compact Insinkerator. I don't know what your situation is but as you can see in the photo below a full size garbage disposal can fit under a 10 inch deep sink

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I've got a 10 inch deep Orca in the garage and a 3/4 HP Waste King in front of me. I specifically asked at the start if it would work with the location if the pipes and sink and GC looked at the specs and said absolutely. I'll be able to report for sure in about 2-3 weeks when the granite comes.

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I read on your other post on the Appliances Forum that you have a batch feed disposal. I prefer batch feed disposals too, but be aware they have larger chambers than continuous feed disposers. If it's a 1 hp batch feed disposal, it's even larger. An alternative is to buy the Insinkerator Evolution Compact continuous feed model which is still 3/4 hp, but designed specifically for small under-sink spaces. You will also have to install a switch for it; people love the air switches that can be installed next to the faucet on the countertop.

Having said that, I think even the Evolution Compact Disposal may not fit if you just have the 5" distance you mentioned. That is unusual. I believe even the Evolution Compact disposal needs 6" from its outlet to the outgoing plumbing.

Don't let the plumber talk you into installing a cheap "badger" disposal, just cause it's small. Those badger disposals are always a problem down the road.

If the Evolution Compact disposal won't fit, I would have the plumber move that outgoing plumbing line down a few inches. If you don't move the plumbing, even if you install another sink that is 8" deep instead of 10", you will still have a problem fitting a disposal so that the disposal outlet is higher than your outgoing drainage pipe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Insinkerator Evolution Compact 3/4 hp Disposal

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We went with a deep sink (9") undermount, added another 1-1/2", and the unit ended up being below the waste line. I did all the plumbing, but this. My bad, since this is one thing that just got passed me and my planning. Had to hire a plumber to come in and replumb the drain line.

Insinkerator, Evolution 3/4 hp. Quietest damn thing ever!

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It's not a big deal to open the wall and lower the waste arm in order to use the larger disposal. Might add $150 to the total job. Don't let doing that stop you from getting the sink or disposal that you want.

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Yep, I ran into that exact issue, which I posted about. It helped out Williamsem I believe to ask the questions before the installation.

My GC had to redo my plumbing pipes to make it lower to accommodate the disposal with the deeper sink. The bonus to the entire thing is that the sink drains better than the old short sink ever did.

We installed an evolution compact. I can tell you that it is only slightly shorter (less than 1") than the regular model. Even the badger (which I had before and would never get again) would not fit without moving our exit pipe.

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I also have an Evolution Compact in my island and recommend it. The alternative is adjusting the drain line. If the cabinet and counters are in place, that does mean messing up the cabinet back as well as the wall, but it can be done and finished to look neat again. This is one of those everyday function issues you have to work out and get right.

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I always had Insinkerator but got Waste King this time...we have a 9" undermount sink. It's OK....but I prefer Insinkerator brand...I think it is better...and they must carry one to suit your needs...go to a plumbing supply place and give them your specs.

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